Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 1217 - Our Wedding Night Is The Main Priority!

Chapter 1217: Our Wedding Night Is The Main Priority!



"Mom, how could you say that you don't need the money? You need to see the doctor and take medicine. You need money at home and outside of home," Qian Lan said to her mother. "I won't blame you for what happened in the past; you've helped me grow up a lot. So, Mom, accept the money that Zichen gave you."

Mother Qian smiled and did not respond.

She still planned to save the money and not use it.

Her daughter was getting married, but she didn't even prepare any dowry. So, how could she be a hindrance to her?

"I don't need anything. I just need you to notify me when you get married."

"Mom, what are you saying? Isn't that a given?"

The mother and daughter had a long conversation. This time, Qian Lan was officially free from her worries because she had a great mother-in-law.

Meanwhile, even though Father Qian failed at selling his daughter, he at least had Qian Hui to rely on now. What if...Qian Hui actually got famous?

Tangning had only suggested it casually, but Qian Hui took it seriously and turned up at Superstar Media to look for a manager.

When the manager looked at what Qian Hui had to offer, she glanced at her with disdain, "Tell me, do you have any special skills to demonstrate? Or do you have anything that's worth us investing in?"

But, surprisingly, the manager actually accepted Qian Hui.

As for the reason, no one knew at that time.

In the end, after 3 months of training, Qian Hui was officially ready to debut. However, she only debuted as a nude body double.

She had no outstanding qualities except for a perfect-looking back. This was the reason why the manager was willing to work with her.

There were plenty of female artists that got famous from being naked. After all, this method was the easiest way to attract peoples' attention.

It seemed, Qian Hui did have a slight talent for being an artist. In fact, she was especially natural in front of the cameras.

Eventually, Father Qian returned to his wealthy lifestyle and decided to become his daughter's manager; he even quit gambling.


Meanwhile, after Qian Lan's wound officially healed, she returned straight to the army base and handed in a marriage application to her superiors.

The sudden news of the intimidating Instructor Qian getting married made the new recruits cheer in joy.

Of course, Qian Lan's return also made them happy.

After all, who wouldn't be convinced by an instructor that wandered into restricted territory on her own just to save them?

On the day that Qian Lan received approval from her superiors, she and Mo Zichen went straight to the Civil Affairs Office and registered their marriage. Afterwards, the two of them returned to the Mo Family Home to celebrate with family.

When Mo Ziyan saw the couple's little red marriage booklet, she naturally admired it, "This is great, Brother Two actually got married before Big Brother and I."

"Why are you in such a hurry? As long as you're willing, I'm sure you'd find a boyfriend," Qian Lan said to Mo Ziyan.

"I want to find someone like my father!" Mo Ziyan had high expectations for men.

"There's only one man that's like your father, and that's my husband. Forget about it," Tangning teased as she sat on the sofa.

"'re so mean."

The family sat together cheerfully as they joked amongst each other.

Of course, Tangning was emotional that her son was about to start his own family. "From now on, you are a grown man. You have the responsibility to support your family."

"Don't worry Mom, I will take good care of Qian Lan."

"Have a baby soon!" Tangning gave her son a mission.

When Qian Lan heard this, her face turned red...

Soon, Mo Ting returned home. When he found out that his son registered his marriage that day, he didn't react in any special way. After all, he already placed all his energy on Tangning.

As long as his wife was happy, then he was happy. It was already like that many years ago.

However, the most surprising thing was, during this time, something shocking happened. While the entire Mo Family was gathered in the house, a tall skinny woman with a 3-year-old child, came knocking on their front door.

Tangning opened the door, but she had no idea who the woman and child was, nor did she know how they had found their way there.


"Hello, please let me introduce myself, I am a single mother. This is my son and...he is also Mo Zixi's son."

Tangning: "..."

Mo Zichen: "..."

Mo Ziyan: "..."

What kind of a plot line was this? When did Mo Zixi have a 3-year-old son? Was this someone else's child?

No one understood the situation, so Tangning first invited the woman into the house before she slowly questioned her.

"Can you tell us what this is all about?" Tangning asked after the woman sat down.

The woman was young, she looked roughly 23-years-old, she had a head of long hair and she appeared kind and virtuous.

"Mrs. Mo, can I please speak to you in private?" Since it was a private matter, the young woman couldn't possibly talk about it in front of everyone. Tangning understood so she led her to the study room, "You can speak now."

Meanwhile, the little boy was left in the living room under everyone's questioning gaze.

"Now that I look at him, he does look a little like Big Brother. Especially his eyes."

"Does that mean he looks like me too?" Mo Zichen rolled his eyes.

"Brother Two, your eyes look sad, but his eyes are bright and full of life. That's how I've been able to differentiate between you and Big Brother all these years; it's all in your eyes."

"Ziyan's right, your eyes are the biggest difference. This child's not shy at all!" Qian Lan joined the conversation even though she and Mo Zichen were supposed to be the main topic of the night.

"Is this really Big Brother's child? This is so surreal!"

"I really want to know what this is all about. Did Big Brother pick on an innocent young woman in the military and not take responsibility?"

Ziyan looked at the child in detail. Apart from finding the child adorable, she also felt that he looked exactly like Mo Zixi.

Especially his eyes.

Mo Zixi had always been bright and healthy, and this child was exactly like that.

"Call me Auntie," Mo Ziyan wanted to tease the little kid, so she began to talk to him. But, to her surprise, he actually called out, "Auntie..."

"Oh God, this is definitely Big Brother's son. I can guarantee it!"

Qian Lan looked at Mo Zichen and they both exchanged smiles; Mo Ziyan was indeed born with a cheerful personality.

But, now that they had no business being there anymore, the couple decided to go home and enjoy their wedding night. After all, they had just gotten married.

So, they were going to follow-up on Mo Zixi's gossip the next day instead.

At a time like that, who still cared about the two of them. So, as Mo Zichen left, he complained, "This is my status in the family..."

"Your brother's matters are also very important, in fact, this time, it isn't something little. After all, a woman turned up with a child," Qian Lan comforted.

"I'm just joking. Our main priority is to go home and enjoy our wedding night!"

It wasn't easy for them to be legally wed, so Mo Zichen did not intend to resist any longer...

Qian Lan looked at Mo Zichen's gaze and sighed; this man had too much energy. It was almost as though nothing had ever excited him in the past.

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