Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 1216: My Daughter Won’t Marry Mo Zichen, I Don’t Agree To It

Chapter 1216: My Daughter Won't Marry Mo Zichen, I Don't Agree To It



When Tangning heard Qian Hui say this, her gaze automatically darkened.

With a slight smirk, she said, "No, Qian Lan is marrying into the Mo Family, but the Mo Family hasn't accepted her yet."

"She's even signed a pre-nuptial agreement agreeing that she doesn't care about our family's wealth and that she won't use any of our money after marriage."

"After all, she hurt our son to begin with, so it's only normal for us to make this request."

After hearing Tangning say this, Qian Hui slapped her hand on the table and stood up, "The Mo Family may be influential in Beijing, but not everyone needs to obey your orders. How is my sister only worth this little? Plus, don't you think it's insulting for you to make my sister sign a pre-nuptial agreement?"

"Why do you think we're insulting our own daughter-in-law? It's because her family are a bunch of bloodsuckers. What are we supposed to do if you guys are shameless enough to demand her for money? Rather than making her feel bad later, it's better for us to give you no hope from the start. What do you think Mrs. Qian?"

"That's only right," Mother Qian agreed.

"So, young lady, don't make it sound like I'm going overboard. After all, the Mo Family aren't naive. We are accepting a daughter-in-law, not an entire family."

Qian Hui did not look pleased, but she couldn't argue with Tangning. When it came to words, she held no advantage.

"Mom, say something," Qian Hui whined, "She's bullying us..."

"I think Mrs. Mo is right. Qian Hui, you're not young anymore, you should go out and look for a job. You stay at home all day doing nothing. Do you expect me to support you?" Mother Qian lectured.

"Mom, Qian Lan is our entire family's only hope. How could you let her marry so easily?"

Qian Hui was extremely disappointed. After all, she and Father Qian were waiting to leech off Qian Lan and climb up the social ladder.

"If Qian Lan wants to get married, no one can stop her, so I'll make the call. Mrs. Mo, we'll do as you say, I have no objections."

Qian Hui couldn't stand what she was hearing, so she stood up and left the living room.

Seeing this, Mother Qian shook her head helplessly.

At this time, Tangning pulled out another cheque from her handbag and handed it to Mother Qian, "Zichen has told me about your family's situation. I hope you can forgive me for being unreasonable. Zichen asked me to give this money to you."

When Mother Qian saw that it was $2 million, she felt it was too much, "No, this is too much. We already agreed to follow the rules."

"This isn't from me and Zichen's father, this came out of Zichen's saving. Since you're ill, you will need some money. Don't worry about Qian Lan. Since she can't be separated from Zichen, then we will let them be together."

Mother Qian looked at the money and nodded her head, "OK, I'll accept this. Please tell Zichen not to worry. However, I don't think Qian Hui and my husband will give up. They may even disturb Qian Lan at the army base."

"Don't worry," Tangning smiled.

While the two women were chatting, Qian Hui ran off to the casino to fetch her father. She also explained Tangning's intent to him.

Father Qian was naturally anxious and angry.

As soon as he saw Tangning, he said, "The Qian Family don't welcome you. Get out. Also..."

"My daughter won't marry Mo Zichen. I don't agree to it."

Mother Qian glanced at her husband and then looked at Tangning.

But, Tangning just laughed and replied, "Mayor Qian, have you forgotten what you did when you were in office?"

Father Qian's expression changed.

"You need to know that Hai Rui has a grasp of all the information in Beijing. If we want to know something, there's nothing that we don't know. Do you want your bad deeds to be listed?" Tangning asked gently. "Let me be straightforward with you. If Qian Lan wants to get married, then that is her own choice. Even though you're her father, you have no right to object."

"So, of course, the sister that sits at home doing nothing, can't say a word either."

"What right do you have to get involved with Qian Lan's life?"

"It's not your decision whether Qian Lan gets married or not, nor is it my decision. It's her decision. According to normal formalities, the Mo Family will not give you any less than what is right. But, if you dare to go overboard, then I'm sorry, the Mo Family aren't afraid of making a report to the police," Tangning said powerfully.

"You just have to make one reckless move. Give it a try."

"As for Qian Hui, I am happy to arrange some work for you and I can introduce you to a manager that can help you debut. But, can you please stop leeching off your mother?"

After Qian Hui heard this, she lowered her head guiltily.

"I've already told you my intent for coming here today. The scary thing is not falling down, the scary thing is not knowing right from wrong."

"You two think it over. I'm going to leave first." After speaking, Tangning stood up and Mother Qian walked her out.

"Take care."

Tangning nodded and gestured 'OK' to Mother Qian.

After returning to the living room, Mother Qian noticed that Father Qian's expression was extremely unhappy, "Is this all I can do?"

Meanwhile, Qian Hui began to dream about being a superstar.

But, of course, even though Tangning suggested it, with Qian Hui's skills, acting as a corpse was already too much.

However, Tangning didn't care. As long as she completed her mission and could return to Mo Zichen with some results, then she was satisfied.


Soon, Qian Lan received a phone call from her mother, telling her that Tangning had visited and that she even gave them a betrothal gift.

Qian Lan was worried about Qian Hui and Father Qian's reactions, but Mother Qian shook her head and said, "Your mother-in-law has already resolved this problem. You can get married without any worries."

"Lan Er, I wronged you once, so I hope you can be happy from now on."


"Let's not talk about this anymore. When are the two of you planning to hold your wedding?"

She and Mo Zichen weren't planning to have a wedding, but Qian Lan was satisfied.

As she thought of the activities they underwent in bed the last few days, Qian Lan's face turned red.

Perhaps, this man had been chaste for too long, so as soon as the gates opened, all his desires flooded out and she was knocked over by it.

She was meant to be an army officer, so her fitness levels were above average, but she was still far from Mo Zichen.

"By the way, your sister is debuting as an artist. Tangning's going to arrange it..."

"If she wants to go, then let her go."

That way, Father Qian wouldn't rely on just one daughter and Qian Hui could give some contribution.

Deep down, Qian Hui probably wanted to make a name for herself. After all, Xu Chunhao abandoned her. If she was to become a superstar, then he would regret his decision, right?

Unfortunately, no one expected much from her.

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