Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 70: Being Set Up

Chapter 70: Being Set Up

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The Bright Night Gala, in reality, was also a night of paving the path for Tangning. Once again, Tangning destroyed all hopes Tianyi had of suppressing her. At the same time, at the launch ceremony, a small newcomer like herself that shouldn't have gotten much notice - because of Mo Ting and her own calm demeanor - ended up leaving a lasting impression on everyone. Amongst these people were leading professionals in the fashion industry including the CEO of Star Age who had previously given her an offer.


...a model that Star Age had tried to poach multiple times. A model that had been blacklisted by Star King 3 years ago and ended up announcing a comeback 3 years later. Someone that had been schemingly suppressed, yet she managed to calmly get to where she was today; even being fortunate enough to take a photo with the CEO of Hai Rui...

Because of all this, the CEO of Star Age, approached Han Yufan before the launch ceremony was over and said, "I've been trying to poach Tangning for 3 years now, yet she's never accepted my offer even once. However, looking at how Tianyi has been treating her, I feel like I need to try again."

Han Yufan looked at the tall, built and powerful man before him. Originally he was going to say this was a matter that concerned Tianyi themselves, but thinking about all the years Tangning had been with Tianyi and how she had not only been loyal to him, but also missed many opportunities, Han Yufan's mouth twitched a little but no words came out.

"When that time comes...don't regret it."

Han Yufan was silent because the man before him had a more capable agency than his. At the same time, his mind was a mess, because he had never expected Tangning would ever leave Tianyi.

It turned out, all along he had been too focused on himself: on one side he was cheating with Mo Yurou, on the other he was hanging on to Tangning. Never had he considered Tangning was a gem; her tolerance, all that she had given, her honesty...all of it would cease some day.

"Yufan, don't tell me you are feeling merciful?" Han Ruoxue exclaimed loudly upon noticing her brother was unusually quiet.

"No way!" Han Yufan wrapped his arm around Mo Yurou as he responded stubbornly. However, the fear in his heart was slowly seeping through.

It was a bright night; lights were flashing and wine glasses clinked. At this moment, Han Yufan and Tangning's distance was no longer as simple as a few rows of seats.


After the launch ceremony was over, TQ's editor recommended Tangning to multiple fashion companies and personalities as they mingled amongst the guests. During one of their conversations, Lin Weisen couldn't help but ask out of curiosity, "Where is your manager? May I meet him, I feel like we got along really well during our conversations."

After hearing Lin Weisen's request, she was dumbfounded for a moment as she looked around the hall for Mo Ting. Finally, she spotted him clinking wine glasses with a group of successful personalities. Their eyes met as Mo Ting looked at her caringly.

He seemed to be asking her: What's wrong?

Tangning quickly shook her head. The husband and wife understood each other's thoughts: I was just trying to see where you were.

Mo Ting's lips curved to an attractive angle before turning back to the man beside him and continuing his conversation.

Tangning also turned her attention back to TQ's editor and replied, "He is overseas. Next time I will definitely introduce you."

"OK, I look forward to it..."

He's right here , Tangning thought to herself. However, if she was to tell anyone the CEO of Hai Rui Entertainment was her manager, no one would believe her.

Han Ruoxue and the others sat in a corner watching Tangning the entire time. Because of Tangning, no matter where they went, as soon as they heard they were from Tianyi Entertainment, people would give them a look that said: So it's you, the stupid agency that suppressed your own artist.

Seeing all the attention Tangning had gained, they were filled with regret...

Hence, the Han siblings were too ashamed to walk around anymore. But this meant, Mo Yurou was missing out on the opportunity to make friends.

"I need to go to the bathroom." Mo Yurou tried to loosen herself from the siblings' control because she and Mr. Li had already been sending messages through their eyes a good few times.

"Go ahead," Han Yufan did not question the woman that slept by his side at all.

Mo Yurou lowered her head as she stood up. As she passed by Mr. Li she deliberately brushed the back of her hand against his. The two entered the bathroom one after another. Not long after, some ambiguous pants could be heard coming from the women's bathroom...

"After the Annual Model Awards Ceremony is over, I want to leave Tianyi Entertainment and join Creative Century."

During their moment of passion, Mo Yurou set her price; she knew men were the most vulnerable at times like this.

"Sure," the man replied from behind her, "But are you sure you won't miss your little boyfriend?"

"He's always just been a stepping stone for me."

"Haha, you sure are ruthless..."

The two spent half an hour in the bathroom before tidying themselves up and walking out. Han Yufan and Han Ruoxue were busy chatting to some guests so they didn't take notice of her. Mo Yurou did not rush back to them, she just sat to the side by herself as she observed everything that was happening in the hall.

After the Bright Night Gala, Tangning's value would definitely go up, but in the end, she still did not possess any big awards. Even though Star Age were determined to get Tangning, if Mo Yurou was to sign on with Creative Century, it would mean she'd have better resources than Tangning.

When that time comes...

...she would definitely make Tangning experience how being stepped all over and humiliated felt like.

Seeing Mo Yurou sitting quietly, Han Ruoxue held onto her wine glass as she returned to her side. Her voice sounded a little surprised, "You don't seem to be the low-profile type, what are you thinking?"

"Tangning's already got all the attention, do you think I can compete?" Mo Yurou asked back as she laughed.

"I've already contacted the paparazzi and organized a free headline for her. I'm curious how Mo Ting will react once he sees the article." Han Ruoxue gently shook the wine glass in her hand while her eyes were glued to Tangning.


Han Ruoxue would have never considered, the reason Mo Ting managed to keep such a low-profile was because he had connections with the news. So, as soon as Han Ruoxue made her phone call, Mo Ting received a recording of it.

The person that reported it asked Lu Che what they should do.

As it involved Tangning, Lu Che didn't dare to make the decision on his own, so he quickly stepped towards Mo Ting and whispered into his ear.

Mo Ting was silent for a few seconds before apologizing to the guests beside him and heading for one of the guests' waiting rooms. He then took the recording from Lu Che and listened to it.

"I am Tangning, at the Bright Night Gala I took an intimate photo with the CEO of Hai Rui. I want you to create hype for me with an ambiguous headline...I want to be the main headline on the front cover no matter how much it costs!"

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