Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 1215 - I Won’t Bully You

Chapter 1215: I Won't Bully You



A warm pair of hands quickly ran across Qian Lan's stomach and she felt her body weaken.


"Relax, I won't bully you," Mo Zichen mumbled beside her ear.

Qian Lan closed her eyes and slowly relaxed. At this time, Mo Zichen moved away from her body and removed his shirt.

Qian Lan opened her eyes and saw Mo Zichen's firm body. She was quite surprised. Even though it wasn't the first time they were in the same bed together, she had never seen his body properly.

It turned out, he simply looked a little weak, but when he removed his clothes, he was actually so fit.

Of course, the scars on his body made Qian Lan's heart ache.

Soon, his body lay on top of hers again. Qian Lan looked at the scar on his chest and gently brushed her hand against it, "Does it hurt a lot?"

Mo Zichen's gaze slowly darkened. It didn't take long before he lost control and began to nibble on Qian Lan's lips. He was gentle like he was trying to savor her taste.

As Qian Lan had just finished eating some desserts, she had a sweet buttery flavor.

As Mo Zichen immersed himself in the moment, the couples' temperature began to rise...

Qian Lan let out a gentle moan that Mo Zichen found both mesmerizing and seductive.

"Qian Lan...I can't resist any longer."

Qian Lan looked confusedly at Mo Zichen; his eyes soft like gentle waves of water. At that time, the couple hugged each other tightly and their gentle kiss quickly turned passionate.

That warm loving night, Mo Zichen no longer held back as he removed all restraints and entered her forbidden depths.

It was something that left one craving for more.

Qian Lan originally thought that Mo Zichen would retreat after one go, since it was his first time. But, he did not look like he had any intention to stop as he continued to demand for more until her energy ran dry.

He never knew that being intimate with the person he loved would be so addictive. No wonder people raved about it.

The night was long, but it felt short. Mo Zichen didn't feel like he had enough, but he couldn't continue to torture Qian Lan since the wound on her back hadn't fully healed yet.

So, the couple huddled up and joined their bodies. Qian Lan liked this because it made her feel like her soul and Mo Zichen's was connected.

As they hugged each other, the couple ended up falling asleep.


The next morning, Qian Lan woke up as usual. But today, not only was a certain man hugging her from behind, a certain part of his body was...

Qian Lan's face flushed red as she tried to get out of bed, but Mo Zichen pulled her back, "Keep me company for a little longer."

"Let me wash up a little," Qian Lan replied. "Sleep on your own."

After hearing this, Mo Zichen flipped over and pressed Qian Lan under his body, "Where are you planning to go?"

"If you do this, you need to have some restraint. My body hurts."

"Shouldn't you make up for the last 5 years?" Mo Zichen said as he enjoyed Qian Lan's shocked expression. "This was just one night."

"But...I'm honestly very tired," Qian Lan said, "Let's continue another day."

Mo Zichen did not pressure Qian Lan. Instead, he removed the blankets and got out of bed as Qian Lan watched him walk naked to the bathroom. How was this so normal to him?

With this thought, Qian Lan was a little angry. But, just as she was about to get up and follow him, she discovered she couldn't stand on her own.

So, she had no choice but to call Mo Zichen back, "Hey you...come carry me, I can't move."

Mo Zichen walked out of the bathroom and carried Qian Lan in his arms. But, after entering the bathroom, he refused to release her, "If you call me hubby, I'll let you down."

"Mo Zichen, you're normally not like this," Qian Lan gasped.

"If you're not going to do it, then you'll have to stay in my arms."

Qian Lan struggled; she was scared that she'd fall out of Mo Zichen's arms. So, after a few seconds of resistance, she finally called him, "Hubby."

Mo Zichen stopped teasing her; he knew it was time to stop. He then placed her inside the warm bathtub so she could ease her tiredness.

Qian Lan exhaled in satisfaction as she lay comfortably in the bathtub. She remained in there for quite some time before she got out. By this time, Mo Zichen had already finished having a bath in the guest room and had prepared breakfast.

Qian Lan sat down at the dining table. Afterwards, Mo Zichen handed a glass of milk to her, "When will you hand in your application for marriage to the military?"

"I'll hand it in as soon as I return," Qian Lan replied.

"Qian Lan, I already told you, we might not even have a wedding," Mo Zichen said in seriousness. "It's because I can't expose you to the public and have someone use you as a threat."

"I understand," Qian Lan smiled. "We'll just get married and sign the papers. As long as you treat me like your wife, then I'm your wife."

Mo Zichen apologetically pinched Qian Lan's cheek and nodded his head, "When your family's matter is resolved, we will immediately get married."

As agreed, Tangning was handling the Qian Family.

So, to help her son, Tangning appeared at the Qian Family Home a few days later with her bodyguards.

At this time, the idle Qian Hui, was shocked to see a celebrity in her doorway.

"Mom, am I dreaming? Is this Tangning?"

"Hello Miss Qian and Mrs Qian," Tangning was polite as usual. She did not put up a front like a celebrity, but her presence wasn't something that a normal person could handle.

"Hello..." Mother Qian immediately replied.

"I'm here because of my son, Mo Zichen, and his marriage to Qian Lan."

When Qian Hui heard this, she was quite surprised. She didn't expect the Mo Family to view Mo Zichen and Qian Lan's marriage with such importance.

Now that the Mo Family were here to officially ask for Qian Lan's hand in marriage, perhaps she could leech off them a bit and relive her life as an heiress.

"Mrs Mo, you're being too polite," Mother Qian said. "Whether you came today to talk about the marriage or not, it didn't matter. The most important thing is for Zichen to treat our Qian Lan well."

"We can't disregard the formalities. Is Mr. Qian home?"

"He went out," Mother Qian replied.

Tangning smiled. However, she had no intention to stick around and wait for Father Qian. So, she pulled out an envelope and placed it in front of the mother and daughter.

"I've spoken to people that have held weddings before. According to them, this is the proper way of giving a betrothal gift. So, I brought this here."

Seeing the envelope, Qian Hui immediately stretched out her hand. But, Mother Qian quickly stopped her.

"What are you doing? That's for your sister..."

"Qian Lan's marrying into a rich family anyway, why does it matter if I take a little?"

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