Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 1214: How Much Longer Do You Want Me To Wait?

Chapter 1214: How Much Longer Do You Want Me To Wait?

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“Zichen, can you win against her in a fight?” Long Jie joked.

“Auntie Long, I’m a sensitive person,” Mo Zichen immediately protected Qian Lan and pretended to be weak.

“You’re just a teacher. Let’s see how you get whipped at home,” Lin Qian piped in.

“Auntie Lin, even you’re not letting me off the hook?”

“That’s enough, didn’t you say that you wanted to take Qian Lan to your room? Go ahead. Yan Er will be back soon. I’ll call you later,” Tangning said to Mo Zichen.

Mo Zichen nodded his head; his mother was still the best. Afterwards, Mo Zichen held onto Qian Lan’s hand and led her upstairs to his room before he closed the door.

“How does it feel?”

“Don’t you feel like you’re in gossip territory?” Mo Zichen said as he hugged Qian Lan and rubbed his nose against hers.

“Hey! We’re at your family home,” Qian Lan’s cheeks immediately flushed red.

“We’re all adults. Is there something they wouldn’t understand?” Mo Zichen said as he kissed Qian Lan’s lips and gently nibbled on them.

Qian Lan had never kissed before, so she was a complete amateur. As Mo Zichen teased her, she quickly got emotional, “Have you kissed a lot of girls in the past? Is that why your skills are so good?”

“Don’t you know how many women I’ve had? There are some things that come instinctively,” Mo Zichen explained with a lowered voice as he passionately kissed back down on Qian Lan’s lips.

This time, Qian Lan could not retaliate. She even ended up on the bed before she knew it.

“Hey, it’s not convenient…” Qian Lan said as she blocked Mo Zichen’s hands.

Mo Zichen gently brushed away her hand and grabbed onto her waist as he buried his head into her neck as though he was trying to resist his desires, “If we were at home, I would have already eaten you up…”

“Let’s get up and straighten your clothes so you don’t get discovered.”

Mo Zichen did not refute as he stood up. However, a mark was left on Qian Lan’s white neck.

Qian Lan didn’t notice it, but everyone in the know knew exactly what caused the mark.

Soon, Mo Ziyan finished class and returned home. As soon as she stepped in through the door, she immediately ran off to see her sister-in-law. But, as soon as she knocked on the door and entered Mo Zichen’s room, she caught the couple in an awkward position.

Mo Ziyan seemed to understand something as she pointed at Mo Zichen and said, “Brother Two, I never knew you were so different to how you look!”

“Do you want me to show your love novels to Dad?”

“I knew you’d try to blackmail me,” Mo Ziyan humphed before she turned her attention to Qian Lan.

As she looked at the cool army uniform on Qian Lan’s body, she suddenly understood why her older brother liked staying in the military, “Sis, can I try on your uniform?”

“Ziyan,” Mo Zichen warned.

“It’s OK. I’ve got a proper set at the base. If you like it, I can get someone to bring it to you tomorrow.”

After hearing Qian Lan’s response, Mo Ziyan raised a thumb at Mo Zichen, “Good sister-in-law! Since I’ve accepted your meeting gift, I won’t make things difficult for you. Dad’s home, why don’t you hurry downstairs.”

Mo Zichen nodded his head and gestured for Mo Ziyan to leave with his chin.

Mo Ziyan stuck out her tongue and quickly turned to leave.

Seeing this, Qian Lan couldn’t help but sigh, “Your sister is really cute.”

“She’s currently a Ph.D student,” Mo Zichen laughed. “Let’s go downstairs to see my father.”

“OK,” Qian Lan nodded. However, she was a little scared of the supposed Big Boss of the Entertainment Industry.

Although Mo Ting often appeared on all forms of media, actually seeing him in person made Qian Lan terrified.

Mo Ting maintained his appearance well. Even though he was already 40 something years old, it appeared as though time had treated him and his wife well. Probably, due to their love, they received the best kind of nurture every day.

As the couple walked downstairs, they found Mo Ting was already seated in the living room.

Mo Zichen held onto Qian Lan’s hand and led her over to his father. He then said stiffly, “Dad, this is Qian Lan.”

Mo Ting glanced at Qian Lan and nodded his head, “Good.”

Qian Lan did not dare to look straight into Mo Ting’s eyes because his presence was much too powerful. But, what did he mean by ‘good’?

Others probably didn’t understand, but Tangning and the others clearly knew that Mo Ting was referring to the fact that Tangning didn’t have to worry about Mo Zichen anymore because someone else had taken over for her.

“That’s enough, it’s just a casual meeting, no need to be so serious. Let’s eat,” Tangning said as she stepped out of the kitchen. At this time, Qian Lan also noticed that Tangning’s gaze on Mo Ting was extra gentle.

Only after everyone sat at the dining table did Tangning approach Mo Ting and help him remove his jacket and put away his briefcase.

“Does your neck still hurt?”

“Yes,” Mo Ting replied.

“In that case, I’ll help you massage it tonight.”

Mo Ting nodded his head and gently placed a kiss on his wife’s head while no one noticed.

Qian Lan had never seen a couple that loved each other so deeply. It was like they were still young and had just met.

“What are you looking at?” Mo Zichen asked as he pinched Qian Lan’s nose.

“The love between your parents is just like the rumors.”

“All these years, the two of them have been practically stuck to each other; neither one leaving the other.”

“I admire them,” Qian Lan smiled at Mo Zichen.

“I am also by your side…” Mo Zichen said secretly.

At this time, Long Jie suddenly sighed, “If Zixi was here, that would be great. The family would be complete with him here.”

“Forget it, Big Brother’s role in the military is busy like crazy. I wouldn’t expect him to come back,” Mo Ziyan complained. “But, now that Brother Two has a wife, when will Big Brother get married?”

That night, Qian Lan sat amongst everyone and experienced the warmth of the Mo Family. Mo Ting was strict, but she surprisingly liked this father-in-law.

By the time the couple returned home, it was already midnight. Originally, Qian Lan planned to sleep after having a shower. But, to her surprise, Mo Zichen lifted her in his arms as soon as they stepped through the door and carried her straight into the bedroom, “I already told you earlier that I’d eat you up at home…”

“But, I’m not ready yet,” Qian Lan resisted a little.

“How much longer do you want me to wait?” Mo Zichen asked Qian Lan in seriousness.

Qian Lan’s heart softened and she immediately stopped resisting.

But, as Mo Zichen placed her on the bed, she had an urge to cry. She was in both anticipation and fear of what was about to happen…

Since she was with Mo Zichen, she felt anticipation more…

Something that had to happen, was going to happen sooner or later…

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