Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 1213 - You See That? She’s In The Military

Chapter 1213: You See That? She’s In The Military

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“Mom…who does this?” Mo Zichen questioned quietly.

Qian Lan’s face immediately turned red…

“Auntie, you decide.”

“You see that?” Tangning nodded with satisfaction as she looked at her son. “Stop coming home and telling me that you want to get married. You need to actually do it.”


“Fine, I won’t tease you anymore. Step out for a bit, I want to chat to Qian Lan on my own,” Tangning said as she pointed to the door with her chin.


“Go out, Auntie won’t eat me up,” Qian Lan shooed. “Auntie and I need to have a private chat.”

Mo Zichen did not say another word as he nodded his head and turned to leave.

After he left, Tangning stood up and closed the room door. She then sat down on the sofa and turned to talk to Qian Lan. Of course, her expression wasn’t as casual as before.

“Qian Lan…”

“Auntie, please speak.”

“I already knew about you and Zichen 5 years ago,” Tangning said. “Over these 5 years, you’ve endlessly hurt my son. It wasn’t easy for him to finally be at peace, but then you suddenly reappeared in front of him…”

“Auntie…” Qian Lan looked at Tangning in surprise.

“Tell me, under what conditions will you leave my son? You should know about my methods. If I want to do something, there’s nothing that I can’t achieve,” Tangning looked at Qian Lan with an icy cold expression. “As long as you’re willing to leave my son and not hurt him, you can set whatever condition you want…”

“Otherwise, I’m going to destroy the Qian Family’s reputation. You may even lose your military badge!”

Qian Lan never imagined that the friendly-looking Tangning would say such hurtful and threatening words to her.

This made Qian Lan quite scared.


“Decide, do you want to continue clinging to Mo Zichen, or do you want to retreat?” Tangning asked as she looked at Qian Lan.

Qian Lan lowered her head and took a deep breath. After a few seconds, she finally replied, “Auntie, I’m aware that I once hurt Zichen. But…I really regret that I didn’t persevere with him.”

“I know you probably dislike me because I hurt your son.”

“I know of Hai Rui’s capabilities and I know of your capabilities. I also know that no matter how hard I fight, I will never be able to win against the two of you…”

“Even so, I still hope to stay by Zichen’s side. Is that possible?”

“Even if my reputation is completely destroyed and even if I lose my military badge, I still want to stay by Zichen’s side because it’s what I promised.”

As she spoke, Qian Lan’s tears seeped from her eyes.

“No matter how difficult it is, I want to give it a try this time. I’m going to try until I can’t handle it anymore.”

After hearing Qian Lan’s response, Tangning unfurrowed her brows and relaxed her gaze.

“The Mo Family doesn’t bully it’s own people, so I’ve said all the worst things first. I hope that the incident from 5 years ago will be the last time that something like that happens. If you and my son really want to be together, you need to be prepared to accept all difficulties.”

“If you give up half way again, I will do whatever I can to personally stand between the two of you.”

After hearing what Tangning said, Qian Lan was a little surprised, “What do you mean, Auntie?”

“Do you really think that I’m a nasty mother-in-law? I simply wanted to know if you’d easily give up on my son.”

“I’m sorry, Auntie.”

“You don’t need to feel sorry towards me. The only people you should feel sorry towards, is yourself and Zichen,” Tangning sighed. “Ting and I have never really controlled our son; he’s always made his own judgment on things. But, when it comes to love, he’s just like any normal person.”

“As his mother, I hope you can treat him well…”

“I will,” Qian Lan replied confidently. “I won’t give up easily this time.”

5 years ago, Mo Zichen liked the way that Qian Lan pursued a simple life. But now, he didn’t care about anything else, he just wanted her.

Tangning actually had a lot to say to Qian Lan. But, she was afraid that she was being a naggy mother-in-law. After all, young people had their methods of dealing with things. Since she was already there, Tangning decided to trust Qian Lan.

In the end, she left behind some autographs and left the room.

“What did my Mom say to you?”

“She threatened me. She said that if I don’t treat you well, she will make things difficult for me,” Qian Lan replied honestly. “I was truly frightened by her, but only for a few seconds. After that, I was determined not give up on our relationship, no matter what.”

“In these 5 years, we’ve already missed out on enough.”

At this point, Mo Zichen suddenly got down on one knee and held onto her hand, “Qian Lan, I don’t want us to miss out on anything else, will you marry me?”

“Who the hell proposes without a ring?” Qian Lan hit Mo Zichen jokingly.

“If you choose to be with me, you won’t get any rings nor flowers. In fact, other people may never find out about our relationship because that’s the best way to keep you safe. But, even so, are you willing to marry me?”

Qian Lan knew that Mo Zichen’s identity was special and that they couldn’t broadcast their relationship to the world. That was why, even though he was Tangning and Mo Ting’s son, not many people knew his true identity.

“So, will you marry me?”

Qian Lan covered her cheeks shyly and finally nodded her head.

“We might not even have a wedding.”

“What’s wrong with that? I’m marrying you, not anyone else,” Qian Lan said as she held onto Mo Zichen’s hand. “Get up, I’ve already accepted your proposal.”

When it came to marriage, the couple probably would have been married already if they weren’t separated for 5 years, instead of waiting until now.

But, it didn’t seem like it was too late either.

Soon, Qian Lan’s​ body recovered 70-80% and the military agreed to let her go home to recuperate; they allowed her to rejoin the troops after she fully recovered.

On the day that Qian Lan was sent home, she felt the world was bright and beautiful. But, she had no idea that Mo Zichen was taking her directly to Hyatt Regency.

“Hey, I’m still dressed in my military uniform.”

“You need to meet my father,” Mo Zichen said as he accelerated, not allowing Qian Lan to feel a moment of regret.

Mo Zichen had mentioned that he was taking his fiancee home, hence the entire Mo Family were so excited that even Lin Qian and Long Jie were at Hyatt Regency.

So, when Mo Zichen stepped in through the front door and saw that the villa was full of people, he was a little surprised.

But, he quickly calmed down and brought Qian Lan over to his seniors.

“Qian Lan…”

“There’s no need to introduce everyone. I already know who they all are,” Qian Lan said confidently. After all, these were all famous people in the entertainment industry. Anyone that paid the slightest attention to the news knew who these people were.

As soon as Long Jie saw the woman in front of her, she turned to Lin Qian and winked, “You see that? She’s in the military.”

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