Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 1211 - You Are Also A Person With A Family

Chapter 1211: You Are Also A Person With A Family

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Qian Lan held tightly to Mo Zichen’s hand. It turned out, they had so many misunderstandings between them.

She couldn’t imagine what would have happened if she hadn’t moved apartments. Perhaps, they would have missed out on each other – forever…

That night, Qian Lan cried for a long time. By the time she fell asleep, the sun was already up.

As usual, Mo Zichen helped her prepare some water to wash her face. But, it didn’t take long before there was a commotion outside the room. Mo Zichen looked outside and saw the Qian Family had found their way to the hospital and were demanding to see Qian Lan.

From Mo Zichen’s memory, this family had extreme favoritism for the rich and controlled their daughter like bloodsuckers.

Previously, when Father Qian was the mayor, this was rather obvious. But, now that they had been dragged off their high horse, they had to lay low.

Mo Zichen didn’t know if everyone else had changed, but Mother Qian changed for sure.

After contracting a serious illness, Mother Qian saw through many things and right now, Mo Zichen only saw Mother Qian.

After Mother Qian saw Mo Zichen taking care of Qian Lan, she immediately felt a lot more relaxed. So, she dragged Mo Zichen to one side and said, “In the past, I was the one that wronged you. Zichen, you need to forgive me.”

“Auntie, it’s not that serious.”

“Yes, it is that serious,” Mother Qian suddenly started crying. “After you marry Qian Lan, don’t come in contact with anyone else from the Qian Family. Otherwise, you might as well join the army as well.”

Mo Zichen did not understand what Mother Qian meant by this.

“You don’t know this, but four years ago, when the Qian Family was destroyed, the entire family migrated because we were afraid of bankruptcy. But, because we had no money, Xu Chunhao ended up divorcing Qian Hui and abandoned her. Afterwards, Qian Lan’s father got addicted to gambling and started dreaming about rebuilding his business.”

“He hasn’t come looking for you because you’re not married yet and he doesn’t want to lose you.”

“Listen to me, don’t let Qian Lan’s father find you.”

“Qian Lan escaped to the military because she wanted to be free from that family.”

“I hope she never sees her father again.”

“Especially when it’s bad for one’s reputation to have a gambling addict as a father.”

After hearing this, Mo Zichen did not say a thing. He simply handed Mother Qian a tissue.”

It seemed, these past few years, the Qian Family had gone through quite a struggle.

“About your illness…”

At the mention of her illness, Mother Qian revealed a bitter smile, “My illness is incurable so I don’t want to waste any resources on it. It’s already reassuring to know that Qian Lan has found a good partner. Even if my eyes close forever, I won’t regret it.”

“I simply hate that I stopped you guys from being together in the past!”

“Qian Lan’s struggled a lot in the last few years.”

“Zichen, don’t blame her and don’t blame us…”

As he looked at Mother Qian’s teary eyes, Mo Zichen shook his head, “Everything’s in the past, I will continue to be with Qian Lan; I will protect her and take care of her. Don’t worry Auntie.”

“With these words, I have nothing to worry about. I came today to take a glance at Qian Lan. The hospital called me, so I secretly came here without anyone knowing.”

Although Qian Lan requested not to tell her family about her injury, the hospital still had the responsibilty to do so.

“I’ve seen her now, and with you here, I have nothing to worry about, so I’m leaving.”

After speaking, Mother Qian stood up to leave, but Mo Zichen held her back.

“You’re not going to wait for her to wake up?”

“Even if she wakes up and sees me, I will just be a burden for her. Forget it,” Mother Qian shook her head and continued out the door.

It turned out, after the Qian Family migrated, so much happened. Qian Hui got a divorce, Father Qian got addicted to gambling and Mother Qian was seriously ill. Meanwhile, they placed all their hope on Qian Lan because she was capable and she had reunited with Mo Zichen.

This was perhaps the only thing that gave the Qian Family hope and also the reason why Mother Qian was here.

Mo Zichen looked at Qian Lan, at the woman that had been leeched off since she was young, and felt extremely upset. After all, not every mother in this world was like Tangning who was understanding and respectful towards her children.

Soon, Qian Lan woke up and Mo Zichen filled a tub of water for her to wash her face. He then said to her, “Your mother dropped by.”

“Where is she?”

“She’s gone,” Mo Zichen replied. “She told us not to come in contact with the Qian Family, regardless of if it’s your sister or your father.”

Qian Lan let out a laugh and did not respond.

“We really can’t choose our family. Regardless of whether they’re good or bad, I need to accept them.”

After hearing from Mo Zichen, Qian Lian laughed, “Your words did not comfort me.”

“What I’m trying to say is, you should leave matters like this to me from now on. Why can’t you leave it with me? 5 years ago, you tried to avoid it. Are you planning to hide again?”

Qian Lan shook her head. When she thought about this, she was extremely regretful.

“I’m simply afraid that you’d get hurt.”

“As long as you don’t hurt me, no one can upset me,” Mo Zichen said as he held onto Qian Lan’s shoulder. “Can you move yet?”

Qian Lan moved a little and discovered that her wounds didn’t hurt as bad as she thought. So she tried to sit up.

Mo Zichen wrapped his arms around her and helped her up…

“Errr…I want to go to the bathroom.”

“Let me carry you,” Mo Zichen offered. When Qian Lan didn’t move, he asked, “We already live together, are you still embarrassed?”

At this time, Qian Lan did not respond, but her face turned red.

Mo Zichen didn’t wait for a response as he carried her in his arms and took her into the bathroom.

“My image has been ruined,” Qian Lan complained. “I wanted to appear perfect in front of you.”

“You’ve never been perfect in front of me. What image are you talking about?” Mo Zichen helped Qian Lan remove her pants. “From now on, don’t take a bullet for others without thinking. You are also a person with a family.”

“I…have a family?”

“Yes, you have me,” Mo Zichen replied firmly.

“Turn around. I can’t go to the toilet with you here,” Qian Lan said uncomfortably.

Mo Zichen nodded his head and turned around. After leaving the bathroom, he waited for Qian Lan to call him before he reentered.

“After you recover from this surgery, don’t accept another one. I know an expert in this field. I can invite them here to treat you.”

This was because an army officer wasn’t allowed to travel overseas.

“You decide,” Qian Lan simply wanted to enjoy having Mo Zichen by her side. So, she let him make the decisions.

“Then it’s decided!”

“Zichen…” Qian Lan cried gently.


“Am I dreaming? This feels so surreal. Just a couple of days ago, you were cold like ice. Now you’re warm like fire. Which one is the real you?”

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