Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 1208 - You're Mine, So I Will Take Responsibility For You

Chapter 1208: You’re Mine, So I Will Take Responsibility For You

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Helicopters and all kinds of detection devices including UAVs were deployed by the army, but no one could find the missing recruits.

In the end, Qian Lan had no choice but to request for entry into the restricted zone so she could bring them back.

Her superior gave her permission to enter, but even though she was on her own and her life was on the line, Qian Lan did not hesitate for even a second.

“Instructor Qian, it’s really dangerous…are you sure you can do it?”

“It’s not a matter of whether I can do it or not. Those punks have cut their GPS signal and turned off all communication devices. We can’t contact them and we can’t determine their exact location. Apart from going in to look for them, we have no other choice,” Qian Lan said as she got prepared to enter the restricted zone. “I’ll leave everyone else in your hands.”

“In that case, be careful.”

Qian Lan nodded and wandered into the restricted zone on her own.

Even if she was actually hurt, she believed that no one would care, so what was she afraid of? On the other hand, those new recruits all had people that worried about them.

With this thought, Qian Lan quickened her pace.

The new recruits were smart and their methods to avoid detection were not bad, but they were unaware of their limits. How dare they disobey their orders?

As Qian Lan searched for the missing recruits, she slowly wandered into the center of the restricted zone. A little while later, she finally heard their voices coming from an abandoned factory.

Qian Lan immediately ran inside. As soon as the new recruits saw her, they were so frightened that they began to cry, “Instructor, you’re here! Tang Long stepped on a land mine.”

Two men and two women surrounded Tang Long as they tried to keep him from moving.

Qian Lan pulled out a dagger, advanced forward and kneeled down in front of the new recruits, “How long has it been?”

“It’s been half an hour. We were too afraid to run around and we didn’t know how to ask for help.”

“Everything I’ve taught you has gone to waste. Also, who allowed you to disobey your orders?” Qian Lan helped Tang Long remain stable as she pulled out a communication device to contact the outside world.

“Instructor Qian, we won’t do it again!”

Qian Lan humphed and stopped scolding the recruits. She then looked up and said, “Don’t worry, this isn’t impossible to defuse, OK?”

“I…I trust in you, Instructor,” the young recruit was too scared to even take a big breath in case the land mine under his feet would explode.

However, at this time, one of the female recruits suddenly screamed because she thought she had also stepped on a land mine. This shock caused Tang Long to instinctively flinch.

Qian Lan quickly covered the new recruit and rolled away, “Everyone get down!”

Everything happened too suddenly, so the explosion shocked the entire army base.

After everything fell silent, the new recruits finally noticed that Qian Lan’s back was covered in blood…

“Instructor Qian!”

“Instructor Qian!”

But, Qian Lan had already lost consciousness…

Was she dead? Was she never seeing Mo Zichen again?

Qian Lan really didn’t want to close her eyes, but she had absolutely no strength…

Mo Zichen waited 2 weeks but he still didn’t hear anything from Qian Lan, so he began to sense that there was something wrong.

Logically speaking, Qian Lan’s mission shouldn’t have taken any more than 2 weeks, but 2 weeks had already passed and there was still no sign of Qian Lan.

Mo Zichen thought for a bit and decided to give Qian Lan a phone call. However, Qian Lan left her phone at the base and didn’t turn it on.

The more Mo Zichen thought about it, the more he felt that things weren’t right. Finally, he called the army base to check on her.

After waiting for a while, he finally got told that Qian Lan was in the hospital.

Mo Zichen immediately drove to the hospital with an unexplainable feeling. Even if he didn’t forgive her and even if he ignored her, she wasn’t allowed to get hurt. That’s the complex feeling he felt.

Soon, Mo Zichen arrived at the hospital. At that time, Qian Lan’s colleague was visiting her.

As soon as she saw Mo Zichen, she was quite surprised. The dream guy in Qian Lan’s photo was here in real life.


“I’m Qian Lan’s fiance,” Mo Zichen said. “What happened?”

“Qian Lan told us not to contact her family no matter what happens to her. But, she never gave us your contact details,” the colleague replied. “A few days ago, she was hurt in an explosion when she went to save a new recruit. Her back has already undergone three surgeries and she is still recovering.”

“The anaesthetic hasn’t worn off, so she hasn’t woken up yet.”

“Was she seriously injured?”

“She almost lost her life,” the colleague sighed. “Since you’re here, you can take good care of her. I’m going to leave first.”

Mo Zichen nodded before he laid his eyes on the woman lying in the hospital bed.

She was lying on her front because her back was seriously injured.

Her face was pale and she looked extremely weak.

After Qian Lan’s colleague was finished talking, she turned to leave. But, she paused at the doorway to greet a few other colleagues that had arrived to visit Qian Lan.

“Don’t go in. Her fiance just arrived.”

“When did Qian Lan have a fiance?”

“It’s the man in Qian Lan’s photo. The one that she’s been missing for 5 years.”

The colleagues quickly realized what was happening and nosily peered into the room, “In that case, we’ll come back another day.”

After hearing the conversation between the colleagues, Mo Zichen gently closed the room door.

Perhaps Qian Lan sensed Mo Zichen’s presence, so she slowly opened her eyes. When she saw the familiar figure and face, she tried to get up, but she was in so much pain that her eyes immediately welled up.


“Don’t move. Do you want your wound to reopen?” Mo Zichen quickly held her down.

“I thought…”

She thought he didn’t care where she was and what she was doing.

Although Qian Lan didn’t finish her sentence, Mo Zichen understood what she was thinking, so he explained, “I knew you were in the middle of a mission. You had to attend a competition amongst the new recruits that would last, at most, 2 weeks. I knew you’d have to turn off your phone during this time and that I wouldn’t be able to contact you.”

“You knew?”

“There’s nothing in Beijing that I can’t find information about,” Mo Zichen said. “Since you’ve roughly guessed my identity, you shouldn’t find this strange.”

Qian Lan fell silent as her heart warmed up.

“I thought I wasn’t important anymore.”

“I never said that, so how did you convince yourself into believing that?” Mo Zichen grabbed a clean towel and kneeled down to help Qian Lan wipe her face, “Why are you so persistent about not contacting your family?”

“You know why,” Qian Lan replied. “They may have changed over the years, but…”

“Then why didn’t you leave my contact details with your colleagues?”

“I…I thought you didn’t want to be disturbed by my matters,” Qian Lan replied with self mockery.

“As soon as you went overtime, I immediately knew to look for you. Aren’t I here right now?”

Qian Lan nodded her head; she felt like she was dreaming.

“I thought, in your heart, I was simply the person that humiliated you 5 years ago.”

“Yes, you are that person. But, don’t forget, you are also my fiancee. No matter what’s happened between us in the past, you’re mine, so I will take responsibility for you.”

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