Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 69: In The Same Frame

Chapter 69: In The Same Frame

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"Is that the model that got famous for the Oriental Trend?"

"Yes, it's her. Just because she's slightly attractive, she thinks she can start scheming. Didn't anyone tell her our president hates people that ride on other's coattails? Especially those that use him to create hype? She's asking for it."

"Let's just sit back and watch the show..."

"She's a nobody, but she sure is brave..."

Hushed whispers echoed from below the stage. Pretty much everyone present was waiting to see how Tangning would be humiliated and how pitiful she would end up being, while Han Yufan and the others couldn't help but cheer inside.

If Tangning was to offend the CEO of Hai Rui, it would be equivalent to being blacklisted by the entire industry. This result would be better than anything they could do to suppress her - what a pleasant surprise.

Meanwhile, standing on the stage, Mo Ting knew exactly what was going through everyone's minds. He knew they wanted to see Tangning get humiliated. But, unfortunately for them, this woman was his wife...

How could he allow his wife to become a joke?

So, he simply smiled and exclaimed in front of everyone, "I hope this kind of coincidence happens more often, after all...Miss Tang is very beautiful."

After hearing Mo Ting's words, everyone was shocked as they looked at each other in disbelief; he didn't say anything bad to her.

His words were gentle and simple; full of politeness. It didn't contain any trace of ridicule. He was genuinely praising Tangning!

It didn't take long for everyone to realize what Mo Ting meant. If Tangning had indeed contacted his assistant or others around him, Mo Ting would not have let her off easily. So it was obvious, all this was truly a coincidence - simply a beautiful coincidence.

Meanwhile, Tangning did not appear to be sucking up or defensive. This gave her extra points and made everyone present find her very pleasing. Without trying to explain herself; she just simply smiled and sat back down elegantly, leaving a lasting impression.

At first, everyone thought this incident was over, but Mo Ting suddenly spoke up, "I remember Miss Tang's performance at The Crown's Star show in Hai Yi Centre. I hope you continue to work hard!"

These words completely stunned everyone. The video from the time he stuck up for her at the show was still being circulated online, so he couldn't deny he didn't know her. But the fact that he told her to work hard suggested to the public, Hai Rui did not give her any offers....

...because Hai Rui only wanted the most powerful artists...

...but, it didn't mean she wouldn't receive any offers in the future. A model like her, that was so professional and conducted herself well, had a promising future. No one could predict how far she would go.

All the fashion personalities looked at Tangning with fascination.

Meanwhile, Tangning looked at Mo Ting helplessly. He had agreed not to interfere in her private matters, yet here he was doing all he could to boost her fame.

Mo Ting also looked at Tangning. Today was a rare occasion for them to appear together, he didn't know when the next opportunity would be; so what was wrong with saying a few words for his wife? After all, it wasn't like he was going out of his way to help her, he merely said a few honest truths.

The hosts adored Tangning, especially her non-competitive attitude. Plus, after witnessing how Tianyi treated her earlier, the female host gathered her courage and suggested, "President Mo, since this coincidence has happened, why don't we close off with a happy ending...You should take a photo together?"

A photo together!

The venue was in an uproar...

This was Hai Rui's almighty king! Even those that had won best actress didn't dare to request such a thing. Did this host want to get fired?

The male host sensed the atmosphere was a bit awkward so he prepared himself to step out and save the situation. However, at this moment, everyone was once again in awe as Mo Ting responded.

"I don't think I can refuse such a happy ending..."

"Great, in that case, could we please ask Miss Tang onto the stage..." The host immediately smiled happily as her voice echoed through the microphone to all corners of the building.

Tangning looked around at the envious gazes. She quickly gathered up her courage; she knew no matter if she was to agree or not, in the end, people would still gossip about her. Since that was the case, why should she give up the chance to take a photo with Mo Ting?

So, she calmly stood up and took composed steps towards the stage, not allowing anyone to see what she was thinking. Not long after, she approached Mo Ting's side looking elegant and poised...

Looking at them, one was handsome and respectable, the other was gentle and elegant; they indeed matched each other well. However, no one suspected they had any relations, as they both appeared modest; all they did was nod at each other politely. Everyone present ended up being more focused on how Tangning was so lucky...

Hmmph...just a small artist, yet she has the opportunity to take a photo with Mo Ting...she sure is lucky.

Let's wait and see...this small artist will definitely take the opportunity to create hype tomorrow.

"Tangning, don't be shy, move a little closer..."

Hearing the host say this, Mo Ting stretched out his arm, placed his hand on Tangning's shoulder and pulled her towards him - the two were immediately so close together they were touching...

Everyone's eyes were about to pop out. Tangning was also surprised by Mo Ting's actions as he looked down at her and said, "We can't get any closer, or else when I get home I'll be forced to kneel on the scrubbing board*"

A surprised expression swept across everyone's Mo Ting already has a partner?

He was indeed the low-profile and mysterious big brother of the entertainment industry; he sure knew how to keep things under wraps...

Tangning maintained her smile as she wondered whether she should really make him kneel at least 5 minutes once they got home. Although everything that happened tonight was within Mo Ting's control, all this fluctuation of emotions was making it hard for her to handle.

The two stood still for a photo and then quickly separated. Tangning politely shook Mo Ting's hand before being escorted back to her seat by one of the staff.

After all that had unfolded, the judge that had previously flirted with Tangning, no longer dared to do anything to her. He now understood, this model...

...was not one he could mess with. Although she didn't appear to be competitive, in reality, she was someone that knew exactly what she wanted and what she should do to get there. On the other hand, only someone like Mo Yurou, who took shortcuts, would easily let him play around with her and do as he pleased.

All that happened was just a small interlude. After taking their photo, Mo Ting also stepped off the stage and sat at his seat.

As Mo Ting already had a partner...

...Han Ruoxue watched the scene unfold before her before sneering, "Mo Ting hates it when people use his name to hype themselves up. The Tangning I know has no idea how to create hype, I guess tomorrow we will have to help her."

Translators Notes:

*Kneel on the scrubbing board (跪搓衣板) = An expression used to symbolize a man being punished by his wife. Or a man that is afraid of his wife.

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