Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 1205 - This Is My Fiancee

Chapter 1205: This Is My Fiancee

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“If possible…please try your best to wear some pants from now on,” Mo Zichen reminded after he woke up the next morning and saw Qian Lan wandering around casually as usual.

Qian Lan looked down. Even though she didn’t think that there was anything wrong with the way she dressed, she still listened to Mo Zichen and returned to her room to put on a knee-length skirt.

It was the weekend, so Qian Lan dressed rather casually, but Mo Zichen reminded, “Dress more appropriately, we have guests later.”

“OK,” Qian Lan nodded.

This was the first time since they started living together that Mo Zichen spoke to Qian Lan properly and it was all because they had guests.

Since Mo Zichen didn’t tell her to leave, it appeared as though he acknowledged her.

Soon, the guests arrived. Apart from a beautiful figure standing in the doorway, there was also a child.

Mo Zichen immediately hugged the elegant woman and welcomed her into the apartment. This woman was none other than Mo Zichen’s childhood friend, Nangong Cai, A.K.A. Little Eggshell.

Three years ago, she had gotten married. But, the groom was not Mo Zichen, nor Mo Zixi. Her husband was an actor in the entertainment industry, and according to rumors, he was a real family man.

“Is there someone else here?” Nangong Cai asked after she heard some movement coming from one of the rooms.

Mo Zichen gave a slight smile as Qian Lan walked out.

After Nangong Cai saw Qian Lan, she realized what was going on, “Even after 5 years, your tastes haven’t changed.”

“This is my fiancee, Qian Lan.”

“This is Cai Jie,” Mo Zichen introduced.

Qian Lan gently nodded at Nangong Cai, “Hello.”

“We’ve met before. 5 years ago, you were still a mere teacher. What are you doing these days?” Nangong Cai asked.

“I’m in the military…”

“You’re an army officer?” Nangong Cai asked what she already knew. “I should have known the reason why Zichen hadn’t considered any relationships for the last 5 years. It’s because he left a place in his heart for you. I guess it’s fate that you guys made up.”

“Let’s go, I’m taking Yao Er out to play today,” Mo Zichen quickly changed the subject.

“Fine. You’re not taking Qian Lan with you?”

“She’s reporting to the troops today, she has no time,” Mo Zichen said as he returned to his room to put on a jacket. After Nangong Cai stepped out, Mo Zichen quickly turned to Qian Lan and said, “Cai Jie and I are visiting the set of a film. Take care when returning to the base.”

“OK,” Qian Lan nodded.

“Let’s go.”

Logically speaking, Qian Lan should have been happy that Mo Zichen acknowledged her in front of other people, but Qian Lan still felt that the word ‘fiancee’ meant nothing to Mo Zichen.

Moreover, she had never mentioned that she was reporting back to the troops that day.

After leaving the apartment, Mo Zichen was abnormally quiet even though he was carrying a child in his arms. This made Nangong Cai a little confused, “She’s already returned to your side, why do you still look so depressed?”

“I’m not sure either. The person I’ve been missing for 5 years, suddenly reappeared in front of me, but I can’t help treating her with hostility and ignoring her. I’m not sure what’s wrong with me either? I want to forgive her, but it doesn’t seem that easy,” Mo Zichen said in self-ridicule.

“I want to let her get close to me, but I’m also afraid. Perhaps, I can’t forget how it felt to be abandoned 5 years ago.”

Nangong Cai smiled and received her child from Mo Zichen’s arms, “Zichen, you’re holding back too much.”

“You’re not in your early twenties like you were 5 years ago. If she tries to give up again, then grab onto her and bring her back to your side. Why do you care so much about your pride?”

“Aren’t you a mature man?”

“When you’re holding on too tightly, then let go a little…Perhaps, you won’t suffer so much.”

After hearing this, Mo Zichen did not respond.

“You should call Auntie Ning and ask her about this matter. I’m sure she has a lot to teach you.”

Mo Zichen’s meeting with Nangong Cai that day was not only to drive the mother and daughter to the set, but also to see his parents.

After so many years, his parents were still obsessed with sci-fi films.

“I don’t plan on telling my mother about this yet. The more hope I give her, the more disappointment she’ll feel if things don’t work out.”

“In that case, take control of the situation well.”

Mo Zichen absorbed everything that Nangong Cai said and felt a lot better. But, he wasn’t completely free from fear. Just like Nangong Cai said, if Qian Lan was to give up again, he could always hold onto her and not let her go, but if that was all he had to do, then why did he feel so troubled?

After arriving on set, Mo Zichen spotted his supportive parents. Yan Er had now taken charge of Hai Rui, so Mo Ting had extra time to accompany his wife. As a result, they were even more inseparable than before.

Mo Zichen watched his parents from a distance and observed the way they loved each other wholeheartedly. As he looked at them, he suddenly felt a little emotional.

At that moment, Tangning turned around and noticed her son, so she immediately put down the brief in her hands and walked over to Mo Zichen, “Why are you here?”

“Mom, I miss you.”

“You don’t miss your father?”

“He only needs you to miss him,” Mo Zichen said as he wrapped his arms around Tangning. “Mom, neither I nor Zixi are married yet. Are you getting impatient?”

“Even if I’m getting impatient, that’s my own matter, I will never pressure you. You have the freedom to decide when you want to get married.”

“Mom…I want to get married now.”

“If you want to get married, then go ahead. I only have one thing to say to you: once you’ve made your decision, you need to continue bravely ahead. Even if you’ve made the wrong choice, you won’t regret it as long as you’re willing to take responsibilty and haven’t done something against your conscience. You need to make the same approach with people. Stop thinking that you’re at a loss and suffering. When two people are together, the most important thing is giving your all for each other!”

After hearing Tangning’s advice, Mo Zichen couldn’t help but smile as he remembered what Nangong Cai said to him.

As soon as Tangning opened her mouth, she indeed had the ability to enlighten a person.

“Thank you, Mom.”

“Bring her home to show us one day.”

Since it was someone that Mo Zichen wanted to marry, Tangning naturally supported his decision.

“You are the best mother in the world.”

Mo Zichen couldn’t help but breathe a sigh of relief. After accompanying his parents on set for an entire day, he finally returned to the apartment as night hit.

Mo Zichen expected Qian Lan to be already asleep in her room, but when he turned on the lights, he saw her napping on the sofa with her legs exposed.

Mo Zichen did not say a word as he removed his jacket and​ sat down beside her.

Qian Lan did not wake up, so Mo Zichen took the opportunity to wrap his arms around her waist. As the two lay on the sofa, Mo Zichen suddenly felt entranced by the unique fragrance coming from Qian Lan’s body.

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