Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 1201 - Has Brother Two Been Fighting?

Chapter 1201: Has Brother Two Been Fighting?

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After Long Man and Lin Qian left, Tangning walked into Mo Zichen’s room and watched as her son stared out the window in a daze. In a gentle voice, she asked, “Is something bothering you?”

Mo Zichen turned around and shook his head as he looked at his mother, “No, I’m fine.”

“I gave birth to you. Do you really think that I wouldn’t know what you’re thinking?” Tangning said as she approached. “In this world, your mother and father are the only ones that can truly understand you and help you.”

From a young age, Mo Zichen had always been the type to only share good news and not the bad. Even when he was bullied, he never mentioned it; no matter what happened, he would shoulder it himself.

But, when she saw her son grow more and more quiet, Tangning’s heart was indescribably painful.

“I won’t question you about your work because I don’t have the right to. But, I am always here to share the burden of any private matters.”

“Mom…” Mo Zichen couldn’t help himself from hugging Tangning and laying his head on her shoulder, “Your​ daughter-in-law’s gone.”

“What happened?”

Mo Zichen trusted Tangning, so he began to recall the recent events; this also involved the secret behind Qian Lan’s identity.

After Tangning heard everything, she began to laugh, “If it’s true that the girl threw herself into the army without hesitation, then she’s got quite a temper.”


“Fine, I won’t joke around. But, son, women are born sensitive. If you truly like her, then I’m sure you won’t want to see her get hurt. I’m quite surprised that she was so firm with her decision at such a young age. She did it for your own good, as well as hers.”

“The two of you are still young and you still have countless possibilities, that’s why I understand how you feel. But, I must tell you that this young woman definitely likes you. Otherwise, she wouldn’t try so hard to grow as a person.”

“Relax, Zichen. The world may be big, but there aren’t many people that understand each other.”

“As long as you want it bad enough, then the two of you are bound to meet again. So, this isn’t the end; it’s just the beginning.”

“It’s time for my son to grow up.”

After hearing from Tangning, Mo Zichen felt a lot better, “Mom, no one can talk better than you.”

“Do you feel a little better?”

“I feel a lot more relaxed,” Mo Zichen nodded.

“Great, can you help your sister with her homework in a moment? I don’t know what to do about that girl.”

As Tangning mentioned, Mo Ziyan was still in school. She was social, cheerful and a little cheeky.

“I’ll be right down,” Mo Zichen replied.

Actually, Mo Zichen really missed home, especially his family members. No one ever argued in their household, at least, from the time that he could remember, he had never witnessed his parents fight; his mother loved her children and his father loved his wife.

During his years of training, this tempted Mo Zichen to return home to his parents’ side many times.

But, he knew he had to be decisive.

As an intelligence officer, there was nothing he could prepare for and there was no backup from the military. He had nothing except endless running and danger. But, this was a job that someone had to do; someone needed to protect the innocent.

He had an above average intelligence, if he didn’t put it to good use, wouldn’t it be a waste?

Tangning and Mo Ting had their assumptions, but they never interfered with his choices. Although they worried about his safety, they felt he was a great person for being so selfless.

After regaining his composure, Mo Zichen went downstairs to Mo Ziyan’s room. When he saw her struggling with a maths question, he walked in and tapped her on the head, “Dopey, you can’t figure this one out?”

“I’m not as smart as you!” Mo Ziyan pouted. “Brother Two, if you were home more often, my maths wouldn’t be so bad.”

“If you spent more time on studying instead of dating, your maths skills would probably be better than mine.”

“Brother Two!”

Hearing his sister complain, Mo Zichen chuckled, “Fine, I won’t tease you…in case you complain to Mom later…”


Mo Zichen looked at the maths questions in front of Mo Ziyan and sat down beside her, “I’ll help you solve the first one. Watch carefully.”

Mo Ziyan looked at Mo Zichen and couldn’t help but touch a scar on his forehead, “Has it been tough living on your own all these years?”

“It’s not as bad as you think,” Mo Zichen said as he tapped his sister on the head with a pen, “Concentrate…”

“I’m just worried about you…”

Mo Zichen patted Mo Ziyan on the head before he wrote down the entire method to solving the first maths question she had.

“I’m doing fine.”

“Bro, come home.”

Mo Zichen did not reply. He simply finished the maths question and quietly handed it back to his sister.

It’s not that he didn’t want to return home – he couldn’t return home! He had too much of a responsibilty on his shoulders.

“I’ll come home often to visit you.”

“I don’t believe you,” Mo Ziyan humphed. “You and Big Brother have never stuck to your promises. What’s so good about being a mere teacher? Why don’t the two of us debut together and become superstars?”

Seeing his sister getting carried away, Mo Zichen nudged his sister in the head, “Who would watch someone as ugly as you? Do your homework!”


As the brother and sister interacted, Tangning witnessed the entire scene in the doorway and turned around to wipe away a tear. She felt that she owed Mo Zichen too much. After all, he had been on his own for so many years.

She wanted to make up for it, but it didn’t seem like her son needed anything.

It wasn’t easy for him to fall in love with a woman, but he was hurt so badly in the end…

“Mom, I won’t be going to the event tonight.”

Just as Tangning and Mo Ziyan got changed for Hai Rui’s Anniversary that night, Mo Zichen turned and said to the two women, “As you know, I don’t like showing myself in public.”

“But, Brother Two…”

“That’s fine,” Tangning nodded as she placed a kiss on her son’s forehead. She was not against it. “When you have time, return home more often.”

“Yes, I will.”

After speaking, Tangning led Mo Ziyan to the car. However, Mo Ziyan was upset, “Mom…”

“Your Dad’s waiting for us, stop sulking,” Tangning coaxed.

“I miss Brother Two, that’s all,” Mo Ziyan was almost in tears. “You didn’t see all the injuries on his arms while he was helping me with my homework. What type of teacher has that many injuries? Has Brother Two been fighting?”

Tangning hugged her daughter and comforted her gently, “Yan Er, everyone has their own choices in life. Whether it’s you or your brother.”

“All of you will eventually settle down with your own families and leave me and your father.”

“This is only natural. You need to learn how to accept it.”

“Your Brother Two is doing something that he believes he should be doing and that he believes is right. What we should be doing is supporting him, instead of obstructing him. Understood?”

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