Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 1198 - He Was Once Qian Lan's Boyfriend

Chapter 1198: He Was Once Qian Lan’s Boyfriend

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“Since you’re the son of Mo Ting and Tangning, why didn’t you reveal your identity from the start? Also…if you’re their son, why are you a physics teacher in such a shabby school?” Father Qian was still suspicious of Mo Zichen’s identity.

“No one knows Qian Lan’s identity at school either. I’m afraid of the same things that you’re afraid of,” Mo Zichen replied smoothly. “As for why I’m teaching physics, it’s because my father hopes that my brother and I can gain more experience from the outside world. That’s why my brother is in the military while I’m here as a teacher.”

In reality, simply looking at Mo Zichen’s calm demeanor, it was easy to tell that he was not like the average person.

This made Father Qian speechless.

“Qian Lan is my precious daughter, I don’t want her to suffer. She may feel like I’m too controlling, but she needs to understand how dangerous of a position I hold in office.”

“It’s not that I’m discriminative against the background of others. I simply hope that when I step down from my position one day, my son-in-law will be able to protect my daughter from suffering.”

“Fine, since you’ve clarified everything to me, I have no reason to object against your relationship. You can make your own decisions. I’m going back to work!” Father Qian said as he stood up, looked at his watch and rushed back to his office.

Afterwards, Qian Lan stared at Mo Zichen as though she was looking at a stranger, “I thought…you were just a normal physics teacher.”

“I will only be a normal physics teacher from now on. I felt bad to have used the names of my parents today. I can’t believe I had to use my family background to get a girlfriend,” Mo Zichen shook his head helplessly.

“So, the beautiful young woman that came looking for you yesterday…”

“An older sister that I’ve grown up with. She happened to be passing by,” Mo Zichen explained.

“This suddenly feels so surreal!” Qian Lan said as she looked at Mo Zichen. “Will you eventually join the entertainment industry and become a celebrity?”

“No, I’m destined to be an unnoticed physics teacher…I like living a simple life.” After saying this, Mo Zichen stretched out his hand and ran it through Qian Lan’s long hair. “Will you continue to like me?”

Qian Lan looked into Mo Zichen’s eyes and nodded her head. She felt as though he was the only person that understood her because they were the same kind of people.

“I’ve already spoken to the principal. You can continue teaching. No one will interfere with your job again.”

“What if both our mothers decide to control us?”

“I’m good at dealing with old people. Do you want to try?” Mo Zichen winked. “Let’s go back to school, stop wandering around aimlessly. You’re going to make me worry about you. Also, stop drinking alcohol…”


Afterwards, the couple returned to school. However, no one mentioned anything to Mother Qian.

When Xu Chunhao failed to bring Qian Lan home with him, he actually felt his heart ache. He couldn’t deny that Qian Lan still had a place in his heart – but he already married her sister.

Worst of all, Qian Lan was now in love with some poor guy. What kind of happiness could he give her?

When Xu Chunhao returned home, he ran into his wife in the living room, “Where did you go?”

“I went to look for Qian Lan. She and Mom had a huge fight this morning.”

“Chunhao, don’t you think you’re showing too much concern as a brother-in-law?” Qian Hui asked with a raised voice.

“Qian Hui, what are you trying to say?” Mother Qian noticed the overtones in their conversation, so she began to question her daughter, “What’s wrong with Chunhao showing some concern for his sister-in-law?”

“Mom, there are some things that you don’t know.”

“If I don’t know, then tell me so I know,” Mother Qian replied. “From the tone of your voice, are you suggesting that there’s something going on between Chunhao and Qian Lan?”

“I didn’t say anything. I’m going back to my room,” Qian Hui held back her anger and resisted the urge to break through the last layer of secrets. Holding back her tears, she quickly returned to her room.

Meanwhile, Xu Chunhao had been pushed to his limits by Qian Hui’s temper.

Qian Hui was the one that told him to take care of Qian Lan. But now, the one to doubt him, was also her.

“Chunhao, why didn’t you bring Qian Lan back?”

“She boarded a man’s car,” Xu Chunhao replied. “The two of them looked very close!”

“Why is that poor fellow still bothering my daughter?” Mother Qian’s anger rose once again. “This won’t do. I have to go to the school and look for him!”

“Mom…let me go. It’s easier for men to talk with each other,” Xu Chunhao suggested. “I’m also worried about Qian Lan, I don’t want her to go down the wrong path.”

“OK, you go then.” Mother Qian had no idea that Xu Chunhao was once in a relationship with Qian Lan.

After listening to his mother-in-law, Xu Chunhao glanced upstairs, obviously afraid that Qian Hui would be upset.

Mother Qian understood and waved her hand, “Go ahead. I’ll comfort Qian Hui…”

“OK…thank you, Mom.”

After speaking, Xu Chunhao grabbed his car keys and headed out of the house. He was going to have a good meeting with Mo Zichen.

As a professor at MIT, he thought he definitely had the right to teach a mere physics teacher a lesson. But, how was he to know about Mo Zichen’s shocking background and frightening academics.

At this time, Mother Qian went upstairs to comfort her daughter, “Qian Hui, what’s wrong with you? Why were you acting so fierce towards your husband. Even as a mother-in-law, I couldn’t stand it.”

“Mom, that’s because you don’t know the truth,” Qian Hui explained as she wiped away her tears.

“How would I know if you don’t tell me? What made my daughter so upset?”

“The truth is, before Chunhao went to the US…he was…he was once Qian Lan’s boyfriend,” Qian Hui couldn’t resist anymore as she revealed the truth to her mother.

After Mother Qian heard this, she looked at her daughter in shock, “What did you say? I dare you to say that again!”


“Did you know about this from the start?”

Qian Hui nodded.

“What’s this all about? Hurry and explain everything in detail!” Mother Qian felt like she was about to have a heart attack. Why was her son-in-law suddenly involved with Qian Lan? And, from Qian Hui’s tone, why didn’t it sound simple?

“Mom, I honestly regret marrying Xu Chunhao right now. Although he hasn’t said it, I can tell that he still has Qian Lan in his heart. Worst of all, they live under the same roof. Mom…I’m afraid…”

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