Swallowed Star

Chapter 1045: Tian Yang Knight

Chapter 1045: Tian Yang Knight

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"No wonder Shi Wu Wing didn't send me any detailed information when it recognized me as it master when I obtained it," said Luo Feng. "I thought it was because the great being who created Shi Wu Wing didn't leave any information. But the real reason is that Shi Wu Wing is a broken true treasure! Besides, Primal Chaos City Leader told me when he gave it to me that no other lives in the universe knew about the existence of Shi Wu Wing, and he also said that it was not created by him. Apparently, Shi Wu Wing is more mysterious than I realized. The information on Shi Wu Wing was recorded in a book my teacher Primal Chaos City Leader gave to me."

Luo Feng could still remember the book. It detailed the three different forms of Shi Wu Wing and had been discovered by Primal Chaos City Leader during his research.

"According to the information, Shi Wu Wing appeared virtually of nowhere," Luo Feng recalled. "It was exceptionally tough and tensile, and even beings as strong as universe masters aren't able to destroy it." Luo Feng got more excited. "I'm particularly curious about this part. Powerful universe masters should be able to damage an ordinary true treasure. However, based on the information given by Primal Chaos City Leader, Shi Wu Wing is indestructible! I've always thought it was because the material of Shi Wu Wing was special. Until now… It seems that my Shi Wu Wing is a component of an incredible true treasure, which is why the material is also extraordinary."

Just like that, Luo Feng's questions had been completely solved. True treasures that had recognized someone as their owners could attract each other. The only reason this had happened was because they had originally been one.


Golden Horned Beast body looked up at the sky, and the eight-armed, bald knight looked down at Golden Horned Beast. Thoughts flooded both of their minds. Actually, in the long period of time they had spent using the true treasure wing, they both felt that their wings were different from other ordinary true treasures… However, nobody could say for sure that they were broken true treasure. After all, such a notion was inconceivable.

Like Thousand Treasures River—which was made up of over 1,000 true treasures—true treasures strengthened each other, resulting in boundless power. However, every true treasure had hidden flaws. Many fighters might only be able to wield the power of top-tier treasures. Luo Feng's Shi Wu Wing, after all, always worked as a fine ordinary true treasure.

Even a mere component of a true treasure works so greatly… Luo Feng thought. What if they're combined?

The eight-armed, bald knight looked down at Luo Feng. "Light Wing saved me several times, and even now that I'm a universe overlord, it is an ordinary true treasure that has never disappointed me. The Light Wing is actually a component of a powerful true treasure. I need to get the other part no matter what! If they're combined, they must lead to material change, and the power will be significantly improved!"


Golden Horned Beast body looked up at the being in the sky. The most prominent universe overlords had records within the human race, and Luo Feng remembered all of them. He was able to recognize most of them—except few supreme beings who kept themselves hidden.

Tian Yang Knight, thought Luo Feng. A universe overlord of the automaton race. Based on the available record, he has three true treasures. One of them is an ordinary true treasure armor, one is an ordinary true treasure wing, and one is a senior true treasure "Eight Light Shuttle." He's the candidate deified general for Xing Guang General, and he created the ultimate technique Eight Shuttle.

Luo Feng realized that he was in trouble after recalling his information. Tian Yang Knight was a handful. He was powerful and proficient in escape techniques! Luo Feng could sense that this enemy was not to be trifled with.

Though I don't need to worry about universe overlords because of my Force Armor, they have much stronger attacking skills. It's difficult for me to kill senior universe knights. As for this Tian Yang Knight… it would be almost impossible for me to kill him.


Tian Yang Knight looked down at Golden Horned Beast and was a bit hesitant.

Who is he? he wondered. It's a Golden Horned Beast in golden armor and a golden wing. I don't recall a great being like that in Space Beast Alliance.

The Space Beast Alliance was always mysterious, and the great beings who showed up were known for their giant bodies. To kill a Golden Horned Beast universe knight? Such a feat was nearly impossible.


Golden Horned Beast and Tian Yang Knight stared at each other. Each wanted the true treasure wing possessed by the other. However, they both felt that the enemy standing before them should not be underestimated; Luo Feng was not confident because he was too weak to injure his enemy, while Tian Yang Knight was not confident that he could kill a Golden Horned Beast that was over 600 miles long.

"I am Tian Yang Knight," Tian Yang Knight said, slowly coming to a landing. He landed on a branch and transmitted his voice.

Golden Horned Beast transmitted his hoarse voice in reply. "I am Golden Wing Knight."

Tian Yang Knight raised his head and looked at Golden Horned Beast. He smiled. "Golden Wing Knight of the Space Beast Alliance, my true treasure wing and your wing seem to have some sort of special connection. I want your true treasure wing… Name your price."

"One top-tier true treasure," Golden Horned Beast said.


Tian Yang Knight frowned. A top-tier true treasure! Even some universe masters didn't have top-tier true treasures, and even if the wings were combined, they wouldn't necessarily become a top-tier true treasure.

"So, you don't want to exchange?" Tian Yan Knight said, transmitting his voice.

"So, do you?" asked Golden Horned Beast.

They knew each other's decision the second they transmitted their voices. Apparently, they both valued their true treasure wings. They needed extremely precious true treasures… However, they wouldn't be able to afford such a trade.

Hong! Hong!

They both moved.

"Then die!"

The eyes of Tian Yang Knight glinted with hostility. This godly power started to be burned. Eight 20-foot-long projectiles emanating black light showed up on his arms. These "shuttles" shot at Luo Feng.

"You?" Golden Horned Beast burned his godly body, growled, and charged at Tian Yang Knight.

Hong! Long! Long!

Trees started to fall, and they began to fight each other in close proximity. They attacked over 100 times in a single second.

To be exact, it was Tian Yang Knight who attacked Golden Horned Beast. Golden Horned Beast quickly became half a mile long and defended himself, using his wing to counter-strike occasionally.

"Eight!" Tian Yang Knight said, and the power of eight shuttles surged. "Eight!" Tian Yang Knight screamed again. "Eight!"

He screamed three times, and his voice resounded and shook the soul. Tian Yang Knight's face looked holy, but there was a black light radiating from his eyes.

The ultimate technique Eight Shuttles was a magnificent move. Golden Horned Beast was not able to fight back. He could only bear the attacks again and again. Tian Yang Knight grabbed the eight formidable-looking shuttles. They were a breathtaking sight. The wing on Tian Yang Knight shook continuously, and the change in the flow of time around him made his shuttles even more splendid. It was a glorious ultimate technique! And it was terrifically powerful!


Golden Horned Beast rolled like a mountain and ran over the trees. He stood up instantly.

Tian Yang Knight floated in the sky and gazed down at Golden Horned Beast. "Your… Tour godly body is not even injured?" he said. He had already performed his ultimate technique and had consumed 3 percent of his godly body. Meanwhile, to his surprise, his enemy's godly body was not hurt at all.

"Unfortunately, your godly body is," Golden Horned Beast replied in a deep voice.

"A large godly body and powerful armor," said Tian Yang Knight. "Humph! Your true treasure wing will belong to me someday in the future."

Tian Yang Knight's eyes glinted with bitterness. He shook his black wing and flew away. How could he continue? A giant godly body with powerful armor made him despair.


Golden Horned Beast flew away. After a short while, the forest recovered as if there hadn't been a fight at all.


After Golden Horned Beast left the forest, Remote Ocean body left as well. Golden Horned Beast body store Shi Wu Wing, claw set treasure, Tower Pearl, Golden Thread Aurora Mirror, Force Armor, and the component of Blade River Luo. Then Remote Ocean body shrunk to around 30 feet tall and sat down in the grass on a hill.

Golden Horned Beast body flew away without even one valuable. He flew across the plain and flew into a vast forest.

"Another true treasure wing…" Remote Ocean body said as he lay on the grass with his eyes half-closed.

"I have a strong defense and a strong godly body, just like Nine Remoteness Master facing a universe supreme master," Luo Feng said. "Universe supreme masters are much stronger than Nine Remoteness master, but they couldn't do anything to him in Nine Remoteness Ocean with a diameter of over ten light years. However, it's impossible for Nine Remoteness Master to kill a universe supreme master!"

This worked to his disadvantage. He was after all an undying fighter! Even his godly body could rival that of a universe knight with the help of the Nine Volume Manual, and he had the superior true treasure Force Armor and an enormous godly body to protect him! Even among universe overlords, there were few who had such strong defending power.

However, he was still weak when it came to attacks. First of all, he had low law comprehension. He did have true treasures for attacking and strong willpower and mind to fight against senior universe knights, but universe overlords who had true treasures and higher law comprehension could still crush him when it came to attacking skills.

Although they could crush Luo Feng, Qi Blood Palace Leader had consumed 9 percent of his godly power yet had only damaged one-10,000th of Golden Horned Beast's godly boy. Tian Yang Knight, similarly, had consumed 3 percent of his godly body, but he couldn't even damage one-10,000th of Golden Horned Beast's godly body.

"How can I get that true treasure wing?" Golden Horned Beast wondered, snarling with bitterness.


All of a sudden, an incredible force hit the original star and permeated outward. Golden Horned Beast was entangled by the invisible force. It was complete control over the space and time!

"Control on the space and time?"

Golden Horned Beast's eyes glinted with fright. He knew… a universe master had arrived!

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