Swallowed Star

Chapter 1044: A Meeting on the Original Stars

Chapter 1044: A Meeting on the Original Stars

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"Teacher, would you like to give me some advice?" Luo Feng asked. He listened carefully.

Primal Chaos City Leader smiled. "The Northern Territory Alliance might have guards in front of every whirlpool portal, which means what you need to do is not get close to any whirlpool portal!"

Luo Feng was dazed, but he understood what his teacher was implying. "Teacher, do you mean… That I should just wander across original stars and stay away from any whirlpool portal?"

"Yes." Primal Chaos City Leader nodded. "Stay away from any whirlpool portal and the place where the godly blade unveiled itself. Then those universe overlords will find it difficult to meet you. The only way to catch you is to wait for the arrival of a universe master of the Northern Territory Alliance."

Luo Feng nodded. It would be safe for him not to go to the whirlpool portal. However, a universe master of the opposition alliance would arrive, after which he could only wait to be captured.

"Your disguise is useless in front of a universe master," Primal Chaos City Leader added. "You don't need a disguise. All you need to do is separate your Golden Horned Beast body and your Remote Ocean body. Leave all your valuables with Remote Ocean body. As for universe masters of the Northern Territory Alliance, they'll only search for those two Space Beasts, and they won't be able to recognize your Remote Ocean body even if they see it. There are universe knights of all races on the original stars. You'll be identified in you camouflage, but your Remote Ocean body doesn't need it."

Luo Feng smiled.

"Even if he kills Golden Horned Beast body, he won't be able to find any valuables," Primal Chaos City Leader went on. "He'll then start to inspect all the great beings on the original stars. But he won't dare to be reckless. As long as you separate your bodies, you can earn yourself enough time. I'll arrive by then. All you need to do is to survive until I arrive at the original stars."

Luo Feng nodded. "I understand, teacher."

It was plain and simple. All Luo Feng had to do was stall his enemies and not go near the whirlpool portals! He would be safe when Primal Chaos City Leader arrived! It was a simple plan—so simple that there were few flaws.

"Go," Primal Chaos City Leader said. "Remember what I said. Besides, the universe master of the Northern Territory Alliance might get there before I do. Don't give the plan away after he arrives."

"I understand," Luo Feng said, nodding.


Within the Thousand Treasures River of the Primal Region, human territory.

Hong! Long! Long!

Thousand Treasures River vanished and transformed into a shirt, covering the towering Primal Chaos City Leader who now stood over 6,000 miles tall. He carried a rugged stone staff and stood in the sky barefoot, gazing out into the distance.

"I'll go to the original stars first," he said, "but I'll be back soon. Stop studying your techniques and help me guard the primal region."

"Yes, brother."

Primal Chaos City Leader nodded. He took a step into space and disappeared.

Several universe knights and servants in the palaces within the Thousand Treasures River noticed that Thousand Treasures River had suddenly disappeared.

"Where is the Thousand Treasures River?"

"Thousand Treasures River disappeared!"

"Our teacher might have gone out."

Luo Feng's earthling original body also stood outside the palace and looked into the distance. "I hope everything goes well…" he whispered.


At the end of the whirlpool portal closest to the place where the godly blade of Blade River Luo had appeared, a flash of light was approaching.

"Man Ke Knight is coming!" someone cried. "He has a domain type true treasure, and we have our third-level arrangement. We're more likely to succeed now. No matter how powerful that Space Beast is, and even if he's a special life form, he won't be able to get away!"

"The latest news is that some great beings of Hong Alliance are also trying to kill those Space Beasts."


"What should we do? Should we just wait here?"

"Relax. The original stars are enormous, and nobody can teleport or initiate God Country Transportation here. Do you really think it's that easy to hunt someone down? Let's just wait here and guard this place."


In the forest under the whirlpool portal to the outside.

There were seven beings in the forest where Bei Li Knight and Qi Blood Palace Leader landed.

"Qi Blood Palace Leader, Bei Feng Knight! You two finally arrived. You were supposed to arrive earliest. Wang Jia Knight said that you two were surveying the surroundings."

Qi Blood Palace Leader snorted. "Of course we were surveying the place. Do you really think we'll go fight those Space Beasts?"

"Nothing's certain."


Qi Blood Palace Leader and Bei Feng Knight both snorted.

"Do you think I would be back this soon if I was fighting the Space Beasts? It would take a long time to travel from the birthplace of the godly blade back here." Qi Blood Palace Leader gazed apathetically at the being with almost 1,000 hooves. "Don't speculate without any evidence."

Qi Blood Palace Leader and Bei Feng Knight glanced at Wang Jia Knight, who immediately realized that they'd failed.

"Fortunately, I used quite a few resources and valuables to recover my godly body," Qi Blood Palace Leader said as he glanced around and sat down with his legs crossed. He thought, If they notice that my godly body is injured, there will be trouble.





Two beings showed up at the whirlpool portal.


"Something's happening."

All the nine supreme beings looked up into the sky.

"No need to hurry. They're universe knights who entered the original stars from the outside. They belong to the Hong Alliance."

"Two universe knights of the Hong Alliance again? Why do great beings of Hong Alliance keep coming here?"

This worried the great beings of the Northern Territory Alliance who were hiding here. Bei Feng Knight transmitted his mild voice, saying, "Perhaps the Hong Alliance also found out about the component of Blade River Luo."

"Wang Jia Knight, report this to our alliance. We'll be in trouble if the Hong Alliance meddles!"


After the news about Blade River Luo spread through the virtual universe, quite a few universe knights raced toward there, and some of them only went there because they wanted to enjoy the fights. They all knew that "a component of Blade River Luo" would produce a furious upheaval, and there was no way they would miss it.

Some of the universe knights closest to the birthplace had arrived, followed by many others. On the original star where Luo Feng resided, many great beings of the Hong Alliance were flying towards the birthplace of Blade River Luo. Meanwhile, the Northern Territory Alliance was constructing a delicate arrangement.


After Luo Feng's chat with Primal Chaos City Leader…


A flash of light flew by in the distance.

"There's another forest," Golden Horned Beast said, looking afar and diving down at sub-lightspeed. "I'll fly into the forest and separate my Remote Ocean body and my Golden Horned Beast body."

Golden Horned Beast body was fast; he quickly arrived above the forest and dove down.


Golden Horned Beast body stopped after arriving at the forest. He stepped on a thick trunk and looked at his wing. The golden wing was trembling.

"What's happening?" Luo Feng was astounded. Shi Wu Wing, which had merged with the scaled wing, was trembling unrelentingly.

Ang! Ang! Ang!

It was shivering out of Luo Feng's control—as if some singular point of origin afar was attracting it like a magnet.

"Shi Wu Wing has already recognized me as its master," Luo Feng said, shocked to his very core by what he was seeing. "A true treasure that has recognized me as its master should completely follow my orders… Shouldn't it? Why is it out of control now? What's happening in that direction?"

Golden Horned Beast looked into the sky in the distance. He felt that if he didn't suppress it, Shi Wu Wing would lead him in that direction.

"What… What's happening?"


In that direction, a being stood in the sky. He was around 25 feet tall with thick legs and eight arms. By all appearances, he looked as if he were made entirely of metal. He didn't have any hair on his body but was completely bald. He was in the shape of a being of automaton race. He wore black armor, and there was a black set of wings on his back.

Ang! Ang! Ang!

The wing quivered crazily.

"Huh?" the bald, eight-armed knight turned around and looked at his wing. He gazed into the distance. "What's the meaning of this? My wing is a true treasure, and I've been utilizing it for hundreds of thousands of years. This has never happened."

He was powerful and venerated. He had come to original stars eight times before, and he'd been through far deadlier situations. However, this was the first time his true treasure wing had behaved outside of his control.

"What's going on?" he said, his eyes gleaming coldly.


He shook his wing and flew in the direction of the strange sensation like a flash of black light.


Golden Horned Beast body stood on the trunk with his wing open. He looked up at the sky and could distinctively feel that the attraction was growing stronger by the second. It was as if the point of origin were approaching him.

"In that direction… There's a black spot!"

Golden Horned Beast body saw a beam of black light. There was a black point far in the distance racing toward him. It appeared to be a supreme being.

"It's him," said Golden Horned Beast body, gazing at the figure. "The source of the disruption."

The black light continued pressing on toward him. The being of automaton race also looked in Golden Horned Beast's direction and saw the golden-winged body of the Golden Horned Beast. They now both saw each other.

"Wait… the wing on his back!" said Golden Horned Beast, immediately noticing the black wing on the great being's back.

The bald, eight-armed being looked down and saw the golden wing on Golden Horned Beast body. They sensed each other at the same time.

"Could it be that my wing is only… a portion of a true treasure?" Luo Feng murmured to himself.

Luo Feng was firstly startled, then exhilarated.

The eight-armed, bald knight was also overjoyed, having arrived at the same conclusion. "My wing is only a component?" he said, grinning.

They gazed upon one another from a distance. An aura of hostility sizzled between them.

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