Swallowed Star

Chapter 1043: Superpowers that Should Not Be Underestimated

Chapter 1043: Superpowers that Should Not Be Underestimated

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In the sky above the plain, Qi Blood Palace Leader and Bei Feng Knight gazed at each other with fright and solemness.

"Impressive." Bei Feng Knight said with his mild voice. "That great being from Space Beast Alliance must have a domain type treasure and a flying type true treasure. As for the armor he uses, it must be a senior true treasure!"

"Yes! It's got to be a senior true treasure, and the third form has been triggered," Qi Blood Palace Leader said in a deep voice. "If it were only an ordinary true treasure, he wouldn't have defended against my Qi Blood Spear so easily."

They exchanged eye contact. They were in trouble!

A senior true treasure in its third form, together with that enormous godly body… This was a combination that could make universe overlords tremble.

The more powerful a great being was, the more demeaning it was to fall. It was difficult for universe overlords to die, as even if they couldn't fight against their enemies, they could still escape… And as for those with senior true treasure armor that was able to weaken the power of an attack by 99.99 percent, it was almost impossible to kill them, especially if they also had enormous godly bodies. Unless, of course, the power gap was significant, or they were attacked by universe masters or universe overlords who were special life forms.

"We can't do anything about it," Bei Feng Knight continued in his mild voice. "Besides, he was alerted to what just happened. Our arrangement might not work anymore."

"What should we do, then?" Qi Blood Palace Leader asked.

"First of all, we can't admit that we fought that Golden Horned Beast," Bei Feng Knight said. "No great beings saw us, and nobody will know if we don't tell anyone. Secondly, we'll follow the order from our alliance. A universe master is making arrangements, and there are members of our alliance sent to the whirlpool portals close to the birthplace of that godly blade. Fu Mo Master will come here himself later, and that Golden Horned Beast won't be able to run away."

Qi Blood Palace Leader nodded. The Northern Territory Alliance was one of the strongest powers in the universe, and few could get away from the blockade.


Inside an ancient forest on the original star, Golden Horned Beast hid. His eyes gleamed anxiously.

"What should we do?"

"The original plan won't work now."

Luo Feng had known about the godly blade of Blade River Luo in the virtual universe previously. He decided to run right after that, and he chose to run to the whirlpool portal!

Based on Luo Feng's original plan, he would fly to the whirlpool portal first, and when he almost arrived, he would temporarily separate the Golden Horned Beast body, Mosha body, and Remote Ocean body. The Golden Horned Beast would transfer all the valuables to Mosha body, who would carry Remote Ocean body and hide by camouflaging himself as mud. Then the Golden Horned Beast would try to pass the whirlpool portal!

If he succeeded, Mosha body would follow. If he failed, he would self-destruct. At the same time, the original earthling body of Luo Feng would seek help from Primal Chaos City Leader through the virtual universe!

The whirlpool portal was the closest to human territory. After Primal Chaos City Leader arrived, he could take Luo Feng away with his power.

The plan may have been simple, but it was also direct and efficient. However, the fight between Qi Blood Palace Leader and Bei Feng Knight had made Luo Feng change his mind.

They both flew here to look for me, thought Luo Feng, which means the Northern Territory Alliance is fast… Perhaps the universe knights from the Northern Territory Alliance recognized the blade when it unveiled itself.

He could speculate from his combat with Qi Blood Palace Leader and Bei Feng Knight that the Northern Territory Alliance had made arrangements for this a long time ago. The universe master from the Northern Territory Alliance was now on his way, and he might arrive sooner than Primal Chaos City Leader…

"It'll be a slaughter if I try to run to the whirlpool portal now," said Luo Feng. "I'm not comfortable with this plan… But what should I do, then? Should I go to other whirlpool portals? There are 10,081 whirlpool portals on one original star, and each of them is hundreds of millions of miles away from each other. It would normally take more than half an hour to fly from one portal to another."

It would take him around 15 minutes to fly from the whirlpool portal closest to him.

"If the arrangements made by the Northern Territory Alliance were as meticulous as I suspect, there will probably be guards at the whirlpool portals closest to the birthplace of the godly blade." Luo Feng shook his head. "If I go there, it'll be running into a trap."

It was dangerous for him to go to any of the whirlpool portals connecting the outside world, regardless of the distance! Flying to the whirlpool portals in the distance was out of the question. The universe master would have arrived by the time he made it there. The universe master could control space and time, and he could suppress his enemies even if the enemies were far from them.

"How about Mosha body's inherited technique, 'replication'?"

But Luo Feng shook his head again. Mosha body was from one of the ordinary races, and the inherited technique was just a lower-tier technique. Although it was strange and unique, it could be defeated.

The Northern Territory Alliance was one of the top nine powers in the universe, and once it had finished its arrangements… It would be almost impossible for Luo Feng to get away!

"I have to turn to my teacher now," Luo Feng concluded.


At the apex of Thunder Island in the virtual universe, Primal Chaos City Leader's palace was enveloped by mist.

Luo Feng stepped into the palace and shouted respectfully, "Teacher!"

A figure in a golden cape walked out. "Luo Feng," said Primal Chaos City Leader, smiling at Luo Feng. "You should be on the original star now. What are you here for?"

"I have an emergency," Luo Feng said. He hesitated. "I sent my Golden Horned Beast body and my Mosha body to the original star."

Primal Chaos City Leader nodded and listened. He surely already knew this, as the original earthling body was in Thousand Treasures River.

"I happened to get a component of Blade River Luo," Luo Feng said.

"Oh…! That was you?" Primal Chaos City Leader was thrilled and laughed. "I just got the news that two space beasts from the Space Beast Alliance got the component… I was thinking that if that component could fall into the hands of us humans, it would be important leverage against the Thorn Ring Alliance."

"Yes, but I'm in big trouble now. The Northern Territory Alliance also knows about it, and it's started to prepare to attack me."

Primal Chaos City Leader frowned. "Tell me more."

"Yes, teacher."

Luo Feng started to elaborate. He mentioned Qi Blood Palace Leader and Bei Feng Knight by name.

"You weren't hurt by them?" Primal Chaos City Leader said, looking at Luo Feng in shock.

Qi Blood Palace Leader and Bei Feng Knight were renowned universe overlords who represented the power of ordinary universe overlords! Primal Chaos City Leader was thrilled that Luo Feng had been able to defend against him. Instantly, he speculated that his disciple Luo Feng must have a defending true treasure and that it might be a senior true treasure like a senior true treasure armor!

However, he didn't ask Luo Feng directly. He had known for a long time that Luo Feng kept many secrets, like the exceptional power of his undying godly body, which was better than those of many universe knights. Primal Chaos City Leader had seen Luo Feng become undying, as well as the scene he had caused when the origin law arrived! Besides, Luo Feng had become undying within Thousand Treasures River, and his control on space and time told Primal Chaos City Leader that Luo Feng's godly body was stronger than that of some universe knights.

Primal Chaos City Leader didn't ask any further questions.

Perhaps my disciple got lucky, he thought. Perhaps he met an omnipotent being. Perhaps it's before the Grand Nirvana Period…

Whatever the reason, Primal Chaos City Leader was happy to see it. He didn't care what happened to his disciple, as long as he could get stronger. The more powerful Luo Feng became, the more likely that a new pillar for humans would be born.

"I'm still not as good as Qi Blood Palace Leader when it comes to combat," said Luo Feng. "I survived because of my godly body."

"Godly bodies are also part of your strength," Primal Chaos City Leader said.

Luo Feng quickly replied, "Teacher, you must understand by now. Those great beings from the Northern Territory Alliance are coming after me. What should I do? I'll be in danger no matter which portal I go to. Please, teacher, would you help me out?"

"You're smart enough not to make such a decision by yourself." Primal Chaos City Leader smiled. "You would be caught and killed without help, now. The Northern Territory Alliance is a rival of our alliance. And they have more great beings and races! They have all sorts of special life forms and races who have inherited techniques. You won't be able to defend yourself against them. Your inherited technique 'replication' is an impressive hiding skill. Only universe masters controlling space and time can see through your disguising."

Luo Feng nodded. Control over space and time was indeed impressive, and domain and replication would both be rendered useless. As for his inherited technique "strengthen," his godly body amplification could hit 100 times at most, and it would not be helpful.

Inherited techniques were effective only when one's power was weak. When one became a universe master, only a few inherited techniques were still useful. However, Luo Feng had achieved a perfect life gene level, and the universe had bestowed him with one of the top-tier inherited techniques, "I Am the Universe."

"Inherited techniques can be cracked by other inherited techniques," Primal Chaos City Leader continued. "There are all sorts of inherited techniques in the universe, and some might even be inherited techniques bestowed by the universe. There are different levels of inherited techniques, and naturally, they have different levels of power and usage. Some of them counteract each other. Some of them are similar to each other. However, the more powerful you become, the less useful those inherited techniques will be."

Primal Chaos City Leader smiled and added, "For instance, the soul attack Bark Mirror Emperor has was an inherited technique, but any sort of soul attacks from universe masters are much weaker than that."

Luo Feng nodded.

"The Northern Territory has set you up, and there's no way that you can use your techniques to break out." Primal Chaos City Leader shook his head. "You've underestimated its power."

"Then what should I do?" Luo Feng said.

Primal Chaos City Leader smiled. "I have my ways."

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