Swallowed Star

Chapter 1041: Escape

Chapter 1041: Escape

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When Luo Feng's mind was still in the virtual universe, three great beings gathered in the forest under the whirlpool portal on the original star where Luo Feng was staying.

"We arrived here as fast as we could under the order of our alliance," said one of them. "It seems we're the first ones to arrive."

"Yes," replied another. "Once those space beasts find out that the godly black blade is a part of Blade River Luo, they'll all rush to that whirlpool portal. If they succeed, they can do teleportation and god country transportation, and we can't catch them anymore. We must safeguard this place and stop them from doing that!"

"So, we'll just wait here?" the third one said in a deep voice. "There will be a group of universe overlords arriving here, and Fu Mo Master may also arrive. That's only a godly blade of Blade River Luo. How many contribution points do you think we can earn? In my opinion, Wang Jia Knight can guard this place while Bei Feng Knight and I attack him first. Bei Feng Knight and I together could kill those space beasts."


"Why're you still hesitating?" said the one with the deep, low voice. "Other universe overlords will arrive soon. Are you on board, Bei Feng Knight?"

"I am," said a timid voice.

"Okay. I'm on board too, but remember, if we get the godly blade, we need to divide the contribution points equitably among us three."

"Of course."

They looked at each other and smiled.

Sou! Sou!

Two creatures flew up in the sky. One of them was around 100 feet tall. He was a repulsive creature with three horns on his head and eyes like a hawk. He had thick, sturdy arms, and he grasped an ancient spear with three bloodstains on the tip.

As for the other one, he was around 30 feet tall and was entirely enveloped by a black cape. Even his face was covered by a black mask.

"Bei Feng Knight, you can attack his soul first…" said the three-horned knight holding the ancient spear. "If you can't kill them directly, you can affect them. Then I'll engage in close combat with them with my burning godly body, my ultimate techniques, and my Qi Blood Spear…! Even if the space beasts are wearing ordinary true treasure armor, my terrific attack can rival that from a universe master! Their armor might only be able to weaken the attack to 1/1,000th or even 1/100th."

"Your Qi Blood Spear is a might senior true treasure," said Bei Feng Knight, smiling behind his black mask and black cape. "We'll definitely succeed."

Qi Blood Palace Leader was a renowned universe overlord in the Northern Territory Alliance. He had three true treasures, and the weapon he used for close-quarters combat was a senior true treasure! Together with his close-quarters combat techniques, he could even fight with a universe master for a short time. Once he attacked with his full strength, it would surpass the limit of an ordinary true treasure!

Within the limit, the third form of an ordinary true treasure armor could weaken the material attack by 99.99 percent! However, once the attack surpassed the limit of the true treasure, its function would sharply decline and could only weaken it to 1/1,000th, 1/100th, 1/10th. It might even break! That was why ordinary true treasures were disdained by universe masters.

"Although they have larger godly bodies, I can kill them with my Qi Blood Spear by attacking them several times." Qi Blood Palace Leader transmitted the voice while flying at high speed. "Bei Feng Knight, just use your soul attack to stop them from running away. I heard that the Golden Horned Beast has a wing true treasure."

"Just leave it to me."

Bei Feng Knight and Qi Blood Palace Leader raced toward Luo Feng like two flashes of light.

Luo Feng was the first one to arrive at the birthplace where the black blade unveiled itself, so the Northern Territory Alliance quickly extrapolated that Luo Feng must be staying in an area close to the birthplace. That was how Bei Feng Knight and Qi Blood Palace Leader knew where they should be heading.


Inside the virtual universe.

Luo Feng looked at the bald universe knight in the distance, shocked by what he saw.

"Him? One of the two universe knights from the Hong Alliance who fought against us for the valuable?"

At the same time, a large group of universe knights gathered around that bald universe knight. They seemed to be engaged in an exciting conversation. Luo Feng listened in, hearing every word that was being said.

"Blade River Luo!"

"A godly blade of Blade River Luo! Rumor has it that the compass of Blade River Luo was obtained by a universe master of the Thorn Ring Alliance! That universe master… He must be dying to acquire other blades and will be willing to get the blades at an extremely high cost."

"It looks like an ordinary true treasure, but it's at least as valuable as a senior true treasure."

"That's right. Blade River Luo will be perfect only when all the blades are gathered, and as long as there's one blade hiding with us, the Hong Alliance, the Thorn Ring Alliance will get it back."

"What a shame. Those two space beasts got it."

A godly blade of Blade River Luo? thought Luo Feng in surprise. Taken by two space beasts?

"Unfortunately, I was late," said the bald universe knight. He shook his head. The picture of the black blade was still floating in front of him. "Otherwise, I would've got the godly blade."

Luo Feng was amazed. God! The black godly blade he had obtained was a godly blade of Blade River Luo…? Luo Feng was aware of its power and force based on some brief descriptions; it was a top-tier domain type true treasure, and it had the attacking power of that of a pinnacle true treasure! It was at least as valuable as Thousand Treasures River after all the blades merged with the compass.

A voice came from afar.

"Quick! Tell us where the godly blade unveiled itself."

"Yes! Tell us now! We'll be there as soon as possible!"

"We can kill those space beasts and get the godly blade together, after which the Thorn Ring Alliance will be willing to pay a high price for it. We can also give it to our alliance, and it will definitely give us many contribution points."

I need to flee…! Luo Feng thought, suddenly realizing that he was in great danger.

"Blade River!" Kuang Zhou Knight said and ran toward him.

"I have some issues to deal with right now, Kuang Zhou Knight," said Luo Feng. "I'll talk to you later."

Luo Feng then disappeared, which bewildered Kuang Zhou Knight.


In the forest on the original star where Luo Feng was staying.

"Quick, quick, quick!" said Luo Feng.

Remote Ocean Luo Feng and the Golden Horned Beast immediately stood up.

"Many great beings from Hong Alliance will gather soon," he said. "I need to leave now. The prison race, the Hong Alliance, and the Northern Territory Alliance all saw the black blade when I got the valuable. Great beings from the Hong Alliance have now started to gather. They might not have enough time to stop me, but those from the Northern Territory Alliance and the prison race will be here very soon."

Remote Ocean Luo Feng shrank to six feet tall and sat on Golden Horned Beast's back. Escape was his only option this time.

The Golden Horned Beast was speedy when it came to fleeing, and he was the best at defending himself against dangers.


The Golden Horned Beast became 30 feet long and opened his wing. He burned his godly power and flew.

Under the burning godly power and the true treasure Shi Wu Wing, he zoomed like a beam of golden light.


At that moment, two universe overlords—Qi Blood Palace Leader and Bei Feng Knight of the Northern Territory Alliance—were flying toward him. The original star was enormous. Traveling at light speed, it took almost an hour to fly from the whirlpool portal to the forest where Luo Feng stayed. That was why Qi Blood Palace Leader and Bei Feng Knight weren't there yet. As a matter of fact, the great beings from the Northern Territory Alliance were all rushing toward the original star Luo Feng was staying on!

Including Fu Mo Master…

However, even Fu Mo Master had to fly toward the whirlpool portal slowly. Each original star was identical, having a diameter of 60 billion miles. Even someone flying at light speed, he could only travel at 6 billion miles in an hour, meaning it would take a long time if they were far from the whirlpool. The great beings gathered together by the Northern Territory Alliance were already rushing there as fast as they could.

Finally, Qi Blood Palace Leader and Bei Feng Knight saw it.

"Look, it's the golden light!"

"It's that Golden Horned Beast."

They were racing toward Luo Feng from the whirlpool while Luo Feng rushed to the whirlpool! Naturally, they could see each other midway!


Both Remote Ocean body and the Golden Horned Beast saw those two flashes of light.

"Huh? They might be some great beings from other races, but it's unlikely that they're here to come after me… How is it possible that they're that fast? Oh well. I'll just run to another original star later."


The Golden Horned Beast kept flying, and he sometimes turned to keep the distance from those two traces of light.

Hu! Hu!

The two great forces made a sharp turn and got closer to him.

"No! They are after me!"

As soon as Luo Feng realized they were coming after him, he recognized them.

"The one with three horns… It's Qi Blood Palace Leader from the Northern Territory Alliance! And it's Bei Feng Knight beside him!"

Luo Feng immediately put his Remote Ocean body back into his world ring. Both Qi Blood Palace Leader and Bei Feng Knight were universe overlords. And they were far from ordinary universe overlords!

Generally, universe knights who reached the pinnacle level in law comprehension and technique creation and could rival most mediocre universe masters were considered universe overlords. However… Universe overlords who had ordinary true treasures and those who had the senior treasures were at very different levels! Additionally, a human universe overlord was different from a universe overlord that was a special life form with a life gene level of 8,000 times.

As for Qi Blood Palace Leader, he had a senior true treasure! And Bei Feng Knight was a universe overlord proficient in soul attack!

"Space beasts," said a mild voice, "there's no way you can run away!"

A deep voice immediately added, "Give us the blade."

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