Swallowed Star

Chapter 1040: Blade River Luo

Chapter 1040: Blade River Luo

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Luo Feng infiltrated the black blade with a trace of his godly power and sealed his life imprint on it, making the blade recognize him as its owner.

"Huh?" Golden Horned Beast's eyes glinted with confusion. "What's going on? Why is there no information being transferred?"

Remote Ocean Luo Feng was also looking down at the black blade, perplexed. Usually, when a treasure or true treasure recognized someone as its owner, it would transfer information to the owner's mind. The information was generally a description of the weapon or the techniques used to utilize the valuables.

There were, of course, exceptions—like Star Map, Shi Wu Wing, and Tower Pearl. If the great being who created the valuable had left information behind, there would be information contained in the valuable. Tower Pearl was a part of Star Tower, and so it didn't contain any information. As for Star Map, it was an ordinary true treasure created by Zuo Shan Ke with a picture scroll and lots of seal stars.

That was why some true treasures and ordinary treasures didn't contain any information. However, according to the intel Kuang Zhou Knight had gathered, true treasures and ordinary treasures that came into being on original stars were bred by the universe. They were supposed to carry information innately. This one did not seem to have anything.

"Weird," Luo Feng was baffled.

Hong! Hong! Hong! Hong! Hong! Hong!

The eight senior universe knights attacked the wing of Golden Horned Beast relentlessly, disrupting Luo Feng's thoughts.


Golden Horned Beast shrank its giant black blade and merged it with his body.


He howled, making the sky and land tremble. At the same time, the gigantic golden wing quickly reduced in size from hundreds of thousands of miles wide to tens of thousands of miles wide, and he revealed Golden Horned Beast and Remote Ocean body. The eight supreme beings were disappointed.

"The true treasure is taken!"

"It has recognized him as its master."

"Goddamn Space Beast… Let's go!"

They all glared at Remote Ocean body and Golden Horned Beast body. The three great beings of the prison race left first. The other five universe knights of the Hong Alliance and the Northern Territory Alliance were also upset and gave up on their hopes of claiming the valuable.

They all knew that they stood a chance if the valuable hadn't recognized him as its owner. However, the only way they could capture the valuable was to kill the Golden Horned Beast, and Golden Horned Beast was able to defend himself against all eight of them! If he wanted to flee, there was no way they could stop him.

They were all upset. The size of the Golden Horned Beast was what stopped them from taking the valuable by force.

"His godly body is too enormous, and our godly bodies might be burned out before we can kill him."

"We should've gotten here soon."

"The true treasure fell into the hands of Space Beasts."

"Haha! You guys are late!" Golden Horned Beast said in a hoarse voice.

"You just got lucky!"

"Let's go."

The three universe knights of Northern Territory Alliance and Hong Alliance left.

Golden Horned Beast body and Remote Ocean body watched them go. He saw one team after another coming here, following the energy signature of the true treasure.


Remote Ocean body shrank to 30 feet tall, and Golden Horned Beast shrank to around 300 feet long. Golden Horned Beast waved his wings with Remote Ocean body sitting on his back.


"That space beast has got the valuable!" grumbled a new arrival.

"Let's go."

"We need to wait until next time."

"Is it a top-tier set treasure or an ordinary true treasure?"

The universe knights speculated about what had happened with their companions. They were all puzzled, but they had to leave. On the original stars, those who were closest to the valuables when they appeared were the luckiest ones. Here, great beings needed both power and luck.


The three universe knights of the Northern Territory Alliance were flying back to the place they inhabited, the apex of a small mountain.

"Those space beasts are indeed lucky."

"The Space Beast Alliance is mysterious and powerful. Those two have a domain type valuable, a wing true treasure, and now a black blade true treasure."

They were all talking among themselves, and the universe knight made of metal was ruminating.

"That… that pattern. It is that valuable!"

The purple-metal knight's eyes gleamed. He isolated them from the surroundings with his godly power and looked to the Strange Beast Knight with hundreds of soft dorsal fins around his mouth.

"Hundred Raccoon Knight," he said, "you have a body at the center of our alliance, right? Send a message to our alliance and tell them that we just found the godly blade of Blade River Luo."

"Blade River Luo?" Both universe knights were dazed.

Hundred Raccoon Knight's eyes glinted with excitement. "The legendary top-tier true treasure, Blade River Luo?"

Blade River Luo was the most attractive true treasure in a century after the original stars had opened.

A giant tomb came out from underground. It was the tomb of the blade: the Blade Tomb!

An ancient tablet on the Blade Tomb told that there were many godly blades and several ordinary true treasures. And the most precious of all were the components of Blade River Luo, which were made of a compass and nine godly blades. Once all the godly blades were integrated into the compass, it could become a boundless blade river, and it was omnipotent.

If all the nine blades merged into one, the power was even more terrific. It was a domain type treasure, but it had the attacking power of a pinnacle true treasure. The compass itself was already a domain type ordinary true treasure! Its power could be improved with one blade blending in; the more the godly blades inside the compass, the more powerful the compass would become. It would reach the perfect status once all the godly blades merged with it.

It was such a superb true treasure. The last time the compass showed itself, it only carried one black blade.


"A godly blade of Blade River Luo? Where did we find it?" Hundred Raccoon Knight asked.

"Where were we?" The moment the other universe knight talked, the purple-metal universe knight said, "It's the true treasure—the black blade the two Space Beasts obtained! I've seen the photos of Blade River Luo, and the black blade we just saw was exactly the same as the blade in the photos!"

Black Raccoon Knight was startled.

"Go! Go tell our alliance!" The purple-metal knight shouted.

"Sure!" Hundred Raccoon Knight nodded.

Many supreme beings who entered the original stars had left their clone with their own race, but there were also some who left their original bodies behind! Clones were able to send simple messages, but they weren't capable of dealing with important issues.

"My clone has entered the center of our alliance."

"A universe master is meeting me," Hundred Raccoon Knight murmured.


After a long while…

"I've told the universe master what happened, and I've replicated the shape of the black blade using my mind. The universe master I spoke with confirmed that it's indeed a component of Blade River Luo! There are few true treasures, and it's almost impossible to have true treasures of the same pattern and come into being on the original stars in such a short period of time… It's got to be a godly blade of Blade River Luo."

"The universe master asked us not to take any actions. He has told some universe overlords closest to this original star and Fu Mo Master to come here. And he has marked our contribution."

Hundred Raccoon looked at his companions, and they all smiled.


The Northern Territory Alliance immediately arranged great beings to go to the original star Luo Feng was staying on.

Inside the virtual universe, in an open-air bar, many universe knights of the Hong Alliance City gathered. Almost all the great beings who entered original stars left clones, and they used them to connect to the virtual universe… This was how they conveyed information.

"Another true treasure showed up. See? It's this one. I saw it myself."

"What true treasure?"

"Come here and see!"

"On which original star?"

Everyone was interested in what happened on the original stars.

"Look, this is the photo of it." A bald-headed, golden-eyed great being covered with body hair was showing everyone a photo. "This true treasure surfaced from the swamp. Unfortunately, I arrived late, and the true treasure was captured by two great beings of the Space Beast Alliance."

"A true treasure!"

"What a pity. You can't get the true treasure even it's right in front of you, and what's worse, it was taken by the Space Beast Alliance."

"What could I do?" the bald-headed universe knight said. "Both great beings of the Space Beast Alliance have godly bodies of around 6,000 miles long… Do you really think I can still get it back? Even universe overlords would have a hard time facing such gigantic bodies!"

"Isn't this the godly blade of Blade River Luo?"

"Yeah! It's the godly blade of Blade River Luo!"

Everyone was thrilled.

Meanwhile, Luo Feng was walking toward the open-air bar.

So strange, he thought. The valuable on the original star has already recognized me as its master, but it still hasn't sent me any information.

Luo Feng was bewildered, and thus he connected to the virtual universe and came to the place where the great beings of Hong Alliance shared information. He wanted to ask some of his friends about it.

"Kuang Zhou Knight," Luo Feng shouted when he saw Kuang Zhou Knight.

Kuang Zhou turned toward him and beamed. "Blade River!"

Luo Feng walked towards him, smiling. Suddenly, he frowned as a being caught his attention.

"It's him…!"

Luo Feng recognized that bald universe knight. It was one of the two universe knights of the Hong Alliance who had attacked him.

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