Swallowed Star

Chapter 1036: Entering the Original Stars

Chapter 1036: Entering the Original Stars

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Inside Luo Feng's palace on Thunder Island.

In the sanctity of his private quarters, Luo Feng read the material on the original stars.

"Impressive," he said. "This Kuang Zhou Knight indeed gathered detailed information about the original stars, and my plan will work! But it's indeed dangerous. And it's a place where the strong rule. Okay, the other three bodies of mine are already at the portal to original stars."


In a space more than 100 light years away from the human territory, there were no stars in the space. Instead, there were only storms formed by hydromagnetic fluid.

A 40-foot shadow stood in the space. He had a pair of silver horns and purple eyes, and he was covered with gray scales. In addition, he had a scorpion tail… He stood there, bloody and powerful. There was a strange beast squatting on his shoulder. The beast had wings, five horns on its head, and thick hoofs.

Anyone knowledgeable would be able to identify this creature—a creature in human form with horns, gray scales, and a scorpion tail… It was "Purple Pupa Beast." Beasts could come in all forms, and some of them looked like humans. Purple Pupa Beast was one of them. Purple Pupa Beasts were known for their bloodthirstiness… Of course, most space beasts were bloodthirsty.

Many great beings would have also recognized the strange, three-foot-long beast on Purple Pupa Beast's shoulder. It was Golden Horned Beast, one of the twelve pinnacle creatures of space beasts!

"Haha! Even my teacher is unable to recognize me," Luo Feng said with a smile. "Mosha body turned into the shape of a Purple Pupa Beast, and it didn't produce any aura."

Luo Feng stroked the Golden Horned Beast on his shoulder. "The world ring inside Mosha body was hiding Remote Ocean body, and Remote Ocean body emanated its force through the world ring…"

Luo Feng smiled. Other great beings would only sense the bloodthirsty ferocity when they witnessed Mosha body firsthand. His forceful presence rivaled that of a powerful universe knight.

The extent of a being's power was related to its godly body. The stronger the body, the stronger the power. Universe overlords were powerful because of the pinnacle or ultimate techniques they created. However, their power was similar to that of universe knights, which was why it was impossible to sense a universe overlord if he didn't voluntarily show his power.

Luo Feng's Remote Ocean body was 100 million times stronger than that of a sector lord, and because of its enormous size, its power was comparatively greater than many strong universe knights.

Of course… the power of Golden Horned Beast was even stronger! Although Golden Horned Beast was currently only around six feet long, he had already performed both Deities of the World and Beast God Transformation. Luo Feng had bought innumerable precious material to practice Deities of the World during the 80,000 years he had spent creating his ultimate techniques. After all, it wouldn't cost him much to practice as a sector lord.

Luo Feng had already been at a high status without his multiple treasures, and he could trade one of the treasures for many precious materials. He easily achieved the highest level of Deities of the World—36 times amplification. After finishing Deities of the World, his body could be easily enlarged and shrunk at will, and it wouldn't affect his power!

Deities of the World had amplification of 36 times, and the third level of Beast God Transformation had amplification of eight times… When they were combined, they could only give Golden Horned Beast's body an amplification of 45 times! However, if he performed his talent technique Strengthen, he could reach an amplification of 90 times!

My Mosha body emanated the force of Remote Ocean Body, and it's at the level of senior universe knights, Luo Feng thought. However, the force coming from Golden Horned Beast is much more powerful.

Luo Feng looked at the Golden Horned Beast on his shoulder, and the Golden Horned Beast looked at him as well. They exchanged eye contact.

"Haha…! Anyone who sees us will regard us as two great beings of the Space Beast Alliance."

Luo Feng smiled. There were nine superpowers in the universe, and they were the six alliances of the six pinnacle races, the Ancestral God School, the Northern Territory Alliance, and the Space Beast Alliance.

The six alliances and the Northern Territory Alliance fought fiercely against each other. As for the Ancestral God School and the Space Beast Alliance, they avoided confrontations. The Ancestral God School didn't fight for any territories, and the Space Beast Alliance was rarely seen. Even an ordinary Space Beast was a rare sight.

The land of Space Beast Alliance was a secret in the universe. Although some great beings of Space Beast Alliance could be seen under some special circumstances—such as the opening of original stars—few knew where the land of the Space Beast Alliance was.

A type of being that normally avoided battle and didn't fight for territories… It was the perfect disguise.

My human identity is renowned in the universe. In my own form, I am like a moving treasury on original stars. I'll definitely be hunted down by the various races. Luo Feng took a glance at his grey scales. This appearance won't attract much attention, and I won't be encircled by them.

After all, there were great beings of all races on original stars. They intimidated each other. They wouldn't attack others unless they could guarantee success, and the one known as Blade River Emperor—Luo Feng—was certainly tempting.

Two great beings of Space Beast, however, were not so easy to deal with.

Luo Feng looked at the distant place. There was a gigantic whirlpool among the hydromagnetic storms. It had a diameter of six billion miles. It was gleaming and twisting the space around him, and the pressure from the whirlpool could crush an ordinary undying fighter.

"A portal to original stars!" Luo Feng whispered.


Luo Feng stepped into the portal and flew inside. The deeper he got, the stronger the pressure became.

Hong! Long!

The pressure trembled the surrounding space, and Luo Feng disappeared deep in the portal.


A towering figure flew out of the whirlpool. Its bloodiness and fierceness were terrifying. However, there was a more ferocious force around him… Two forces emanated from the towering figure and the strange, somehow endearing beast.

"These are the original stars!" Luo Feng looked around. The whirlpool portal was behind him. "They're boundless."

Luo Feng could feel the pressure bearing down on him. It was far stronger than it had been on a neutron star or in Ice Hell.

Luo Feng landed in a forest. There were 10,081 original stars, and each of them was of the same size—a diameter of 60 billion miles! Space ripples were completely frozen on the original stars, and the pressure could annihilate ordinary undying fighters. The pressure trembled the space. In addition, God Country Transportation was not allowed here.

The star only had a diameter of 60 billion miles, which wasn't large to supreme beings… However, under such pressure, it would take Luo Feng a long time to boost his speed. Plus, under such great pressure, turning and changing speeds would be a clumsy affair. This place was like a domain coming out of a domain type true treasure.

"The pressure is enormous. Even my Mosha body with a life gene level of 100 times and strength ten million times greater than that of a sector lord finds it difficult to walk on original stars."

Luo Feng walked carefully with Golden Horned Beast lying on his shoulders. He walked out of the forest and arrived at the bottom of the mountain. There was a vast plain in front of him.

Luo Feng moved forward and carefully sensed the energy force surrounding him. According to the information gathered by Kuang Zhou Knight, sensing the energy force on original stars was the most popular way to find valuables among the great beings.


After a long while…


An energy ripple reached Luo Feng.

"It's there…"

Luo Feng turned around.


Luo Feng immediately sped up like a beam of light. However, the faster he got, the stronger the resistance became, and Mosha body clearly couldn't bear it.

"The resistance is so strong. Burn godly power now!"

Luo Feng started to burn a portion of his godly body. He sped up and reached sub-lightspeed instantly. He flew off into the distance. There was a boundless plain beneath him.

Luo Feng kept flying. After a short while, he saw five great beings fighting one another on the hills.


Luo Feng landed.

"Five universe knights," Luo Feng muttered. He saw someone from the demon race on one side. He was enormous and incredibly powerful. On the other side, there were beings of various other races. Luo Feng quickly speculated, If one of them is of the demon race, and the others are probably from Nine Territory Alliance.

There were nine superpowers in the universe, and there were twelve top powers. The twelve top powers were not necessarily inferior to the human alliance and demon alliance when it came to the number of races and universe knights. The only thing distinguished them from the superpowers was a universe supreme being!

There are six teams of great beings, Luo Feng though, looking around.

Apparently, many great beings were attracted to the fight, and there were six more spectators other than him. However, they were all watching from afar instead of meddling.

A beast with three heads transmitted its voice, calling out, "Prison race alliance, Crystal race alliance, and Ci Huan Alliance…! And there's a great being of the Space Beast Alliance, too. We've already got two of the three treasures. Let's go."

"Space Beast Alliance!" A being of the demon race with a turtle shell looked toward Luo Feng. "Let's go!"

Demon race was closely related to the Space Beast Alliance, and the demon race had always thought that space beasts belonged to the demon race.

Sou! Sou!

Two universe knights of the demon race left, and so did the other three universe knights of the Nine Territory Alliance.

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