Swallowed Star

Chapter 1035: This is the Force Armor!

Chapter 1035: This is the Force Armor!

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When Luo Feng received Force Armor, he, too, had a taste of its power. He connected to the virtual universe with his consciousness, as he wanted to inform his Master, True Yan Knight, that he would enter the Original Star.

In the virtual universe, near the boundless mountainside of Thunder Island, stood True Yan Knight's palaces. There were six figures sitting before the palaces, drinking wine while chatting loudly.

A burly, stout man with three horns on his head held up a strange wine bottle and took big gulps. "Rumor has it that on the vast plain of one original star, a splendid godly palace emerged out of the blue," he said. "In front of it, there was an ancient tablet that documented detailed information about a top-tier true treasure. With this true treasure, one can escape from enemies by teleporting or cut through layers of space easily while in battle… It is a superior true treasure that is good for escaping and attacking. This top-tier true treasure is called the 'Heavenly Gold Sail.'" He tutted and sighed. "The very next moment, three universe masters, 18 universe overloads, and more than 100 universe knights dashed into the palace. The doors shut quickly. And when it opened again six years later, the number of survivors was half the number who entered. Rumor has it that the Heavenly Gold Sail was eventually taken by a universe master of the Northern Territory Alliance."

The other five universe knights, including True Yan, jested in response.

"Really? Kuang Zhou Knight, don't make up more stories like you did before."

"If that really happened, why were we unaware of it?"

Kuang Zhou Knight glared so hard his eyes seemed to bulge out like little, round balls. "Make up stories? I did not—not now, not then."

"But previously, the news that you shared was about something that happened when the Original Star opened two cycles back," teased a werewolf knight whose body was covered in cyan hair.

"The Heavenly Gold Sail I just mentioned is a top-tier true treasure that had just made its first appearance when the Original Star opened this time!" Kuang Zhou Knight said, his eyes still wide open. "I have many good friends, and many of them who entered the Original Star this time came back with stories of all sorts. I just learned about the Heavenly Gold Sail today and immediately came to tell you all about it. And you think I'm bluffing? If you don't believe me, just wait and see. After a few years, news of the Heavenly Gold Sail will reach everyone. By then, you all will know the truth."

"Don't be angry, Kuang Zhou Knight. Tell us more about the birth of this top-tier true treasure."

"Yes, tell us more! Let me pour you more wine."

The other universe knights persuaded him with smiles.

Kuang Zhou Knight was appeased and downed the wine in his bottle in a single gulp. Then he held it out and said, "Fill this up. You are all too greedy. These top-tier true treasures… Every one of them is precious enough to drive universe masters crazy with desire—crazy to the extent that they are willing to kill one another." Kuang Zhou Knight shook his head with a sigh. "This time around, the Original Star has only been open for slightly over 100 years. How is it possible to have so many top-tier true treasures to talk about already? If even a few top-tier true treasures were to emerge, I'm afraid there are bound to be several universe masters killed."

Suddenly, the other universe knights turned to look at a faraway figure flying toward them.

"Everyone, take a look."

"Isn't that Blade River Emperor Luo Feng?"

"True Yan, your disciple is here."

Indeed, it was Luo Feng.

"I heard your disciple was in the territory of the Yan Shen race about a hundred years ago where he was hunted down by countless great beings of other races. But he managed to escape unscathed. True Yan, upon comparing techniques, at least his ability to escape is much stronger than yours."

"Of course, he is stronger than me," True Yan laughed. "He is a future pillar of support for the human race. His survival power must be superior."

While they were chatting, Luo Feng had made his way to where they sat.

"Teacher," Luo Feng greeted with a smile.

"Luo Feng, come, take a seat," True Yan said and pointed to a seat next to him.

Luo Feng laughed and sat down. He looked around at the other universe knights and acknowledged them with a smile. "Everyone else is here, too, I see."

An elderly who resembled a lion at first glance, because his body was covered with long hair, said with a smile, "We did not dare enter the Original Star when it first opened. We would like to hear more news about it, to get to know more about what is happening in the Original Star. Blade River Emperor, we heard about your intention to enter that Original Star. Why is it that you have yet to go?"

He had inferred as much because the moment one entered the Original Star, it was impossible to connect to the virtual universe.

Kuang Zhou Knight glowered. "How would you know whether Blade River Emperor has gone or not? Blade River Emperor has the talent of dividing himself into several bodies. Maybe he has left one body in the human race domain. That way, he would be able to enter the virtual universe anytime."

"That makes sense."

"Kuang Zhou Knight makes a lot of sense!"

The others laughed loudly. Some looked over at Luo Feng and said, "Blade River Emperor, have you been to the Original Star?"

"Not yet." Luo Feng smiled. "But really soon. I am here to inform my master. Then I will enter the Original Star."

"Immediately?" True Yan Knight was slightly taken aback.

"Blade River Emperor, who is going in with you?" the werewolf knight asked. "You are not going alone, are you?"

Luo Feng nodded. "I am going alone."

Everyone began objecting.

"That is too dangerous!"

"There were numerous senior universe knights being killed! Blade River Emperor, it is better for you to form alliances with other great beings."

Luo Feng laughed and said, "No worries. I am just going to accumulate experience."

Kuang Zhou Knight looked at Luo Feng through his bell-shaped eyes. "Well, I have some detailed information about the Original Star, including all kinds of things that have happened over the past hundred years. I like making friends. This allows me to collect all kinds of information. I may not know the most, but I definitely rank in the top three on that list! I shall provide you with the information later. Before you enter, take a good look and understand everything that roams within each original star."

Luo Feng was thankful. "That is just so gracious of Kuang Zhou Knight."

"Kuang Zhou Knight does know a lot of things and has a plethora of information," True Yan Knight agreed, smiling.

"But Blade River Emperor," Kuang Zhou Knight continued, his eyes still wide open, "the more knowledge I collect, the more I realize how much danger lurks on the original stars. There is no law and order there to keep it in check. Initially, it may seem peaceful. However, when true treasures start to emerge, there will be much commotion. Supreme beings will come forth to fight for the right to claim them. The weaker ones will be eliminated in no time. The way I see it, with that power of yours… and the many true treasures in your possession… you are bound to attract the attention of the jealous great beings of other races. Your chances of survival may not be more than 10 percent."

"10 percent? Are you sure?"

The other universe knights shook their heads. "Luo Feng has the talent technique Domain. How can you say his chance of survival does not exceed 10 percent?"

Thanks to escaping death while being hunted down by a horde of universe great beings, Luo Feng had earned himself quite a reputation. Still, Luo Feng was taken aback. Were his chances really that low?

"Is it because of the universe masters?" Luo Feng frowned. "Universe masters are strong, of course. More than half of those gathered on the Original Star this time around are said to be universe masters. But there are few of them, and they are scattered across all the 10,081 original stars. There won't be any universe masters on the majority of the original stars. The chances of running into one are low."

"I am saying that your chance of survival is low because of the environment inside the original stars, not because of the universe masters," Kuang Zhou Knight explained. "Every original star can only be so big, and there are so many senior universe knights and universe overlords gathered in the stars... But once your location is exposed, the others will immediately plan their counterattack against your talent technique Domain… Hence, you will not be able to escape. And eventually, you will be killed."

Luo Feng gave a slight nod. That was true. As had been pointed out to him before, a trump card revealed was no longer a trump card at all. Domain's powers may have been out of this world, but that did not make him invincible. If a few universe overlords with malicious intentions worked together, it wouldn't be difficult to defeat him. There were even some universe overlords with first-rate techniques strong enough to solve problems single-handedly.

"It is best that you have a partner," Kuang Zhou Knight warned. "Complement one another so that when there is danger, both of you can depend on your talent technique Domain to escape. Some kinds of danger require the help of a partner to withstand."

"Thank you, Kuang Zhou Knight," Luo Feng said with a smile.

"The information has been sent to you," Kuang Zhou Knight said.

The next moment, Luo Feng received an email. The attached file contained an extensive amount of detailed information in the form of text, pictures, and video clips about various events that had happened during the hundred years or more since the opening of the Original Star.

Luo Feng sighed inwardly. Luckily… he had obtained his Force Armor!

With Force Armor, it is as if I am carrying a fortress with me, Luo Feng thought. Together with the power of my Mosha body to transform and replicate the shape and aura of other beings, who could recognize me as Blade River Emperor, Luo Feng?

Back in his God Country, his original earthling body and Golden Horned Beast body had tried on the Force Armor and had each felt its power. The situation coincided with the information he acquired as to what would happen the moment the Force Armor recognized its master.

Luo Feng could not help but marvel… Force Armor was truly a supreme true treasure! He could understand why a supreme being such as Flame Emperor would resort to such underhand means to hold on to it. Luo Feng guessed that Force Armor might even be more powerful than Thousand Treasure River.

Force Armor was refined and made according to Sitting Mountain Guest's design. It was a true treasure in the form of a unique set of armor and was very different from the other true treasures Luo Feng knew of.

To control true treasures like the Shi Wu Wings and Golden King Armor—as well as treasures like Ancient Boat Galaxy—required one to have a very high law comprehension, even someone like Luo Feng could only achieve the second forms of Shi Wu Wings and Golden King Armor. As for Ancient Boat Galaxy, he was still unable to unleash its full potential.

But Force Armor was entirely different! Soldier, general, king, and emperor armor were all unrelated to law comprehension. Instead, they were dependent on bodily strength. Force Armor was the same way; it was dependent on bodily strength. If the godly body was not strong enough, it would be useless even if one had high law comprehension. If the godly body was strong, nothing would go wrong even if one had low law comprehension.

Force Armor had three different forms. The first form required 100 million times the strength of a sector lord for activation. Once activated, it could block off and weaken the force of material attacks to 1/1,000, soul attacks would be weakened to only 1/10, and the user would gain strength equal to 100 million times that of a sector lord.

The second form required 100 billion times the strength of a sector lord for activation. Once activated, it could block off and weaken the force of material attacks to 1/10,000, soul attacks would be weakened to 1/10, and the user would gain strength equal to one trillion times that of a sector lord.

The third form required 100 trillion times the strength of a sector lord for activation. Once activated, it could block off and weaken the force of material attacks to 1/100,000, soul attacks would be weakened to 1/10, and the user would gain strength equal to 100 trillion times that of a sector lord.

This was an extremely powerful life-saving true treasure. Once a universe master burned up his godly body to activate it, he would be able to activate the third form. With this form, any material attacks by super true treasures of other universe masters were rendered futile! Material attacks would pose no threat at all!

These effects only applied as long as one was not facing off against a more powerful attack-based true treasure, such as supreme true treasures. Should such a supreme true treasure appear in the Original Star, a heated fight among numerous universe masters would occur. For one or two universe masters to lose their lives in the fray was nothing out of the norm.

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