Swallowed Star

Chapter 1032: The Original Star Opened

Chapter 1032: The Original Star Opened

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Many supreme beings rushed to hunt Luo Feng. However, those who tried to hunt him all failed after Luo Feng performed his talent technique Domain. As for those who arrived late, they couldn't even begin to chase him after him because he was already deep in the space-sealed area. They all gave up.

Yet, at the same time… Luo Feng's secret technique Domain went public. The great beings who chased Luo Feng all knew about it and spread the news. Many great beings of other races were stunned by the news that Blade River Emperor had such an exceptional skill.

Pei Feng Knight was furious after learning about Domain. "He dared to look down on me! He didn't even perform that technique when I attacked him. He didn't even fight with all his strength! Well-played, Blade River… Why did he dodge it again! Why is it so difficult for him to die?"

Bark Mirror Emperor was exasperated after realizing this. He roared so hard that the walls of his room cracked.


While the other races were shocked, the human race was thrilled. The talent technique Domain was bestowed by the universe and couldn't be gained by practice alone.

"Blade River Emperor will be able to survive for a long time with this technique."

"As long as he doesn't meet any universe masters, he'll be able to survive!"

"Talent technique Domain is indeed incredible, and many universe knights aren't able to deal with it. However, some still have extraordinary skills. For instance, the most powerful World Tree is already able to control space and time as well as a universe master. There are other special life forms who can suppress the talent technique Domain."


Through the virtual universe, Luo Feng learned about the discussions outside, which made him further realize that the only way to win respect from other great beings was power!

Many universe knights concluded that Luo Feng going to the Original Star meant he was rushing to his own death. After they witnessed him performing his talent technique Domain, however, the number of naysayers declined in number.

Domain is only used for escape, thought Luo Feng. In the Original Star, one must fight for true treasures. Fleeing is not enough. Force Armor… I must have it.

Compared to Force Armor, the talent technique Domain was nothing. Force Armor was an item desired by supreme beings like Flame Emperor. Even Primal Chaos City Leader was willing to fight to the death for a true treasure like that.


Ten years passed.

At the top of Thunder Island stood Primal Chaos City Leader. "Luo Feng. The Original Star will be opened tomorrow. I heard that you're going, too?"

"Yes, teacher," Luo Feng said, standing behind Primal Chaos City Leader.

"What's your plan?" Primal Chaos City Leader asked. "Who do you want to team up with? Did you invite some great beings?"

"No," Luo Feng replied.

"If you want to team up with someone, I can help," Primal Chaos City Leader said. "You're still relatively weak. Senior universe knights often find some great beings to help them and give them a higher chance of survival. You should also find some suitable great beings to help you."

"Team up with whom?" Luo Feng shook his head. "Senior universe knights can't help me much. As for universe overlords, even if they say yes, it'll be because of you, and from the bottom of their hearts, they'll believe that I'm dragging them back. I'd better go there by myself."

"You're thinking of doing this… by yourself?" Primal Chaos City Leader was startled.

"I just want to go there to broaden my horizons," said Luo Feng. I'll be careful."

"That's right, you have your Bloody Sea." Primal Chaos City Leader nodded. "It's all in your hands. But, Luo Feng, why would you go to the lands of the Flame God Race and perform your talent technique Domain? A revealed trump card is no longer a trump card. If the enemies wish to attack you, they'll prepare for this technique. You need to make sure that it's the only option before you show your trump card."

"I understand," Luo Feng said. "I decided to go there because of something private."

"Something private?"

Primal Chaos City Leader glanced at Luo Feng. "Then I won't ask any further questions. However, I must remind you that the lands of the Flame God Race belong to Flame Emperor, who is one of the top-tier universe masters. He was as talented and exceptional as you. If you've done some research, you'll know that Flame Emperor is a human. He was beyond exceptional. He never failed, and nobody at his level could rival him. He never failed…! And he respected nobody! He's a fearless great being. However, he also believed that nobody could suppress him, and he got too ambitious. He couldn't live with being under others." Primal Chaos City Leader shook his head.

Luo Feng listened quietly. Too ambitious and couldn't live with being under others…?

"To top it all off, something's wrong with his mental state!" said Primal Chaos City Leader. "He only remembers how others have wronged him. He cannot remember the good that others do for him!" Primal Chaos City Leader shook his head. "After becoming a universe knight, he grew ever more arrogant and tyrannical. And he was extremely selfish!"

"Extremely selfish?" said Luo Feng.

"He dared to attack universe masters within his own race!" Primal Chaos City Leader exclaimed. "He attacked them for their valuables! Gigantic Axe Founder decided to punish him by imprisoning him, but little did he expect that Flame Emperor had betrayed us humans with beings from his hometown. It was a great joke to the rest of the universe!"

Luo Feng was startled.

"He's indeed a genius!" Primal Chaos City Leader exclaimed. "And every time I see you, it's like seeing him. We human cultivated him, but he turned his back on us. Every time there was a war between the races, he grew crueler toward us humans." Chao City Leader shook his head. "Luo Feng, if he attacks you, just summon me, and I'll be there instantly."

"Okay." Luo Feng nodded.

Luo Feng was stunned to realize what his second brother was really like.

Selfish? thought Luo Feng, recalling everything he had been through. Yeah… He's selfish, all right. Force Armor was left by Master Zuo Shan Ke to me, but he tried to keep it.


On the second day, the Original Star opened! It was a massive party for the billions of races in the universe! Of course, the undying fighters didn't know of it, as it was a killing festival for the supreme beings…

Though Luo Feng was in the territory of the Flame God Race and couldn't see the opening of the portal to the Original Star, he could still watch the scene through the virtual universe… The power from the opening of each portal was more terrific than that of universe masters.

Various groups flooded into the Original Star. 10,081 portals were distributed throughout the universe.

Supreme beings from all the superpowers, made up of billions of races in the universe, flew into the portal and entered the Original Star.

10,081 original stars… The slaughter was about to begin!

"The universe takes care of me," said Flame Emperor. "Force Armor is about to be taken by my third brother, and I have to hand it over because of Master Zuo Shan Ke. Perhaps I can get better true treasures."

Flame Emperor walked into a portal to original stars and landed on one.


The biological spaceship traveled through the mist. Luo Feng had a simple life, spending most of his time on space law and the beast god path. Luo Feng had already fully comprehended the second mystery of space law, Seal, during the 80,000 years of creating ultimate techniques.

As for the third one, Strangle, he was close. One could become a universe knight after completing the comprehension of all three mysteries and combining them as one. Apparently, Luo Feng needed a long time.

"It's cruel in the original stars."

Although Luo Feng didn't go, he watched some footage taken by some great beings who made it out. Original stars were closest to the land of origin in the universe. They were stars full of valuables! And they were filled with hazards!

It was the first place Luo Feng knew of that couldn't connect to the virtual universe!

"My decision was a wise one," he said. "Without the Force Armor, I can only flee with my power."

To Luo Feng, he went through a peaceful 100 years, yet on the original stars, twelve large-scale battles took place because of the valuables. Hundreds of universe knights and more than 20 universe overlords died during those wars, but all the universe masters survived.

Of course, all the superpowers were excited by the slaughtering. The more precious the valuables were, the more great beings they were willing to send out.

"The footage isn't even clear." Luo Feng shook his head. "The level of the slaughter there is apocalyptic, and there's no way to record the battles clearly. Shame. None of the battles have anything to do with me."

Luo Feng stood in the control room and watched the three lands in the distance through the virtual scene. They were the inhabitants of the Flame God Race. Although he finally saw the lands, he was still so distant from them. It took him another month to get to the border.

A silver-armored undying warrior flew towards him. His eyes glinted furiously.

"This is the territory of the Flame God Race. How dare you come here, human!"


Luo Feng frowned. Godly force permeated from him, suppressing the undying fighter of Flame God Race.

"Flame Emperor! I've arrived at your territory!" Luo Feng shouted, looking at the main palace surrounded by the three lands. "Show yourself!"

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