Swallowed Star

Chapter 1031: One Strike, All Out

Chapter 1031: One Strike, All Out

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Flame Emperor watched what was happening hundreds of light years away, thinking that everything was under his control.

Meanwhile, Luo Feng looked at the giant sand whirlpool that surrounded him. It was hundreds of miles high, and the sand was thick and dense. Each individual grain was weak, but when numerous grains were combined, they were strong enough to make Luo Feng feel strangled.

"Mosha body," said Luo Feng, holding onto a stone in his left hand.


The stone vanished in an instant.

Hong! Long!

The giant sand whirlpool enshrouded Luo Feng. In an instant, he was smashed to pieces. The very next instant, he was strangled to death, reduced to naught.

"Human Blade River is dead! Dead! His true treasure is mine!" Ma Sha Knight exclaimed from afar.

Ma Sha Knight was overwhelmed with excitement, anticipating what he would have when he got hold of the true treasures. It had not occurred to him that the true treasures would not be so easily obtainable. There were at least six true treasures. Did he really think that obtaining them would be such a breeze?

"Ah!" Ma Sha Knight let out a high-pitched, ferocious roar. "Where is my true treasure? The true treasures! Where are they?"

No matter how he scoured the sand, there was not a single true treasure to be found.


In the distance, the figure of a youth in golden armor appeared. Demon Wing Leader and Frog the Wise both looked over.

"Luo Feng! Blade River Emperor Luo Feng!"

"There he is! One moment, he was surrounded and attacked by countless grains of sand. The next moment, he is tens of thousands of miles away? Could it be teleportation? But within the confinement of sealed space, it is impossible to teleport!"

Ma Sha Knight stared at the faraway Luo Feng in disbelief. Luo Feng had not died. "Human Blade River!" he growled. "Die!"

Countless grains of sand from all around flew toward Luo Feng in a wicked flurry.


Luo Feng vanished into thin air. Instantly, he reappeared tens of thousands of miles away.

Zoom! Zoom! Zoom! Zoom! Zoom! Zoom! Zoom! Zoom!

Luo Feng flashed about at a crazy speed. In the blink of an eye, he was already thousands of miles away.

"This is not teleportation—it is his talent technique," Frog the Wise said with a slight frown. "It is a space type talent technique, Domain…! We are in trouble."

Demon Wing Leader curled his body and spread his wings, then turned back to look at the fuming Ma Sha Knight. He sneered. "Old Frog, out of the three of us, Ma Sha Knight must be the most disappointed. Even with a domain type true treasure, Luo Feng was still able to escape… With his talent technique, Luo Feng will be able to escape from anyone below the rank of a universe master. Only a handful of universe overlords may be able to hold him back."

Frog the Wise nodded.

Domain was a technique by which one first merged with space, then transformed into a godly body. No matter how Ma Sha Knight manipulated his true treasure to launch attacks, the moment Luo Feng merged with space, it would be easy to dodge the attacks. Of course, the situation would be different if the opponent was a universe master.

A universe master was able to fully control space and time! Everything in this space and time would be controlled. Even when merged with this space, anyone could be forcefully kicked out. However, Ma Sha Knight, Frog the Wise, and Demon Wing Leader could not achieve this.

"Damn, damn, damn it!" roared Ma Sha Knight.

Watching Luo Feng make his escape with just one technique Domain—yet being unable to do anything about it—was enough to make Ma Sha Knight feel helpless. He could only roar with fury. Frog the Wise and Demon Wing Leader watched the entire episode with amusement. Ma Sha Knight wheeled on them angrily.

"Neither of you got anything either!" Ma Sha Knight fumed. "What is there to gloat over?"

"Ma Sha Knight, you are a universe overlord, and look at what a scene you have made," Frog the Wise said, grinning. "Demon Wing Leader and I are not gloating. The three of us went after Blade River Emperor Luo Feng together, and both of us truly believed that you would be most hopeful in succeeding. We did not hold high hopes, and without expectations, we naturally would not feel disappointed. But you are different… You were so close to obtaining the true treasures, yet you did not expect Luo Feng to still have a hidden card up his sleeve? That is why a true treasure has again slipped through your fingers. This agony… Haha. We can empathize."

"Hahaha…" Demon Wing Leader let out a deep laugh. "Go," he called out. "Old Frog."

Frog the Wise nodded with a smile, then together with Demon Wing Leader, accelerated quickly and reached the speed of light within an instant. Both entered the dark universe and left.

"Damn it! Bastard! Idiot! Aaah!" Ma Sha Knight shouted, his handsome features twisted with anger.

Although Ma Sha Knight was a high and mighty universe overlord, it did not mean he could not get angry. There were not many things that anger make beings at his level. This time, he was within reach of obtaining at least six true treasures like the soul type true treasure and flying-palace true treasure, and for everything to come to naught all of a sudden, the contrast was too agonizing and infuriating for Ma Sha Knight to bear.

"Blade River!" Ma Sha Knight gritted his teeth and let out an angry roar. Then he too entered the dark universe and left.


Yan Shen race had three palaces surrounded by land. In the main palace, Ba Feng Knight was careful not to utter a single word. At that moment, he knew Flame Emperor was seething with anger.

Flame Emperor stared into space with a cold look. Ripples of images appeared to show Luo Feng's advances as he relied on his talent technique Domain.

Very well, my dear third brother… I have underestimated you, Flame Emperor thought, looking at the image with indifference.

"Flame Emperor, what should we do now?" Ba Feng Knight finally spoke up after he sensed that Flame Emperor's anger had subsided.

"Do you have any way to kill him?" Flame Emperor asked, looking at Ba Feng Knight.

"If he is bent on escaping, there is no way I can stop him," Ba Feng Knight said, shaking his head. "This talent technique Domain can only be owned by some unique life forms that have excellent hiding and fleeing skills. It is said that within the Mosha race, only a handful have such power. Although these life forms do not have outstanding fighting abilities, their survival abilities are quite strong."

"Wait," Flame Emperor said. He looked into space. "Right now, there is a continuous stream of great beings of other races making their way here. There are universe overlords, senior universe knights, and more. Who knows? There might be someone able to stop this human Blade River Emperor."

Ba Feng Knight listened obediently, but in his heart, he was confused. Is there a need for Flame Emperor to be so determined to kill this Blade River Emperor Luo Feng? If he really wanted to kill Luo Feng, he could have done the deed by himself. If he did so, he could have annihilated Blade River Emperor Luo Feng with a snap of fingers. Yet up until now, he made no move and merely paid close attention… So strange!


In the Yan Shen Secret Region, Luo Feng gave full play to his talent technique Domain for quite some time, then he boarded his planet ship and continued to advance.

"Second brother, the moment you sealed the space and hid the dark universe coordinates, your younger brother guessed your intentions." Luo Feng held his wine glass. "So earlier on, I arranged for a servant to take my many true treasures back to the human domain under the guise of my Golden Horned Beast body. Original earthling body, Mosha body, and Remote Ocean body… From true treasure to valuable, these three bodies do not possess a single piece. Even if they were to fail, at the very most, I would only be wasting a little energy."

Luo Feng sneered. He was no fool. Knowing that Flame Emperor would not give up the Force Armor easily, there was no way he would subject any of his true treasures like Tower Pearl and Shi Wu Wings to such risk. Upon learning that his Golden Horned Beast body had brought his true treasures back to the human domain, he was able to face up to all obstacles without worries.

During the earlier attack by Ma Sha Knight's domain type true treasure, his original earthling body was annihilated, but the Mosha body was able to escape with the World Ring. The Remote Ocean body was hidden within the World Ring, and with the godly power of the Remote Ocean body, the annihilated original earthling body was recovered to its original form.

"This time, I have revealed my greatest trump card for escape—talent technique Domain!" Luo Feng squinted. "My teacher, Primal Chaos City Leader, once said that this technique Domain is only second to the skills of universe masters. Otherwise, the chance of escaping is almost 100 percent. Now that I have revealed this technique, I must obtain Force Armor…! Force Armor, you will be mine!"

Luo Feng looked out into space and surmised that Flame Emperor would be observing his every move.

"What is mine will be mine," he said. "No matter how hard you try, you cannot keep it!" Luo Feng gave a crooked smile.


Following the arrival of the earliest batch of universe overlords—the trio consisting of Demon Wing Leader—superpowers of all kinds like universe overlords and senior universe knights came flocking from faraway domains in a flurry. With techniques like God Country Transportation and teleportation, they rushed to the territory of the Yan Shen race as fast as they could. The number was increasing tremendously.

Luo Feng had ventured deep within the domain of sealed space, so the other great beings were unable to keep up with him. So Flame Emperor shrank the domain of sealed space by another 100 light years. This way, the others in pursuit would be able to catch up with Luo Feng easily.

Second brother, how shameless you can be, Luo Feng thought with a sneer.


This time, Luo Feng showed no trace of hesitation. First, he teleported directly to the border of the domain of sealed space. Then, with his talent technique Domain, he penetrated his way into the sealed space by speedy and continuous flashes. The moment the fastest great being of another race caught up, Luo Feng would have put a couple hundred miles between them.

The talent technique Domain was enough to convince several great beings in pursuit to give up, and when Luo Feng had penetrated into the deeper region of the sealed space, other great beings who arrived later would not even have the chance to fight him.


"A bunch of trash!"

Flame Emperor madly surveyed the images before him. At that moment, his rage was unleashed without restraint. The entire palace seemed to have fallen into a burning furnace.

Ba Feng Knight stood by his side, filled with fear. He did not understand why Flame Emperor was fuming over the fact that Luo Feng was not killed.

Flame Emperor swept a look in his direction. "Take your leave."

"Yes," Ba Feng Knight said respectfully. Then, stepping into the blurry red light, he left.

"Trash, trash, a bunch of trash!" Flame Emperor seethed. He had not felt such anger in a long time.

Ambushing Luo Feng had failed, which meant Luo Feng would be taking Force Armor away. This made him furious.

"Third brother, take your time," Flame Emperor said coldly. "You still need over 100 years of flying to get here."

He had shrunk the domain of sealed space twice. With the status of a high and mighty universe master, and with the matter implicating Sitting Mountain Guest and Force Armor, he could not help losing his cool. Shrinking the sealed space twice in a row was, after all, a despicable thing to do.

The Original Star is about to open, Flame Emperor thought. I shall enter the Original Star for a round of battle. Maybe I will be able to find a true treasure that is comparable to the Force Armor.

However, he knew that the chances were extremely low. Flame Emperor had experienced many openings of the Original Star and had obtained quite a handful of true treasures. However, most of them were ordinary ones. Even the senior true treasures were few and far between, and there were no top-tier true treasures to speak of. Of course, through his ventures in other domains, killings, and fighting, he had paid dearly to be able to obtain a single top-tier true treasure—his Black Armor—as a backup plan. But Black Armor, when compared to Force Armor… The two were on completely different levels.


Flame Emperor sat on his throne and looked into the vast space. Then he closed his eyes and silently waited for the Original Star to open. When it came to Luo Feng, he was at his wits' end. After all, Sitting Mountain Guest was a deterrent preventing him from going overboard.

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