Swallowed Star

Chapter 1029: Flame Emperor

Chapter 1029: Flame Emperor

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Flame Emperor led the Flame God Race out of the human race and found a remote territory far away from the human territory to live and breed. After many eons, Flame God Race became much stronger, and together with Flame Emperor's invincible power, nobody dared to mess with the Flame God Race.

The territories of Flame God Race and the human race were extremely distant from each other, but the Flame God Race would often enter the outer-domain battlefield, joining other groups to fight against the humans.

"I obtained some pieces of armors before, and they're all in the garbage dump after the war." Luo Feng stood on the deck of Ancient Boat Galaxy and gazed out into space. "The Flame God Race has already detached from the human race, but they still cooperate with the bug race, the demon race, and automaton race to fight the humans. It seems there's a feud between them and the human race."

Technically, the Flame God Race had belonged to the humans before. Now that they had left the human race, there was no need for them to continue the fight. However, the information Luo Feng had obtained in the virtual universe, along with the armor pieces he had found in the dump pile, indicated that the Flame God Race was hostile toward the human race!

Flame Emperor is a universe master cultivated by master Zuo Shan Ke, thought Luo Feng, and he has two powerful true treasures: Flame God Halberd and Original Soul. He's definitely much more powerful than Master of Sky Wolf. However, even if he exited the human race, he didn't dare to go against master Zuo Shan Ke.


Luo Feng waved his hands, and Ancient Boat Galaxy immediately shrank to the size of a date pit and fell into his palm.

"I'll go and see this second brother of mine."

Luo Feng teleported himself toward the lair of the Flame God Race.


The Flame God Race lived on three vast continents. The smallest of the three had a diameter of over one light year, and the largest one had a diameter of more than three light years. The three of them surrounded each other. In the central space of the lands floated towering palaces, and there were endless fires around the palaces, burning black, purple, white, green and blue…

Undying warriors were walking in the hallway and on the square. Sometimes, they would look to the tallest main palace at the center with veneration. All the warriors of the Flame God Race were tall, robust, and aggressive-looking. The shorter ones were 25 feet tall, while the taller ones were over 30 feet tall. There were scales covering their skins, and each had a single horn between set between their eyebrows. Their hands and feet looked like those of earthlings' but thicker and covered in scales.


Inside the main palace, a towering being sat on the throne. It was almost 6,000 miles tall, and the air exhaled from its nose burned the space around him. His black horn seemed to pierce the sky, and he was covered in black scales. He tapped on the handrail and gazed out into space. He saw the shadow of Luo Feng flying toward him in the distance.

"Such a strong force."

"There's a guest in the secret region of my Flame God Race," the towering figure whispered.

He was a universe master… Ordinary universe knights were already able to sense faraway space ripples, but universe masters who were able to completely control space and time were able to detect all the space ripples within tens of millions of lightyears around him! As long as he wanted, space and time were like his horns that could spread.

"Let's see who the guest is."

The towering being looked afar and saw through everything blocking his sight. A black-haired young man was flying toward him.


The force of the towering being on the throne trembled, shaking the surrounding space.

"Third brother…" the towering being murmured. "I knew you'd come here after becoming undying. Taking True Yan as your teacher and Primal Chaos City Leader as your teacher… Third brother, why are you so connected to the human race? Have you forgotten that your homeland, Earth, was robbed by the human race? Don't you know that they treat you well because they want you to sacrifice for them?"

He shook his head. "I'm sorry. I won't allow a true treasure like 'Force Armor' to fall into human hands." The towering being smiled. "Without Master Zuo Shan Ke's order, you will never get the Force Armor."

"Master Zuo Shan Ke." Flame God felt intimidated even mentioning that name. The more powerful he got, the more he realized how remarkable Zuo Shan Ke was.

Zuo Shan Ke had given Flame Emperor the "Original Soul," the "Flame God Halberd," and "Force Armor." He left Force Armor in Flame Emperor's place only temporarily.

After becoming a universe master with three super true treasures, there was almost no one whom he needed to be afraid of! He wasn't afraid of Primal Chaos City Leader or Meng Tuo Master. Although the pinnacle beings among the universe masters were able to suppress him, they couldn't kill him! The only ones who were capable of killing him were the universe supreme masters.

All the universe supreme masters were incredibly powerful. They were able to change laws and completely control a certain area. However, the universe law suppressed them from being too powerful, and that was why they could only manifest power slightly stronger than Primal Chaos City Leader and Meng Tuo master.

"That Gigantic Axe Founder didn't dare anger me because of his relationship with the human race," muttered Flame Emperor. "However, Master Zuo Shan Ke has all sorts of skills, and everyone who messed with him ended up being crushed." Flame Emperor's eyes gleamed coldly. "Besides, he's always been alone, and he knows all my trump cards. If we fight, I'll…"

Zuo Sha Ke was the only one in the universe that Flame Emperor feared.

"Besides, even I can't control the Force Armor completely."

Flame Emperor stroked his arms, and a transparent suit of armor appeared on top of his scales. There were intricate engravings constantly changing on it.

"Zuo Shan Ke was the best at creating true treasures. The Force Armor was created for my third brother, and thus all the other great beings aren't able to make it recognize them as their owners. Even though I'm able to do that, I can only wield a part of its power."

Like Tower Pearl… Anyone who tried would die! Although the Force Armor was not that extreme, the other great beings wouldn't utilize it at all. Even Flame Emperor was only able to partially utilize it.

"Although I'm only able to wield a portion of its power, it's still better than lots of top-tier true treasures." Flame Emperor caressed the transparent armor and looked at the shadow in the distance. He smiled and whispered, "Third brother, if you can arrive here and get to see me, I'll follow the order from Zuo Shan Ke and hand it to you. However, the prerequisite is for you to see me, or you at least need to arrive at the dwelling place of Flame God Race!"

As long as Luo Feng didn't arrive—didn't get the chance to tell the undying fighters within Flame God Race of his intentions—then Flame Emperor could pretend to know nothing! However, if Luo Feng couldn't even make it to the land of the Flame God Race to see the seniors within the Flame God Race, Flame Emperor could pretend not to know about it.

"Hehe. You want the Force Armor now? Wait until you become a universe knight. Your power is not even strong enough to get to the land of Flame God Race."

Flame Emperor abruptly stood up, left his throne room, and walked outside of the palace. Flame Emperor knew Zuo Shan Ke's personality, as everything he did could be tolerated by Zuo Shan Ke.

"Seal!" Flame Emperor muttered.

The space ripples hundreds of light years around his centered became completely sealed.

"The space coordinates of the Flame God Race are already concealed, but I'll add some further security to that. Even if you ask Primal Chaos City Leader to help you crack it, it'll take some time."

Flame Emperor smiled and flew into the dark universe at lightspeed.


Sou! Sou! Sou!

Luo Feng teleported himself continuously as he approached the land of the Flame God Race.

Almost there! Luo Feng thought.

"Huh?" Luo Feng said, suddenly stopping to look at the space in front of him. Star fragments floated before him. "The space ripples here are completely locked? Why?"

Within the Five-Color Aurora Lake, great beings are unable to teleport themselves, thought Luo Feng, and teleportation is only allowed in certain areas on Bauhinia Island. In some of the vital places of human territory, like the Primal Region, teleportation is also forbidden. Does this apply to Flame God Race also?

Universe masters were able to sculpt law engravings on some gigantic special buildings and drove them with specific crystals like Flame God Origin Crystals, by which they were able to maintain the effect of Space Seal. They could also accomplish that by using some true treasures.

"But if he did that, beings of Flame God Race also couldn't teleport themselves." Luo Feng frowned. "Did my second brother seal the space deliberately?"


Luo Feng sensed something going on behind him. He waved his wings, and a beam of light flashed behind him and reached the dark universe at lightspeed.

Luo Feng flew in the dark universe and arrived at the land of Flame God Race. At least, he thought he did.

"Where are the coordinates? Where are the coordinates of the lands of Flame God Race?"

Luo Feng held the locator on his left hand. The coordinates on the screen kept changing, and the coordinates at the center completely disappeared.

Luo Feng was stupefied. This was even more brilliant than the way Hu Yan Bo had hidden the coordinates in the dark universe.

"You are simply devious…" Luo Feng whispered. "You hid the coordinates in the dark universe and sealed the space! Which means I can only fly there. Hundreds of light years… Even if I fly there at lightspeed, it'll take me hundreds of years to arrive."

Luo Feng now realized that his second brother Flame Emperor had done this on purpose. He was clearly reluctant to return the Force Armor.

However, although he hid the universe coordinates and sealed the space, he didn't come here to attack me, Luo Feng thought, It seems that he doesn't dare go against Zuo Shan Ke directly.

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