Swallowed Star

Chapter 1025: Supreme Council Meeting

Chapter 1025: Supreme Council Meeting

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Luo Feng and True Yan Knight exchanged eye contact; they had both received the email from the virtual universe system at the same time.

"I've never been to a supreme council meeting," True Yan Knight said.

"Same." Luo Feng smiled. "Let's go!"

They both connected to the virtual universe with their minds.


"Go to Pantheon Mountain," Luo Feng whispered in his palace.

Pantheon Sanctuary on Pantheon Mountain was where the supreme council meeting was held.

Since the supreme council meeting was being held today, Pantheon Mountain would open automatically when the virtual universe system sent the notifications through email. It was, however, normally closed.

Clouds surrounded the mountains. One great being showed up after another, including Luo Feng and True Yan Knight. Some universe knights greeted Luo Feng warmly when he showed up.

"Blade River."

"Luo Feng."

"Luo Feng."

"Nine Flames, Thunder." Luo Feng greeted them one by one. He was close with quite a few human universe knights.

"Luo Feng, Bark Mirror Emperor has brought you lots of trouble after being revived," a winged man said with a smile. "A soul type true treasure and a flying palace type true treasure… Perhaps they will attract lots of universe overlords of other races. You need to be careful in the future."

Luo Feng said, "It is indeed a bit tricky, but if those other races want to kill me, they need to decide whether they're powerful enough to do that or not. They'll stay away unless they want to be killed by me."

The winged man held the wineglass. "It's a wonder you're able to remain calm even under such circumstances. It's clear to see where Blade River gets his reputation!"

"Stop making fun of me, Bloody Wing." Luo Feng smiled and shook his head.

Although Luo Feng had met quite a few universe knights, most of them were only acquaintances. Only a few of them were his actual friends. Bloody Wing Knight was one of them! Bloody Wing Knight was known for his aloofness, but Luo Feng and Bloody Wing Knight enjoyed each other's company.

"To be honest," Bloody Wing Knight said, lowering his voice, "the news revealed by Bark Mirror Emperor was indeed surprising. If I belonged to the other races, I would try to attack you."

"I understand." Luo Feng nodded.

"Look around!" Bloody Wing Knight said.

Luo Feng glanced around and saw more than 1,000 universe knights nearby, and there were more in the distance. Some of those he didn't know looked at him significantly—as if they had been talking about him. However, Luo Feng couldn't hear the others' conversations, just as the others couldn't hear his conversation with Bloody Wing Knight.

"I bet many universe knights are talking about you," Bloody Wing Knight said. "Especially those you don't know. Many of them are jealous of you."

"Jealous?" Luo Feng was surprised.

"There are two groups of beings on Pantheon Mountain," Bloody Wing Knight explained. "One is here, and those who gather here are four-starred, five-starred and six-starred great beings. They have the power of 'elementary universe knights,' 'secondary universe knights,' and 'senior universe knights,' respectively. The other place is where the seven-starred overlords and universe masters gather."

Luo Feng nodded. Indeed, he didn't see any universe overlord around him.

"The most powerful ones gathering here are at my level, senior universe knights," Bloody Wing Knight continued. "Few senior universe knights have a true treasure, whereas secondary universe knights and elementary universe knights don't have any. Usually, universe overlords have several true treasures. As for you, Luo Feng… You're indeed exceptional, but you still can't compare with universe overlords! Yet you have six true treasures! And two of them are soul type and flying palace type. That's excessive even for universe overlords. How could the universe knights here not be jealous of you?" Bloody Wing Knight smiled. "Even I am a bit jealous."

Luo Feng laughed.

"Of course, they're humans, so nobody will attack you," Bloody Wing Knight said. "However, those universe knights who don't know you might try to exclude you out of jealousy."

"Exclude me?" Luo Feng whispered.

"Because they're bitter," Bloody Wing Knight said.

"Then I'll convince them with my power," Luo Feng said. "If I can rival universe overlords or even surpass universe overlords in the future, they'll have to respect me."

"Then you need to become a universe knight." Bloody Wing Knight smiled.

Luo Feng gazed into the distance.


The great beings from the Huge Axe Dojo, the Universe First Bank, the Universe Star River Bank, and the Universe Mercenary Alliance were all talking about this issue with their friends.

"At least six true treasures!"

"Luo Feng didn't have the valuable or the treasure bestowed by Thunder Beast God when he was being hunted by Bark Mirror Emperor in Nine Remoteness Space! However, he already had three true treasures. In particular, that soul type true treasure… He was only a sector lord back then. How was he able to obtain a true treasure? It had to be given to him by a great being!"

"Yes, Primal Chaos City Leader favors him too much!"

"How could he just give a soul type true treasure to a sector lord? We universe knights don't even have ordinary true treasures, whereas he could get a soul type true treasure as only a sector lord."

The more they talked about it, the more unfair they thought it was! Why…? Why would a sector lord be qualified to have three true treasures? Especially a soul type true treasure! Lots of universe overlords within the human race didn't have soul type true treasures!

Even if Primal Chaos City Leader had treasures, he shouldn't have just given them all away! It couldn't convince anyone!

Although they were upset, none of them dared to talk about it with Primal Chaos City Leader. After all, he was the supreme leader of the Virtual Universe Company! They were not entitled to pick a fight with him.


Time passed, and more and more universe knights gathered on Pantheon Mountain. The supreme council meeting was about to be held.

"Luo Feng." True Yan Knight walked towards Luo Feng.

Luo Feng turned around. "Teacher."

True Yan Knight blocked the sound around them and said, "It seems that lots of universe knights are upset about you obtaining three true treasures when you were only a sector lord, especially the soul type true treasure… Many of them think that Primal Chaos City Leader has been unfair. Do you think you ought to go to Primal Chaos City Leader and tell him about this?"

"Three true treasures when I was a sector lord? Unfair?" Luo Feng didn't even know how to react.

Primal Chaos City Leader had only given him one true treasure: Shi Wu Wing! Both Star Map and Tower Pearl had been given to him by Zuo Shan Ke. Especially the soul type true treasure Tower Pearl—it was a vital component of Star Tower, the center of the sealed space. It had nothing to the human race.

"Well…" Luo Feng hesitated.

He didn't know what to say. Surely he couldn't say that it was given to him by Zuo Shan Ke.

"I'll think of something," Luo Feng said, shaking his head. "It doesn't matter that they're talking about this. I can't expect to be close with all the great beings. Some of them are my friends, some of them are jealous, and some of them are my foes! It doesn't matter."

"It doesn't matter to you," True Yan Knight said. "However, it will affect Primal Chaos City Leader's reputation."

"Even if Primal Chaos City Leader did bestow me a valuable," said Luo Feng, "he gave me his own valuables instead of using the shared resources of the human race. He can do whatever he wants with them. Just let the others be jealous." Luo Feng smirked. "Besides, Primal Chaos City Leader earned his status by his invincible power."

Primal Chaos City Leader was invincible in the primal universe! With this advantage… no matter how biased people thought he was, nothing could sway his status.

The issue was that Primal Chaos City Leader had been fair and just. Reckless universe masters didn't draw any complaints—even when they did something preposterous—but many great beings would be upset if they thought Primal Chaos City Leader was biased.


More and more great beings gathered on Pantheon Mountain.


All the universe knights looked up and saw two golden doors open gradually. There were stars on the doors, and the location of the meeting was in the floating palace on Pantheon Mountain known as Pantheon Sanctuary.

A voice resounded down the mountain. "Human great beings, gather!"


All the universe knights on Pantheon Mountain disappeared and were transported to Pantheon Sanctuary.

"Hong! Long! Long!

The doors closed.


Inside Pantheon Sanctuary stood a gigantic round table with exquisite sculptures on it. Luo Feng could only see a portion of the table while the other part was blurry, as if it were surrounded by mist.

Luo Feng sat on one of the thrones surrounding the round table.

"Huh?" Luo Feng touched the arms of the chair and turned around. He saw the words "Blade River" etched on the chair. He looked around. "So many universe knights…"

There were many universe knights sitting at the bottom, and they were all elementary universe knights. They had the smallest thrones, and each was around six feet wide! The thrones of secondary universe knights were around 30 feet wide. Those of senior universe knights were around 160 feet wide.

Luo Feng sat on a 30-foot-wide one. He was only able to see elementary universe knights, secondary universe knights, and senior universe knights. As for universe overlords and universe masters, he couldn't see them at all.

Luo Feng stroked the throne and exclaimed, "The throne fits my godly body perfectly!" His hands fit on the chair's arms precisely.

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