Kuma Kuma Kuma Bear

Chapter 491 - Bear-san Enters The Hot Spring

Chapter 491

Bear-san Enters The Hot Spring

After taking off our clothes, we move from the changing room to the washing area with Shuri in the lead.

As we saw earlier, the washing area was spacious. There was plenty of room for all of us.

Shuri was about to get into the hot springs. But then, Fina grabbed Shuri’s arm.

“I’m going to wash you first, come here.” (Fina)

Fina took Shuri to the washing area. Ruimin saw them and called out to Sakura.

“Then I will wash Sakura-chan’s body.”

“Then, in return, I will wash Ruimin-san’s body.”

Sakura and Ruimin went together.

“Hmm, in that case, I’ll wash Kagali-sama’s body.” (Shinobu)

Shinobu put her hands under Kagali-san’s armpits, lifted her up, and moved her around.


“Stop! Don’t treat me as a child!” (Kagali)

“Of course, I wouldn’t do that, so don’t go wild.” (Shinobu)

Inevitably, I was left alone.

I, the unsold one, was alone and lonely and thought I would wash by myself. But then again, I was not alone. In their cub form, swaying Bear and Hugging Bear were cuddling up to me at my feet.

That’s right. I had Swaying Bear and Hugging Bear.

I took Swaying Bear and Hugging Bear to the washing area. I decided to wash their bodies. They were as fluffy as ever, and when I washed them with soap, they lathered up to an amusing degree. Shuri and Sakura, who were watching the scene, shouted.

“Oh, I also wash Hugging Bear-chan!” (Shuri

“Hugging Bear-sama has carried me on his back many times. Please let me wash his back in return.” (Sakura)

But the two were stopped by Fina and Ruimin.

“Shuri, you need to wash up first.” (Fina)

“Sakura-chan too.” (Ruimin)

U~u, oneechan, hurry up.” (Shuri)

“I’m sorry, Ruimin-san.” (Sakura)

After the two got washed, they washed Fina and Ruimin’s backs in return before coming over.

Then they started washing Hugging Bear beside me. I had already washed him, but he had to endure being washed again. Hugging Bear did not resist and simply let them wash him.

“Hugging Bear-chan, you’re so soft and fluffy~” (Shuri)

“Thank you, Hugging Bear-sama, for always letting me ride on your back.” (Sakura)

The two happily washed Hugging Bear.

Then, while Swaying Bear was relaxing, Ruimin arrived.

“I’m going to wash Swaying Bear-chan now. Thank you for letting me ride on your back today. It was fun. And thank you for the time you spent with me in the elf village.” (Ruimin)

Ruimin also thanked him and began to wash Swaying Bear’s body. Swaying Bear was also washed for the second time.

“Yuna-oneesan, I’ll wash your back.” (Fina)

As I was washing by myself, Fina came up from behind me.

Sakura and the others saw this and said, “I will wash Yuna-sama’s back, too.” “Me too!~” “Then, I will also wash your back.”

People begin to gather around me, who was a loner just a while ago. Besides, I have only one body, even if people gather around me.

“I’m good, so go wash Swaying Bear and Hugging Bear. Also, if you don’t go to the hot springs quickly, you’ll catch a cold.” (Yuna)

I used Swaying Bear and Hugging Bear as bait and tried to send everyone in their way.

I felt lonely when I was alone, but it makes me want to be alone when people gather around me.

Then, having finished washing Swaying Bear and Hugging Bear, Shuri, Sakura, and Ruimin headed for the hots spring with Swaying Bear and Hugging Bear. Incidentally, Kagali-san also washed Swaying Bear for a bit.

Was that a thank you?

“Yuna-oneechan, it’s not a bear!” (Shuri)

Shuri heads for the bathtub and raises her voice.

I looked at Shuri to see what she was talking about, and she was looking at the bamboo tube from which the hot water was coming out.

Oh, the hot water in the baths at my house and at the orphanage comes out of the bear’s mouth. So that’s why she’s saying it’s not a bear.

“Because I didn’t make it.” (Yuna)

All I had to do was make a bear and put the bamboo tube part in its mouth. It’s easy to make with magic, so I’ll make it next time. I don’t have my bear equipment at the moment, so I can’t use magic. It’s a little inconvenient not to be able to use magic in such a situation.

Shuri dipped put her hand in hot water, trying to get near the bamboo tube from which the hot spring was coming out.

“It’s hot, I can’t get in this.” (Shuri)

“Shuri, you can get into the bathtub at the far end because it’s cooler.” (Sakura)

Sakura pointed to the farthest away from where the hot water was coming from the bamboo tube. Shuri moved to the place where Sakura told her to and put her hand in hot water.

“It’s true. It’s not hot.” (Shuri)

Apparently, Sakura was right about the temperature being low.

Shuri entered the hot spring. Sakura, Ruimin, and Fina followed her.

Fufu…you are all still children.” (Shinobu)

Shinobu looked at Shuri and the others who were in a place where the temperature was lukewarm and smiled. Then, as if to show that she’s an adult, she entered the area with hot water coming out of a bamboo tube at a higher temperature.

“Shinobu-neechan, don’t you feel hot?” (Shuri)

“I can handle this much. I’ve been working out a lot.” (Shinobu)

Whether she was just toughing it out or she could really handle it, Shinobu looked unconcerned as she soaked in the hot water.

Besides, what does she mean by working out a lot in the first place? Like, if you build muscle, you can tolerate higher temperatures? Or does she just mean that she’s just used to hot springs in general?

“I think I’ll go to the lukewarm side.” (Kagali)

Kagali-san compared the scene with Shinobu’s side and Shuri and the others’ side, then went toward the area where Shuri and the others were in.

“Kagali-sama is also a child.” (Shinobu)

“I’m not good with hot water.” (Kagali)

Me? Of course I’ll take the cooler side. I’m not a fan of hot baths, and personally, I’m the type of person who takes a long time in a cold bath.

When I entered the colder side, Swaying Bear and Hugging Bear inevitably came with me.

Everyone except Shinobu entered the hot spring with the lower temperature.

U~u, I’m lonely.” (Shinobu)

“This is the children’s bath. Adults should not come over here.” (Kagali)

“So terrible!” (Shinobu)

She seemed to be rooting for the fact that she was ridiculed as a child earlier.

Everyone smiled as Shinobu puffed her cheeks.

“It’s a beautiful starry sky, by the way.” (Kagali)

The night sky seen from the open-air bath was full of stars.

Good thing the weather was nice.

“Yeah, it’s very beautiful. Sakura-chan, thank you for calling me over.” (Ruimin)

“I’m glad you like it.” (Sakura)

The night view in the city was beautiful, but you couldn’t clearly see the stars there. But here, there was not a single light on the ground, so the starry sky looked beautiful. And just like on earth, we can see the moon. The reflection of the moon on the lake was also fantastic and breathtaking.

Everyone was leaning against the edge of the bath, looking upwards.

It’s so luxurious to see the starry sky while taking a hot spring bath. It might be a good idea to come here when taking a bath.

Everyone was stretching their legs and looking at the starry sky.

“Oh, shooting stars!” (Sakura)

Sakura exclaimed.

All of us were looking at the night sky, so we all could see the shooting stars.

“In our country, there is a legend that seeing a shooting star brings good luck.” (Sakura)

“Really?” (Ruimin)

“Yes, but my good fortune had already come. I have met Yuna-sama and everyone.” (Sakura)

Sakura said it without being embarrassed.

“Yeah, I could meet Yuna-san too.” (Ruimin)

“Yes, I also met Yuna-oneesan.” (Fina)

“Me too~” (Shuri)

Ruimin, Fina, and Shuri followed up on what Sakura said.

“Yeah, if it weren’t for you, I would never have met Mumroot again. If I hadn’t met you, I don’t know what would have happened. We are lucky indeed.” (Kagali)

“That’s right. What would have happened to this country had we not met Yuna?” (Shinobu)

And here I am, can’t even say the line, “My good fortune is that I got to meet you all”. Because it was too embarrassing. So there was no way I could say that.

Fufu, it seems that being able to meet Yuna-sama, rather than a shooting star, brings good luck.” (Sakura)

“Lucky bear!”

Shuri blurted.

“She’s certainly a lucky bear.” (Sakura)

Everyone started laughing.

“By the way, the fox is also lucky!” (Kagali)

Kagali-san exclaimed as to not be outdone.

It is true that even in the original world, Inari was worshiped as the god of grain and agriculture. To put it bluntly, foxes were better than bears. In fact, I have never heard of anyone worshiping a bear in the first place.

I was wondering if there was such a thing as a bear god in this world. I reflexively looked at Swaying Bear and Hugging Bear soaking in the hot spring comfortably. I wonder if they were… gods.

Then we left the hot spring after enjoying the starry sky while bathing in the hot spring.

I wrap a large towel around my body and take out two hairdryers from my bear puppet and hand one to Fina.

Then I took one of the two chairs provided and sat down. Then I turned my attention to Swaying Bear and Hugging Bear.

“Who will be first today?” (Yuna)

Whenever I dried the fur of Swaying Bear and Hugging Bear, I dried them alternately.

When I asked that, Swaying Bear came up to me.

“So today is Swaying Bear.” (Yuna)

I sat Swaying Bear on the other chair, wiped him with a towel, took out the hairdryer, and dried him off.

“What is that?” (Shinobu)

“It’s a magical tool to dry your hair using a fire magic stone and a wind magic stone.” (Yuna)

I turned the warm air that I was blowing on Swaying Bear toward Shinobu.

“So warm.” (Shinobu)

“That’s how I dry my hair.” (Yuna)

I turned the dryer back toward Swaying Bear and dried his fur. Swaying Bear looked relaxed.

“It looks useful. Lend it to me.” (Kagali)

I took out another hairdryer.

“There are only three of those, so use it alternately.” (Yuna)

Shinobu took it and dried Sakura and Kagali-san’s hair. Sakura has long black hair. Kagali-san’s hair was long and golden. Shinobu’s hair was just tied up in a bundle, but when she untied it, it was long. It seemed to take a long time to dry it.

Fina and Shuri’s hair were short, just around their necks. Ruimin’s light green hair was long.

Fina, Shuri, and Ruimin alternately dried each other’s hair.

I dried Swaying Bear’s fur while keeping an eye on everyone.

“Okay, you’re done. It’s your turn now Hugging Bear.” (Yuna)

I removed Swaying Bear from the chair, placed Hugging Bear on the chair, and dried Hugging Bear’s fur.

Both Shuri and Sakura looked like they wanted to do it, but they had to finish drying their hair before anything else.

Then finally, I dried my hair and put on my bear costume.

“Yuna-sama, what are you wearing?” (Sakura)

I noticed when Sakura asked me.

I changed into a white bear as a habit.

“It’s the same white bear as Hugging Bear-sama.” (Sakura)

Somehow, she said something with a warm look in her eyes.


Author’s Note:

It’s the hot spring episode. Hugging Bear is very popular.

In the activity report, I have posted information about the book volume 10 and the comic volume 1, which will be released on July 27. There will be a short story again, so I hope you will read it.

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