Chaotic Sword God

Chapter 3241: A Race Against Time

Chapter 3241: A Race Against Time

In an unknown, bleak world, the Primeval Divine Hall stood on the ground silently, shining dimly.

Having fled from a Saint a second time, it had already exhausted its last bit of power. Despite being a sovereign god artifact, the Primeval Divine Hall had completely depleted its energies now.

Of course, even if its energies were depleted, it was still well beyond anything that a Grand Prime could deal with. Just its toughness as a sovereing god artifact alone made it indestructible to any Grand Prime.

However, the Dao Union Saint’s curse accompanied the Primeval Divine Hall at all times. It was like a disease that could not be eliminated no matter what it tried.

However, faced with two attacks from a Saint, the curse had clearly weakened drastically as well.

In the Primeval Divine Hall, Jian Chen could clearly sense how feeble the artifact spirit was through the imprint of the pact that it had given him.

The flight this time had sent the artifact spirit into a slumber. No matter how Jian Chen called for it, he received no reply.

By now, Jian Chen had already become the formal owner of the Primeval Divine Hall. He truly possessed a complete sovereign god artifact now. It was unlike when he possessed the Anatta Tower, which was not only damaged but also missing an artifact spirit.

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Of course, while he was the Primeval Divine Hall’s master now, he still could not control the Primeval Divine Hall freely.

This was a sovereign god artifact after all. It was on a level that was far too high. With his current cultivation as a Chaotic Prime, he would probably struggle to even wield a high quality god artifact, let alone a sovereign god artifact with all of its power.

The Primeval Divine Hall was divided into many different sections. It seemed like a hall on the outside with limited space, but the space within was infinitely large. Each section seemed to resemble a miniature world.

Every section was separated independently, either obstructed by formations or blocked by great doors forged from tough materials. After the divine hall lost all of its power, Jian Chen was still incapable of opening these various seals by himself.

If he wanted to do anything in the Primeval Divine Hall, he had to rely on the artifact spirit.

He required the artifact spirit to be truly in control of the entire divine hall.

Jian Chen stood in one of the rooms, as he discovered an extremely awkward problem. He was trapped in here.

The door to the room was firmly shut. It was completely sealed in. He was the master of the Primeval Divine Hall, but he was incapable of opening this door.

In other words, he could go nowhere right now.

Jian Chen crossed his legs and sat down, furrowing his brows in thought. He was filled with worry.

He was not worried about the fact that he was trapped here because the artifact spirit was asleep. Instead, he was extremely worried about the Saint’s appearance.

The Saint had already found the Primeval Divine Hall twice despite how well the divine hall had hid both times. This time, the Primeval Divine Hall had used up all of its energy to barely escape, so it was no longer capable of hiding as carefully as the previous two times. How was the divine hall supposed to escape from the Saint under these circumstances?

No one knew when the Saint would come either.

Jian Chen secretly communicated with the sword spirits, wanting to find a countermeasure against this.

Master, our priority is to wake up the artifact spirit of the Primeval Divine Hall. It’s only fallen asleep due to exhausting the power of the divine hall. It’s not damaged. As a result, it’ll be able to recover as long as you replenish some of its energy.

And the essence blood of the Grand Exalt in your possession hides an alarming amount of energy. You can use some of it to help the Primeval Divine Hall recover.” The sword spirits suggested.

If the curse were at the same strength as the past, perhaps they would truly require ten droplets of a Grand Exalt’s essence blood to remove it.

However, after two consecutive attacks from a Grand Exalt, much of the curse from the Dao Union Saint had dissipated as well. They no longer needed as much.

Without any hesitation, Jian Chen took out the Grand Exalt’s essence blood from the space in his soul. Under the sword spirits’ suggestion, he directly sprinkled the essence blood onto the Primeval Divine Hall.

The power in the essence blood was immediately absorbed by the Primeval Divine Hall.

The artifact spirit finally awakened after using two droplets of the Grand Exalt’s essence blood.

Of course, it only awakened. In reality, the energy it had depleted was far more than two measly droplets of a Grand Exalt’s essence blood could replenish.

“Leave here immediately. Since the Saint can find me twice, then he’s definitely capable of finding me a third time. With my current state, I no longer have the power to flee a third time.”

The artifact spirit’s feeble voice rang out.

“I’ll take the divine hall with me!” Jian Chen was stern and extremely serious. He had obtained a complete sovereign god artifact after so much difficulty, so how could he just give up on it. “I’ve practised a certain secret technique that allows me to open a miniature world in my soul. I’ll place the Primeval Divine Hall in there. Will that be enough to hide you from the Saint?”

“You can’t take me away with you. Even if you place me in the space in your soul, you won’t be able to hide me from Saints, as they’re Saints, existences of exceptional power. Before an expert like that, it’s very difficult for you to hide any secrets at all.” The artifact spirit sighed gently. “Instead, if you were to bring me with you, even you won’t be able to escape the next time the Saint comes to find you. You will doom yourself.”

“Forget about fusing the swords. Let alone threatening Saints, they can’t even injure a Saint right now.”

Jian Chen calmed down. He knew the artifact spirit was right. If the twin swords were in their prime and possessed bodies of sovereign god artifacts, then they could slay Saints once they fused.

But right now, the twin swords were just medium quality god artifacts. No matter how extraordinary they were, they could not harm Saints as medium quality god artifacts.

“The Dao Union Saint’s curse inhibits me. There’s only one thing I can do now, which is to use the Grand Exalt’s essence blood to remove the remaining power of the curse as soon as possible.”

“The curse has already become much weaker than before. It’ll take five droplets of essence blood at most to remove it. Without the curse, many of the divine hall’s true powers will be available.”

“Afterwards, I’ll use the three remaining droplets of essence blood to recover some of the divine hall’s energy. By then, I might be able to make an attempt to completely break free from the Saint’s pursuit.”

“That’s the only idea I can come up with so far.”

The artifact spirit was extremely stern. Clearly, this matter affected its very fate.

“Can I take seven bodies of those experts in the Primeval Divine Hall? I only need seven,” Jian Chen asked.

“They’re all sealed in the divine hall. Unsealing them requires energy from the divine hall. I am incapable of unsealing them in my current state,” the artifact spirit said helplessly.

As the master of the divine hall, Jian Chen could clearly tell the artifact spirit was telling the truth.

It was far too feeble right now. It was incapable of many things.

After a quick thought, Jian Chen was forced to accept the artifact spirit’s suggestion in the end, leaving behind all eight droplets of essence blood before temporarily leaving with great reluctance.

Before a Saint, he was truly powerless. Remaining here was meaningless. Now, the Primeval Divine Hall could only rely on itself to escape from the Saint.

Of course, that was only if it could complete all these tasks before the Saint came for it again.

“You’re the master of the Primeval Divine Hall now. I can sense your location at all times. Once I escape from the Saint, I’ll go and find you,” said the artifact spirit.

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