The Mightiest Little Peasant

Chapter 1193 - -my name is Taixu  

Chapter 1193: Chapter 1193-my name is Taixu

After flying up for some distance, he was close to the nine-colored dome. “The Dao Lake itself is a lid, and the well was probably dug up by the old devil himself …” Tang Hao mumbled as he looked at the dome. “To use such a large formation to suppress it, just how powerful is that old devil?” Tang Hao was curious. When he arrived at the well, he subconsciously lowered his head and looked down. It was dark Below, and the Golden talisman was the only one that was glowing. He squinted his eyes, which turned into a pair of dragon eyes. His gaze penetrated the ice and looked inside. In the next moment, his entire body trembled, and his face revealed a hint of shock. In the ice hell, there was an unimaginably huge figure. No matter how tall the mountain was, it was not even half the size of the figure. It was so huge that it was almost suffocating. It was a giant God! His skin was golden, with mysterious and complicated patterns carved on it. Its head alone was the size of a small mountain, and it had a cold expression. There was an extremely complex pattern between his eyebrows. Tang Hao looked on in shock. He had never seen such a large creature before. He couldn’t even see the creature’s full appearance from above. Across the ice, there was an indescribable aura that pressed down on him, making it hard for him to breathe. “What … What is this?” Tang Hao mumbled. He was dumbfounded. Right at this moment, the pair of eyes suddenly opened and burst out with an infinite golden light. A powerful Qi broke through the ice and rushed out. The surface of the ice began to tremble violently, and the giant God seemed to be about to break free. But then, the Golden talisman shone brightly and suppressed the tremor. “Damn broken talisman …” “I’m not willing … When I break the seal, I’ll slaughter all of you Immortals!” “Immortals and gods are irreconcilable … All Immortals must die!” Roars came from the ice hell, shaking the air. Tang Hao’s eardrums trembled, and he quickly covered his ears. He was more and more shocked. Just his voice alone had such power, what kind of person was this guy? Then, the giant God’s golden eyes turned to look at Tang Hao. He roared,””When I break the seal, you will also die! Remember, my name is tai Xu, a member of the Dragon count celestial race!” Tang Hao was surprised when he heard that. F * ck! Was this the original body of that old man? This was too much of a difference! Tang Hao could not believe it. Then, he frowned and mumbled,””What is the Dragon count divine clan? It sounds very powerful … And it looks very powerful. Damn, I’ve provoked an incredible guy!” But then, he felt relieved. So what if this guy was strong? he was suppressed by the talisman and could never come out. What was there to be afraid of? “Tai, I’ll be waiting for you! Also, thank you for your baby!” Tang Hao waved his hand and left happily. “Detestable! Just you wait!” The angry roar echoed in the underground space. Tang Hao flew up. Suddenly, he thought of something and mumbled,””Giant? That’s right, that guy from the XI Fang clan once said that they were all devoured by a group of Giants. Could it be this Dragon count celestial race?” “It’s possible … The reason why our ancestors crossed the starry sky was most likely because of this Dragon count divine clan.” He rushed all the way up, and after a while, he was close to the well. At this time, a group of people stood far away on the surface of the lake, looking in the direction of the well. They pointed at it from time to time and discussed animatedly. “He really fell down! AI! It’s such a pity!” “AI! This well had a huge background. Once he fell in, he would really be finished! It’s such a pity for such a peerless genius. I thought he could continue down this path and achieve Dao severing or even become immortal!” Everyone had a look of regret. The old monsters from all continents were here. They had all heard the news and rushed over to see what was going on. However, they didn’t dare to go up and only dared to watch from a distance. The well was too famous, and they did not dare to risk it. “Woof! Of course, that kid went down. I sent him off personally!” The East Sea demon Lord said coldly, but he was a little proud. The spirit Emperor laughed and looked around.””Everyone, isn’t it a good thing that the kid is dead? A monster like him should be dead!” Hearing this, everyone’s expression became a little strange. They were indeed a little jealous of that kid. However, they had no enmity with him, so they didn’t want him to die. “Old Ling, don’t be happy too early. That kid might not die!” Daoist Liu, who was in the crowd, said angrily. The spirit Emperor was stunned. Then, as if he had heard the funniest joke in the world, he burst into laughter.”Listen, this old farmer Liu is still dreaming!” “Liu, let me tell you, that kid is nothing. He’s not a three-headed, six-armed man, nor is he an immortal. It’d be a miracle if he came back alive!” He shouted at Daoist Liu with a sneer on his face. “That’s right!” A group of old monsters behind him also echoed. Everyone also shook their heads. They knew how terrifying this well was. For so many years, anyone who went in never came out, and they were all buried inside. Although that brat was freakish, he was no exception! However, at this moment, there was a movement from the well, as if something was coming out of it. The laughter stopped abruptly. Everyone was stunned, and the surroundings became deathly silent. Everyone’s eyes were fixed on one spot, staring at the well. Under their shocked gazes, a hand reached out, and then another. Their eyes and mouths opened wider and wider, and their expressions became more and more horrified. In their line of sight, a head came out of the well. “Aiyo! He was finally out! I’m so tired!” That guy muttered in a low voice. Everyone was stunned and petrified on the spot. The fellow who had crawled out of the well was none other than that kid! He actually came out alive! Furthermore, he was still alive and kicking, completely fine! “It’s … It’s fake, right?” The spiritual Emperor’s eyes widened, and he could not believe his eyes. He kept rubbing his eyes and even pinched himself, but he was right! It’s really that kid! He was flabbergasted and felt that all of this was too absurd. Was this really the well that was said to be incomparably terrifying and that once one entered it, one would never be able to return? could he have encountered a fake well? Then, he was a little mad. What was going on with this kid? Could it be that his life was so tough that it was unbelievable? If even this well couldn’t do anything to him, then what else in this world could do to this kid? The spirit Emperor clutched his head and was about to go crazy. He couldn’t understand how the plan had failed, and how the kid had come out alive. It was too unbelievable.
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