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Chapter 1097 - Dark Plum Pill Could Cure Malaria!

Chapter 1097 Dark Plum Pill Could Cure Malaria!

He Xue turned around and asked in confusion, “Is there anything else?”

Fang Qiu asked, “How do you think of Zhang Xinming?”


He Xue immediately smiled happily and said, “The vice-director you got is really amazing. He’s administratively experienced and skilled in Chinese Medicine. He is definitely a talent. With him in the foundation, it really saves me a lot of trouble.”

“That’s good.”

Fang Qiu nodded understandingly.

“All right, I’m leaving.”

He Xue walked away after saying that.

“Beep, beep, beep…”

At this very moment, Fang Qiu’s cell phone suddenly rang.

He took it out and found that it was Chen Yinsheng calling.

“Hello, Vice President.”

Fang Qiu hurriedly answered the phone.

“Yes, it’s me.

“Are you sure you can cure malaria?” Chen Yinsheng asked directly.

As the Vice President of a Chinese Medicine University, Chen Yinsheng knew very well about malaria. He knew that it was an infectious disease. Although medicine could curb it, it was almost impossible to cure it thoroughly.

He also knew that Fang Qiu had made an agreement with the president of a country this time, so Fang Qiu had to go.

Therefore, he was very worried and wondered if Fang Qiu could pull it off this time.

“I’m eighty percent sure,” answered Fang Qiu.

“Eighty percent?”

Chen Yinsheng thought for a moment and added, “That’s OK. If you need anything, just tell me.”


Fang Qiu was stunned and asked, “Vice President, what’s wrong with you? Why do I feel that something is wrong?”

“It’s all because of this matter.”

Chen Yinsheng gave a wry smile and explained, “The Ministry of Public Health sent me an email through the official channel to inquire about when you will go to Comores to treat malaria. The ministry seems to also pay attention to the agreement between you and the president of Comores as well as the heated discussion you caused on Weibo.”

Hearing that, Fang Qiu couldn’t help smiling bitterly.

“How fast the ministry was!” He thought.

“I’ll leave as soon as possible,” he said.


Chen Yinsheng nodded.

In fact, he called to urge Fang Qiu.

After all, the Ministry of Public Health had already pressed him. Although he didn’t want to put pressure on Fang Qiu, he had no other choice at this time.

Fang Qiu hung up the phone and grew even more anxious.

He immediately found suitable medicinal materials and began processing the medicine.

It was a prescription that could cure malaria that Fang Qiu found in an ancient book.

The prescription was called Dark Plum Pill Prescription!

Fang Qiu closed his eyes.

After carefully recalling the contents of the prescription, he immediately took out a piece of grass paper used to wrap medicinal herbs, then walked to the medicine cabinet and murmured while taking the medicinal herbs, “Licorice roots, the flesh of dark plum, ginseng, the inner part of cassia bark, Desert Cistanche, rhizoma anemarrhenae, and peonies, 100g of each. Radix dichroa, rhizoma cimicifugae, peach kernels, and the skin of glycine soja, 150g of each…”

Soon, he took all the required medicinal materials according to the required dosage.

Then, he immediately began to process the medicine.

“The flesh of dark plum needs to be decocted.”

He began the decoction without further ado.

“The peach kernels should be skinned and have their tips cut before the decoction.

“Boil the membranes of glycine soja and take its skin.”

He didn’t stop as he spoke.

Soon, he finished all the steps that should be done, and finally, all the medicinal materials were ready according to the requirements in the prescription.

“The next step is to produce.

“Pestle the peach kernels and get the powder ready for the pill. Then sieve it and add a honeyed pill to it. Pestle the mixture 10,000 times before the process is over.”

According to the record in the prescription, Fang Qiu began to process the medicine at a high speed.

The usage of this pill was simple.

Usage: taking thirty pills at three in the morning and forty pills at five with the help of yellow rice wine when one suffers a malaria attack; taking forty pills when one is about to suffer a malaria attack; taking forty pills with an empty stomach and thirty pills in the evening when one doesn’t suffer a malaria attack. No malaria couldn’t be healed.

According to the prescription, malaria could be cured as long as it was treated in this way.

Fang Qiu had a deep understanding of the magic effect of ancient prescriptions.

He especially added Desert Cistanche in this pill. The Desert Cistanche Fang Qiu had was different from that of ordinary Desert Cistanche. With the addition of the Desert Cistanche, the effect of this prescription would definitely be better.

He busied himself in the herb room for nearly an hour before he finally finished making the pills.

Of course, the pills he made were just enough for one person. Although he had great confidence in the ancient prescription and the Desert Cistanche, he still had to try whether it worked or not.

If these pills worked, it would be much easier to treat malaria.

Fang Qiu left the herb room with the packaged pills.

Then he immediately flew to Africo.

To his surprise, he was recognized by a stranger on the plane. Although he was wearing a hat and a mask, the stranger kept staring at him. When the stranger finally confirmed that it was Fang Qiu, he took the initiative to walk up to Fang Qiu to say hello and asked for an autograph and a photo. Otherwise, he would expose Fang Qiu’s identity.

In order not to cause a disturbance, Fang Qiu could only be subject to the man’s coercion.

As a guru, he had never been humiliated like this even in the face of super experts from all over the world, but he was threatened by an ordinary person and couldn’t run away this time.

This made him very depressed.

Fortunately, the man left and did not disturb him anymore after getting what he wanted.

Fang Qiu naively thought this matter was over.

Because he was requested to switch his phone to flight mode on the plane, he could not go online.

It was unknown to him that he had become a hot topic on Weibo at this point!

The cause was a photo from someone’s WeChat Moments.

In the photo, a man was standing with Fang Qiu. Although Fang Qiu was wearing a hat, the mask was pulled off, hanging on his chin and revealing his face.

Of course, Fang Qiu was forced to do that.

If he didn’t even show his face, it wouldn’t be a real group photo.

The man did not intend to reveal Fang Qiu’s whereabouts, but there were just so many Internet professionals. The photo he posted in his WeChat Moments was quickly uploaded to Weibo by others.

The number of people who saw this photo instantly increased by dozens or even hundreds of times!

Under the circumstances, those Internet professionals among the audience instantly became active.

At first, they just wanted to test the authenticity of this photo to see if it had been photoshopped. To their surprise, they found the boarding pass that Fang Qiu was holding.

They magnified the photo.

Through the magnified versions, everyone could clearly see that the destination on Fang Qiu’s boarding pass was Comores.

Those photoshop professionals hurriedly posted this important news on Weibo.

As soon as this post appeared, it immediately caused a heated discussion.

“Damn, is he really going to Africo?”

“Of course yes. Master Fang Qiu has made an agreement with the president. If he doesn’t go, it’s a breach of the agreement. In ancient Huaxia, it’s called deceiving the emperor. Do you know what a crime it is?”

“Although laws in modern society are not as strict as they were in ancient times, deceiving the president of a country could also be a serious matter. So Master Fang Qiu has to go even if he doesn’t want to.”

“Malaria is a hard nut to crack in the medical field. Can Fang Qiu really cure it?”

When the netizens saw the news, they began to talk about it.

Soon, Fang Qiu’s fans flooded Weibo.

“Master, are you really going to Comores?”

“Haha, Master Fang is highly susceptible to urging words.”

“We were left with no choice. He’s running out of time. If we didn’t press him, he wouldn’t be able to keep his appointment.”

“Haha, the delay must be a sign of his confidence. His departure means he’s sure to cure malaria.”

“Why do I feel that Master Fang was forced there by us?”

“I don’t think so. How could Master Fang not know that we were joking with him? We all have faith in him, so he must believe us too. But I think that he didn’t go because of us. It’s very likely that he left because of those trolls.”

“Yes, that must be it.”

“Why do I have a feeling that Master Fang is going to diss those trolls?”

“Haha, I have been looking forward to this day for a long time. If he didn’t do that, he wouldn’t be him.”

“I’m waiting for you to come back with glory, Master Fang!”

Aside from Fang Qiu’s fans, those trolls who had been slandering him on the Internet also took action again.

“Why are you going now? Are you making effort at the last minute?”

“The truth is, I don’t think you can cure malaria.”

“Do you really think you are a miracle-working doctor? Do you think you can cure all kinds of diseases in the world?”

“There’s only one and a half months left. Even if you can cure patients one by one, it will take more time to cure the patients of a country. I’d like to see how you cure malaria.”

“Hmph, trying to make a show abroad? Save it! It’ll be good enough if you don’t make a fool of yourself this time. Let’s wait and see. You will definitely bring shame to Huaxia this time!”

“You promised to cure malaria within a year. The president of Comores made this agreement with you because he was willing to believe you. Yet, you didn’t head for Comores until there were only one and a half months to go. The president of Comores must have had his eyes on you for a long time. Let’s see if you can come back alive this time!”

The trolls all posted to question Fang Qiu.

They didn’t like Fang Qiu in the first place. So they didn’t think he could cure malaria, a hard nut to crack in the medical field.

On the plane, Fang Qiu closed his eyes to rest all the way and did nothing. Of course, he did not know about the heated discussion on the Internet.

Soon, he arrived at Comores. Without informing anyone, he quietly went to the base of the medical aid team where Jiang Miaoyu was working at.

Jiang Miaoyu happened to finish her work at this time.

She saw Fang Qiu the moment he entered the door.

She ran up to him in surprise and asked, “Why are you here?”

“Of course I’m here to fulfill my promise!”

Fang Qiu hugged Jiang Miaoyu with a smile.


Hearing Fang Qiu’s words, Jiang Miaoyu was confused at first but then immediately understood.

She clearly remembered that Fang Qiu promised the president that he would cure malaria.

Since Fang Qiu had come here, it meant that he would definitely not stay for only a few days. He should stay here for a long time.

Thinking of this, Jiang Miaoyu immediately hugged Fang Qiu tightly.

“I miss you,” Jiang Miaoyu said with a blush on her face.

“I miss you too.”

Fang Qiu reached out to stroke Jiang Miaoyu’s hair and added, “Otherwise, how could I dare to come straight to you without meeting the president?”

“If you really miss me, why didn’t you come to see me?”

Jiang Miaoyu pursed her lips and complained.

Fang Qiu didn’t know what to say upon hearing her words.

If he didn’t answer the question well, he would be in danger!

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