The Sinful Life of The Emperor

Chapter 744: Ollys Special Bond

Chapter 744: Olly’s Special Bond

“My mom can make The God kneel!”

This thought should have made Olly proud, but instead, it made him cry, and it wasn’t from happiness!

“Why does my mom have such amazing power!?”

Olly asked himself, while recalling how Suzane made the all-powerful Kiba kneel between her thighs and worship her juicy cunt.

His cry turned louder when he remembered how just pleased his mother was by Kiba’s dedication.

She was so pleased that she even blessed Kiba’s incredible weapon with her big tits!

“What’s wrong?”

Morgan was shocked by his son’s tears.

Just a second ago, he was so happy. Yet now, he was acting like he remembered some nightmare.

But this couldn’t be allowed!

He was the son of Morgan – a high-ranking investigative officer!

So how can he act like a wimp?!

“You are going to be married! Act like a man!” Morgan commanded. “And not some crybaby!”

Olly stopped and nodded.

He would be married soon, and there was no reason to remember Kiba before such a happy occasion!

“I haven’t seen him in two years!” Olly pacified himself. “And I’m sure I won’t see him in next twenty as well!”

Olly was confident. He has seen the news.

Kiba was living a busy life. He recently had a confrontation with the House of Hestia and then Eden!

So given the circumstances, he wouldn’t have the time and energy to remember Olly, much less pay a visit to him just to fuck his mother!

“You are right, dad,” Olly replied. “I was just terrified by the prospect of marriage.”

“There’s no reason to worry!” Morgan puffed his chest and said. “You are my son, and you will definitely be a good husband like me!”

Olly winced.

He knew his father meant well, but somehow it made him feel bad.

“You are getting married? How wonderful!”

A voice suddenly echoed in the room, shocking Olly, Suzane, Morgan, and Loren.


Even before they could think of checking the voice source, a regal presence surged through the apartment, making them feel submissive.

Their bodies bent down as if they yearned to do so.

“An Alpha!”

Olly’s heart thumped violently. He knew only an Alpha’s presence could make others submissive on their own.

“Even though dad is a high-ranking officer, neither he nor us know any Alpha….wait…!!!”

Olly felt a chill down his spine, his hair standing up in terror.

Surely it couldn’t be him, right?!

Creator, please anyone but him!

With sweat dripping down his face, Olly looked at the entrance. He was frightened but also hopeful for a miracle.

After all, Kiba has always suppressed his aura! He never made anyone feel submissive!

And Olly prayed the same was now.


A smile appeared on his sweaty face.

It wasn’t Kiba!

But some elderly man in white clothing!

“L-Lord Elliot?!” Morgan exclaimed.

“Lord Elliot!?” Olly was dumbstruck.

Wasn’t that one of the Councilpersons – the real leaders of the World Government?!

Why would he be here and even call the news of his marriage wonderful?

Lord Elliot gave a slight nod and retracted his noble aura.


Morgan and others sighed in relief.

Lord Elliot took a seat and then signaled them to do so.

“Thank you,” Morgan was grateful.

He knew just how fortunate he was to have an Alpha tell him and his family to sit. It might be their own home, but Alphas owned everything.

But… why would he be here, though?! Surely it couldn’t be anything good, right?

“Relax,” Lord Elliot said nonchalantly. “I’m here to ask for your help.”

“Help?” Morgan and others were shocked.

“Yes,” Lord Elliot replied. “I want to have a meeting with Kiba.”


Olly suddenly felt weak.

Why would someone like Lord Elliot even need his father’s help, that too to meet Kiba?!

Wouldn’t someone of Lord Elliot’s standing automatically get a meeting with Kiba!?

There was no need for a middle man to do the introduction!

“I can obviously meet him on my own,” Lord Elliot explained. “But wouldn’t it be rude as we aren’t acquainted?”

Morgan’s face turned white.

He realized Lord Elliot must have read the case file of Delta City and knew he and Kiba were acquainted.

“Sir, I agree, but I’m barely acquainted with Kiba to introduce you.”

Morgan explained, hoping Lord Elliot wouldn’t kill them for this disappointing news.

“Obviously, you are useless,” Lord Elliot nodded while shifting his vision to Olly. “Thankfully, your son isn’t.”


Olly swallowed a mouthful of saliva.

Why is Lord Elliot planting his hopes on him?!

He has no relation with Kiba!

“Good child, I have heard Kiba is fond of you.”

Lord Elliot said with a smile.

“And treats you like a relative.”

Olly felt a bullet blasting into his heart.


His head started spinning.

Kiba was my motherfucker, but that doesn’t make me his relative!

If it did, then Kiba would have millions of relatives!

Olly wanted to shout this, but his body didn’t have the strength to voice out his thoughts. So he could only stare at Lord Elliot like an idiot.

“Emily told me how he even paid for your treatment in Cloning Chamber,” Lord Elliot added, his voice impressed.

Olly’s eyes erupted with tears.

Treatment in Cloning Chamber?

Olly recalled why he needed that treatment in the first place.


When they first met in an art exhibition, Olly was rash. He had tried to insult Kiba but wasn’t aware that Kiba was a master of insults.

It was Kiba provoking him in just a minute, and in anger, Olly called him a motherfucker. Somehow that insult backfired, and Olly felt humiliated enough to attack Kiba.

Obviously, that broke his body beyond recognition.

But Kiba felt guilty.

After all, Olly had called him a motherfucker. Didn’t that mean they were relatives?!

Besides, if Olly wasn’t healed, would he be able to achieve his destiny of being Olly’s motherfucker?

So naturally, he ensured special treatment for Olly…

“Kiba had never paid for anyone’s treatment but yours.”

Lord Elliot observed with a smile.

“Your bond must be truly special. I’m jealous.”

Olly flinched.

No, that wasn’t a special bond.

If it was, he didn’t want it!

It has made his life a living hell!!

And if you are jealous, feel free to have it!

But you are so old that I doubt your mother is alive and well enough for Kiba to fuck!

Alas, Olly didn’t dare to voice out his thoughts.

Lord Elliot only saw the tears and felt Olly was turning emotional.

“You have yet to give an invitation to Kiba.”

Lord Elliot glanced at the guest list.

“Seems like I arrived at the right time.”

Olly felt the bullet in his heart twisting like the butcher’s knife. And with that feeling, he realized what Lord Elliot wanted.

“I have to invite Kiba!”

Olly felt weak like a corpse. His head collapsed, and his eyes turned listless.

Oh, Creator!

Why are you forcing me to invite that motherfucker to the happiest moment of my life?!

Do you want me to see him fucking my mother behind the shrubs while I take my wedding vows!?

Do you really hate me that much?!?

If yes, why!?

“Well, let’s not delay any further,” Lord Elliot rose to his feet and offered a hand to Olly.

“Now?!” Olly’s head jerked up.

“Naturally,” Lord Elliot nodded. “I’m sure he will be pleased.”

“No doubt about that….” Olly muttered to himself.

On the side, Morgan raised his chest in pride.

Olly has proved he was his son!

He was now standing shoulder to shoulder with Lord Elliot!

“Kiba, thank you!”

Morgan would never say this out loud, but he was grateful to Kiba!

In the corner, Suzane wiped a tear.

“Kiba would definitely accept the invitation!”

She was sure, and that made her body tingle.

She couldn’t wait for her son’s wedding any longer…

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