Coming of the Villain Boss!

Chapter 1432

Chapter 1432: Chapter 1432 Zombie Rules (8)

Ming Shu thought that the little fairy was there, but it wasn’t. But inside the coffin.. Ming Shu stepped on the steps and went up Wuliang Mountain. A corner of the Taoist temple was faintly revealed. She walked a few steps casually and suddenly stopped. No.. Why Is It so quiet? The only sound left was the sound of her feet stepping on the dead leaves. She couldn’t even hear the chirping of insects and birds. There was a strange sense of death. Ming Shu looked at the Taoist temple again. She walked up slowly and pushed open the half-closed door. The Little Devil who liked to play in the yard was nowhere to be seen. When she stepped into the yard, she felt a chill. It went from the soles of her feet to her forehead. Her hair stood on end, and she felt a chill down her spine. Shua — Ming Shu suddenly turned her body to the side, grabbed the broom used to sweep the floor, and swept it back. Her cold fingers pressed on her wrist, and the broom fell to the ground. Ming Shu raised her head and saw the man’s cold, hostile eyes. Ming Shu only felt that her entire arm was almost frozen. The man on the opposite side grabbed the broom, and with a gentle squeeze, the broom broke. Ming Shu clicked her tongue and let go of the broom. She quickly took out her sword and slashed at the man. The man’s figure flashed and disappeared. A gust of wind blew past Ming Shu’s ears. It was bone-chilling. The man appeared on her left side. He formed a claw and attacked her neck. The long sword hummed. It seemed to have sensed something and wanted to break free from Ming Shu’s hand. It flew towards the man. Ming Shu didn’t want to let go. She used its strength and slashed at the man’s arm. The man suddenly shrank back and retreated to a safe place. His black eyes looked at her coldly, without any emotion, as if she was just a dead thing that could move. The long sword hummed. Ming Shu’s fingers were numb from the vibration. “Quiet!” The long sword:”…” The long sword quieted down. Ming Shu raised her head and looked at the opposite side. The man was wearing a black ancient robe with a high crown, revealing a handsome face with sharp edges. His eyes were as black as ink, like a thousand-year-old cold pond, which made people shudder at the sight of him. An invisible aura lingered around his body, like the majesty of a king, but also noble and noble. “You came to find this?”Ming Shu waved the sword in her hand. Her calm eyes moved from her body to the sword. Ming Shu didn’t know what he was thinking. The whole space suddenly fell into silence. After a long time, the man reached out his hand, as if to ask the sword to go back on its own, and also to ask Ming Shu to return the sword to him. The long sword gave a low hum, and after a slight vibration, it quieted down. Ming Shu gave a faint smile. “This sword is not yours now. If you want it… come and take it.” The man was full of hostility. An invisible pressure came over. The dilapidated door of the Taoist temple closed with a clang. The fallen leaves on the ground moved without wind, and the air was tense. The danger that could be triggered at any time crept into Ming Shu’s mind. Good, Little Vixen! You Dare to make a move today! I Won’t kill you! Just when Ming Shu thought he was going to make a move, the man suddenly raised his head and looked in a certain direction. In the next second, he jumped up, stepped on the dangerous wall of the Taoist temple, jumped into the jungle, and disappeared. Ming Shu:”…” Why are you running away! If you have the ability, then make a move! The long sword made a few hurried low sounds, like a poor little girl abandoned by her master. “What are you shaking for? Even if he comes back, I won’t give you back to him!”Ming Shu held the sword. “You acted so well before. You didn’t give me any reaction at all.” The long sword:”…” SOB, SOB, SOB, master, take me away, there’s a pervert here! Ming Shu put the sword away and found a scared little ghost in a side hall. “Sister…”they were scared to death. The two little ghosts looked a little unstable and looked at her pitifully. Ming Shu led them back to the spirit tablet that she used to cultivate and lit incense for them. She asked, “When did he come?” The little ghost replied, “This morning, so scary.” This Morning.. According to the little ghost’s condition, he must be a thousand-year-old zombie, right? This kind of zombie could also be called a demon, or a drought demon. But according to the records.. The drought demon’s face was ferocious, and it could be said that it had a green face and sharp teeth that could bite people. Little Fairy looked no different from an ordinary person, which was a bit inconsistent with the records. … Of course, it was better to look good. If there were no accidents, little fairy must have come out of that ancient tomb. This sword should have been in the ancient tomb. Zhang Goudan didn’t know how he got it. Ming Shu lay on the bed and thought about it. Forget it. He will come back anyway. We’ll see. – In the next few days, no man showed up, and no one came to catch her. The days were a little boring. Mr. X was also somewhere free and easy. Let’s Find a way to earn money to buy snacks! Ming Shu finished her breakfast and moved a chair to sit under the Sun in the yard. She used her phone to log into a certain feudal superstition forum. The forum was calm and there was no news. Ming Shu opened a locked panel and entered her password. The news in this panel was more explosive. There were many missions posted here. If the big guys couldn’t solve anything or felt that it was easy, they would post it here. Ming Shu saw the top post. It was about the discussion of the ancient tomb. Ming Shu looked at the introduction of the ancient tomb. Ming Shu saw the time of the speculation and narrowed her eyes slightly. 1000 BC. 1000 BC, there was a “Before”. 1000 BC… it had to be during the Shang dynasty.. Oh My God! The thousand-year-old zombie that she mentioned before had underestimated him! The ancient tomb was discovered a year ago. A group of tomb robbers were caught. The police found two antiques that they had never seen before among the antiques they had stolen. According to the tomb robbers, they had stolen from a large empty tomb. Because the antiques that they had never seen before had attracted attention, the archaeological team went to the ancient tomb. Over the past year, the archaeological team had been analyzing the ancient tomb. However, for such a long time, they had only been at the periphery of the ancient tomb, which was what the tomb robbers called an empty tomb. They had not found a way to truly enter the ancient tomb. Until not long ago, they finally made progress. However, once they entered, an accident happened. Some people said they saw a ghost and were scared out of their wits. The team often encountered some strange things. At that time, they only guessed that this ancient tomb was at least a thousand years old, and there might be some poisonous substances in it that could cause harm to people, accidents happened frequently in the team. Only after that did people from Haotian Taoism get involved. Maybe Ming Shu went in the wrong place. She didn’t see the empty tomb but went directly to the real tomb. Ming Shu flipped through the discussion below. This post was posted before they entered the tomb. It wasn’t until six hundred buildings later, when she came out of the tomb. Someone updated the situation in the tomb and the people who disappeared for no reason in the camp. … They also mentioned her and corrected the rumors that she was dead. Although they didn’t directly say that she was the murderer, they clearly said that she was the most suspicious. Ming Shu secretly left a message below. Trash from Haotian Taoism: good people don’t live long, but evil lasts for a thousand years. * The dynasty is just to let you understand time better. You should just look at the background as if it’s nothing!

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