Hidden Marriage

Chapter 24: Huluwa Huluwa

Chapter 24: Huluwa Huluwa

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Lu Jingli had crammed too much information into his speech just now. It took Ning Xi a long time to digest it all.

She looked at the little bun sticking closely to her side, “Little Treasure, did you break all those things just because you wanted to see me?”

Little Treasure nodded.

Ning Xi frowned, “Did you know it’s wrong to do that?”

Little Treasure shook his head.

Ning Xi finally realised why Lu Tingxiao was so strict. This child was most likely overly spoiled at home and thought that it was a matter of course that everything should follow his will.

Ning Xi’s gaze turned stern, “Then auntie is going to tell you. What you did was wrong, that’s what bad children do. You can’t do that anymore, understand?”

Little Treasure nodded.

It was hard to describe the expression on Lu Tingxiao’s face.

Although Little Treasure was unruly, he would keep to his word as long as he had agreed to something.

The psychiatrist had tried all sorts of methods to cure Little Treasure’s bad habits. Habits such as hunger strikes, locking himself up and even destruction to get his way. However, Little Treasure had never given in.

The two elders were too soft-hearted to try more forceful methods. They had only persisted halfway before giving up and following his will every time Little Treasure had thrown a tantrum.

Ning Xi’s impact on Little Treasure was greater than he had imagined. Of course, he was happy regarding this point.

Ning Xi then tried to coax him to sleep after she had finished setting down rules for him. In a soft tone, “Uh, how about a new song for today?”

Little Treasure obediently nodded his head.

She coughed several times, “let me think of what to sing…Right! Huluwa huluwa, seven flowers grow on a branch, not afraid even in a storm, la la la la la…”

Lu Jingli had been leaning against the door and almost fell, “How could Little Treasure like such childish songs with his level of intelligence!”

He then found out that the little guy was listening blissfully. Even funnier was that his dear brother was also listening blissfully…

Ning Xi stretched after finally coaxing Little Treasure to sleep, “I’m almost done singing all the children’s songs I’ve learned in my lifetime…”

Lu Jingli was dumbfounded, “Why do you have to sing children’s songs? It’s fine if you sing something else! All these children’s songs are killing me!”

Ning Xi used the rubber band on her wrist to tie up her hair casually. Her bright phoenix eyes raised slightly, “Other songs? Other than children’s songs, all the songs I know aren’t appropriate for children!”

The memory of her singing under the moonlight appeared in Lu Tingxiao’s mind after she had finished speaking…

Lu Jingli was excited upon hearing that, “Hahaha, really, really? Which songs? Sing a few for me!”

Lu Tingxiao casually tossed a glance over.

Lu Jingli immediately stood up straight out of fright. His brother was too petty!

“You were nearby just now?” Lu Tingxiao asked.

Otherwise how could she have reached this quickly?

“No, I was in my apartment. I sped over here on the motorbike! Fast, right?” Ning Xi was proud.

No wonder she was dressed like this.

Her outfit was even more stunning than yesterday. She had seemed like a conservative little fairy yesterday, but now she was like a wild and free demoness.

“It’s very dangerous.” Lu Tingxiao’s face was full of disapproval. He turned his cold gaze towards Lu Jingli, who had been the one to call Ning Xi of his own accord.

“It’s nothing, I’m good at riding!” Ning Xi waved her hands nonchalantly. She then yawned, “I’ll make a move first since Little Treasure is fine now!”

Lu Tingxiao suddenly spoke up as she was preparing to leave, “Miss Ning, I have a presumptuous request.”

Since she had already expended her rage, Ning Xi immediately returned to her normal self. She respectfully said, “Mr Lu, please feel free to make your request. I’ll try to comply as long as it’s within my abilities.”

The Lu family also held an authoritative power in the underground. Demon King Lu was someone who would strike with just one disagreeable word.

Lu Tingxiao looked at his son lying in his room with a solemn expression, “Little Treasure has been affected a lot more than I had imagined. He was accidentally locked in the storeroom at the bar last time. I hope that Miss Ning can move in with us to stay for a period of time since it’s only you that can calm him down now. Only until Little Treasure’s emotional state has recovered.”

Ning Xi was stunned after hearing Lu Tingxiao’s words, “Hah…? Move in here…to stay?”

TL Note: The chapter title is from the theme song from a Chinese children’s cartoon, Calabash Brothers. Huluwa = calabash baby. XD

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