Hidden Marriage

Chapter 45: Displaying Gratitude

Chapter 45: Displaying Gratitude

“What’s wrong? You’re not satisfied?” Lu Tingxiao was standing behind her.

Ning Xi touched her forehead, “It’s not a matter of satisfaction…”

“Then what’s wrong?”

“CEO Lu…”

“Use my name.”

“Okay, Lu Tingxiao, don’t you think you’re treating me… a little too well?” He was treating her so well that she couldn’t help but misunderstand.

“You’ve finally realised.” Lu Tingxiao had the look of finally having taught something to a child.

Ning Xi: “…”

Seeing her conflicted expression, Lu Tingxiao’s eyes darkened for a second before returning to normal, “You saved Little Treasure, and Little Treasure still needs your help for a very long period of time. Is there anything wrong with treating you well?”

He paused for a moment, then looked at her, “Or do you want me to use other methods to show my gratitude?”

So she had just been misunderstanding his intentions. A large rock she had been carrying in her heart seemed to have settled down. She quickly waved her hand and said, “No, no, this is fine… it’s pretty good…”

She was not going to mention other ways for him to show his gratitude.

Ning Xi could never run in the same circles as someone like Lu Tingxiao. If he knew of her dirty past, he probably wouldn’t even let her meet Little Treasure anymore.

“It’s still early, rest for a while. Come down for breakfast later.”


After Lu Tingxiao left, Ning Xi laid on the large comfortable bed, wide awake.

How would she be able to fall asleep when she was waiting for bad news?

Even though the directors were happy with her, it didn’t mean that they would be able to withstand the pressure from the sponsors.

Finally, she could no longer sit and wait for her death.

Ning Xi sat up and opened her laptop to login to MSN.

My Lonely Empty Loss: Are you there?

Corrupted Devil King: Wow, Miss Big Star Ning. You’re free to contact a peasant like me?

My Lonely Empty Loss: Do you have money? Can you lend me 8 million?

Corrupted Devil King: What happened?

My Lonely Empty Loss: Please don’t ask about the reason.

Corrupted Devil King: I just invested my spare money into a winery, it’ll take some time.

My Lonely Empty Loss: How long?

Corrupted Devil King: 3 days.

My Lonely Empty Loss: Thanks.

Corrupted Devil King: Heh heh, my dear. It’s the first time you’ve actually asked me for something.

My Lonely Empty Loss: When are you coming back to China? I’ll go fetch you.

Corrupted Devil King: Ning Xi, you’re heartless!

Seeing that Corrupted Devil King had gone offline, Ning Xi felt stifled in her heart.

She didn’t want to owe anyone favours if she couldn’t help it, especially since this person was one of her exes.

Although she knew that she had hurt him by doing this kind of equivalent exchange, she had no other choice.

She had lost the ability to care a long time ago, and she never wanted to feel it again.

As for the reason why she didn’t borrow the money from Lu Tingxiao, she was already too involved with the Lu family. She absolutely did not want to get involved even further with them, especially with money matters.

After an hour, Ning Xi finally received a call.

It was Chang Li.

Ning Xi pressed her palm and took a deep breath before she picked up the call, “Hello?”

“Don’t forget that filming starts tomorrow morning at 9. Take a car there yourself. I have to take care of Xueluo, so I don’t have the time to look after you. You don’t even need me since you’re so capable anyway!” Chang Li was still as sharp as usual. The only difference was that her tone was particularly bad today, as if Ning Xi owed her 8 million dollars.

“What? We’re filming?” Ning Xi was stunned.

“Are you still sleeping? Wake up! You’re not allowed to be late on the first day!” Chang Li’s tone was impatient, and she immediately hung up.

Ning Xi held onto her phone and remained in a daze for a long while.

What happened? She was still in?

She scrambled out of bed and paced around the room, and finally dialed the director’s number, “Hello, Director Guo. Sorry for disturbing you this early, but I had something I wanted to ask you!”

“You’re asking about the matter of Director Ning trying to switch you out?”

“Yes.” Ning Xi’s heart clenched, Ning Yaohua had done exactly what he said.

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