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Chapter 1301: Advertising is Key

Chapter 1301: Advertising is Key

“Not thinking of any of that stuff?” Kraft asked as he saw Jin hard at work as the deadline for PandaVerse was nearing soon. Promotion of that particular big event was tremendously stressful as he, Kiyu and Bear Cub One were doing it rather aggressively.

In the apps, Jin oversaw the promotion by putting up some sort of calendar to celebrate the opening of PandaVerse. Each time his customers opened up the app for each day, they would receive a complimentary amount of 10 Bronze Panda Coins and if they entered the Dungeons and Pandas, they would receive an additional complimentary of 10 Silver Panda Coins.

Not only that, each time they checked into the app, the customers would also receive a piece of an incomplete voucher which many people in the forums believed that once they obtained all the pieces, they would have a raid voucher for them to use. 

Jin did not give many details but told them that they had to wait and see. In the meantime, Bear Cub One had been giving sneak peeks at one of the two major events that would be the main show for the entire festival. 

The Great Demon Rat War.

Being the Dungeons and Pandas’ presentative in Metube and all the other social media sites, Bear Cub One had been showcasing all the previous fights that Jin had incorporated the Demon Rats. That included the beta testing by the Pandawans as well as a few ‘minor’ raid instances that the customers had joined before. 

“Some of these past streams are within Pandaflix, so if you wish to subscribe to it, please do not hesitate to do so!” Bear Cub One took the opportunity to do such stuff, especially with its growing fanbase that liked his commentary as well as the cuteness he portrayed. The System had inadvertently made a series of costumes which Bear Cub One could be in and even a reskin for being a Panda. However, Jin did not agree to the latter as a permanent fixture since Bear Cub One has his own unique clout. 

No doubt, there were grievous comments stating that Bear Cub One should be changed to Panda Cub One to suit the scheme but the System kept Jin’s insistence on maintaining Bear Cub One’s identity. Instead, the System compromised by giving the NPC a Panda Onesie to wear for most of the newest videos and the costumes it made complimented the Panda Onesie which made Bear Cub One even cuter.

As for Kiyu, she had decided to be more aggressive since she was the promotion and marketing assistant director (as bestowed by Kraft) by throwing out advertisements on television and the internet. She even contacted a few of the critics and reviewers to hype up the event even further and the response was big. Way much more than than what the Dungeon Symposium had (Although she did use some of her charms to get things done.)

People were buying tickets and because of the nature of Jin’s dungeon, all they had to do was to compensate accordingly to the number of people that attended that particular day. Of course, having an anticipated number would aid the System to prepare beforehand but there was nothing to which the System could not respond.

As usual, there were tickets of different tiers to buy from. The essential tickets which allowed entry into PandaVerse had goodie bags as part of their purchase while the higher tier tickets had limited edition stuff which would no doubt aid them in their ‘conquest’ during the Great Demon War. 

And of course, Jin had decided to try something different for PandaVerse and added the sponsor ticket tier. It was a minimum of 1000 Yuan and if the Pandaren would wish to pay more for the ticket, it would be greatly welcomed. 

What made the Sponsor ticket different from the rest of the tickets was that this particular group would have a special quest that was separate from the rest of the group. Jin emphasised that there is no additional advantage in getting the Sponsor ticket aside from the extra goodies that he was going to throw (that remained a secret as well which it was bloody obvious Jin had not prepared for yet) and additionally, it might be a disadvantage because of the danger they would be in. 

The only difference was that the experience they have would be totally different from the rest of the group. And as much as Jin wanted to show the new Virtual Reality World that he had been creating, he found that there was too much on his plate with the new findings of the Demon Rats’ situation. Thus, he decided to keep it as a demo for not only the sponsor ticket tiers but the higher tier tickets that were at least 250 Yuan and above.

“Hmm? Kraft? Oh yeah. I could not really bother at this point of time. Besides, anyone who tried to attack my shop is a dumb ass. This will be the biggest gathering of cultivators according to the sales of tickets. If those Banned Emperor Terrorists come, we will give them a good ass whooping too.” Jin said and asked Kraft not to disturb him any further.

“Welp, and here I thought I could pass you some good information about the Mecha World,” Kraft said but Jin was truly not interested at all. “Hmm. Then what about the Flower City? I talked a bit to Zeru as well. He did give me some good insight.” 

“I can talk to him later. Please do not bother me right now. I need to make sure I have the numbers right for the Great Demon War. Qiu Yue’s promise to get a few game players did not go well, I need to settle that portion seeing how the System could control it…Or maybe I should just get the Savants to take command since they have enough experience leading. But that would also mean we would not have them on the battlefield. ARGGH KRAFT PLEASE GO AWAY.”  Jin begged him while continuing to type a few stuff on the Dungeon Maker Console.

“Seriously, no matter how much you plan, you will still be bound to have quite a few hiccups. Well, to be honest, quite a lot of hiccups considering they are the Demon Rats. I mean, do you remember that time their freaking castle which we thought is the end point became bait. Like what the fuck?” 

“The only fuck I care about is that you leave me the fuck alone,” Jin now growled in anger and Kraft finally start to back away. 

“In any case, I could always get some of my Night Foxes to deal with that commanding strategy thing if you ever need some help.” Kraft decided to provide a solution but Jin refused it as kindly as he possibly could before concentrating on the current dilemma that he had in his mind.

“That guy needs to chill. After going through so much shit, and here I thought he would have mature enough to learn how to take things as it goes. Oh well~! I guess I will just have a relaxing cup of tea by myself,” Kraft said to himself as he disappeared in thin air once more with a snap of his fingers.

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