Pet King

Chapter 1481 - Looking for a blind spot  

Chapter 1481: Looking for a blind spot

Plop! In the small pool in the performance preparation room, the water splashed again, and another shadow with a fish tail fell into the water. Whoosh! Sihwa emerged from the water and wiped the water stains on her face. She thought that she had returned to the bathtub in the house, but the completely different touch at the bottom of the water told her that it was not a bathtub. The smell of the water was very close to that of real seawater, even including the fishy smell of the sea creatures in the water. “Where is this place?” She flicked her hair and looked left and right. “This is an Ocean Gallery in San Francisco.” Zhang Zian was already prepared. He kept his distance from her, not wanting to get wet from the water droplets in her hair. “Oh.” Sihwa was obviously uninterested. If there was a place that she was least interested in, it had to be the ocean mansion. Even she knew that the ocean mansion was nothing more than ocean life. If she wanted to see ocean life, why didn’t she go directly to the sea to see the original ecology? “Is this how the ocean mansion looks like?” She looked around fastidiously, but she didn’t see any marine life or tourists in the preparation room. “This is a staff room. I called you out just in case.” “There are two …” Zhang Zian said.”After your admirers watched your live broadcast, they are imitating you and dressing up as mermaids to perform for tourists.” “Really?” Sihwa was suddenly in high spirits, and her eyes widened.”My admirers, where are they?” Fina watched this scene speechlessly. It wanted to go up and slap Sihwa to wake her up. Why were you so easily fooled? “Squeak squeak.” Pi held the untitled book and winked at fina, meaning,”You were often tricked by the same trick. It was a pity that fina couldn’t understand Pi. Zhang Zian pointed to the passage connecting the small pool and the big pool.”They swam through this passage and are performing for tourists in mermaid costumes, but … You know, how can their poor imitation compare with your original?” Sihwa was so flattered that she couldn’t even find the North.”That’s right! Don’t look at how petty you are, you still have good taste! I’m the only real smart, beautiful, lively, cute, dignified, elegant, and generous mermaid in the world. No matter how hard the imitators try, they can’t learn one in a hundred million … No, one in a millionth! That … Trillion or a hundred million, which is bigger?” “In any case, they’re still far from you.” Zhang Zian interrupted her meaningless thoughts,”however, it is precisely because their acting skills are so bad, and the water is too cold, that their performance has a certain degree of danger.” “Is the water cold?” Sihwa wagged her tail in the water.”I don’t feel anything. It seems to be warmer than the water in the north of Germany.” “The Baltic Sea is almost at the Arctic!” “That’s not the point,” Zhang Zian said.”It’s about your admirers being frozen in the water. You don’t want your admirers to be in danger, do you?” If something happens to them, people will stop trying to imitate you …” Sihwa became serious, which was a rare sight, and seriously thought about the logic behind this. “You miser, what you said seems to make some sense.” She followed Zhang Zian’s train of thought. Of course, she felt that it made sense, but she didn’t know that even the basic premise was wrong. “That’s for sure. After all, I also hope that you can become a world-famous live streamer. When you earn a mansion in the future, I’d like to live there for free.” Zhang Zian complimented. “Hahaha! No problem! Leave it to me! I’ll leave a bathroom and an exclusive bathtub for you in a 2000-hectare mansion with a Sky Garden and a cubic pool!” Sihwa patted her chest and promised. Zhang Zian thought,”…” In fact, you’re even more stingy than me! Sihwa was eager to try.”Are we going to save them now?” If I let them embarrass themselves in front of the audience, will it affect my image?” Zhang Zian took a look at the live broadcast room. Through snowy’s live broadcast, he knew that Zhou Jing and Abby were normal now and there was no need to interfere. If a third mermaid suddenly appeared, they would be more likely to have problems in their panic. “No, I called you out just in case.” “They might not be in danger,” he said,”but if they do, it might be too late to call you out.” Sihwa’s heart itched. She couldn’t wait to drag the two clumsy imitators back and let her perform for the tourists. After all, such a large bathtub was rare. “Don’t be so anxious. Listen carefully and feel it carefully. Can you hear the sound of water flowing rapidly in the pipe?” He asked. Sihwa’s hearing was the strongest among the Elfins, especially in water. Water was a good conductor of sound, and sound traveled much further than in the air. She plunged her head into the water. There were countless noises under the water, including the sounds of various marine creatures, the sound of water flowing over the rocks, the friction of certain arthropods digging through the sand, the rustling of fish swallowing seawater to absorb oxygen and then discharging seawater from their gills, the sound of the divers ‘carbon dioxide bubbles bursting in the water … Of course, there was also the noise made by the tourists walking. It was quite difficult to distinguish a specific sound from it. But that sound was certain because the Monterey Aquarium was designed like this. Because it was adjacent to the Pacific Ocean, the designer took a clever approach. They used pipes to connect the seawater from the outside to the aquarium. During the day, they turned on the filter to change the water in the aquarium to keep the water fresh and clear. At night, they turned off the filter to let the seawater bring nutrients and plankton into the aquarium to nourish the creatures in the tank. Just now, when he and snowy followed Zhou Jing through the staff passage, they saw the branch pipeline that separated from the main pipeline. There must be an entrance to the main pipeline in the aquarium where the mermaid was performing. It was not difficult to get Sihwa to save people. The difficult part was how to deal with the Aquarium’s investigation. A mermaid that came out of nowhere into a saltwater tank would most likely cause the aquarium to be shocked because it was a mistake. It could even be defined as an accident. They might not think that this was a real mermaid. They would only think that it was someone wearing a mermaid suit in disguise. So, he would give a reasonable explanation and explain how this person had sneaked into the aquarium. As a modern facility, there were surveillance cameras in all the main areas of the aquarium. It was almost impossible for a person to escape all the surveillance cameras and sneak in with a heavy mermaid suit without anyone noticing. However, Zhang Zian was sure that there were no surveillance cameras in the seawater pipes. After two or three minutes, Sihwa emerged from the water and said confidently,””I heard it!”
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