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Chapter 1003 - death of Tiandao!  

Chapter 1003: Chapter 1005-death of Tiandao!

“No!” “To be exact, it’s not a complete victory.” The red-robed corpse shook his head. The wind had already blown down to his thighs.”In that battle, our human experts were wiped out. Although half of their forces were destroyed, they were still able to summon more experts.” “What happened after that?” Li Ying was extremely nervous. Although it could be seen from the current prosperity of earth that the war seemed to have taken a turn, she could not help but feel worried. “No!” The red-robed corpse said with difficulty,”just as the immortal-burying star was in a crisis, the heavenly Dao collapsed by itself!” Ye chen and old ancestor yellow spring looked at each other and saw a hint of emotion in each other’s eyes. Any world would form a world consciousness over the long years. All living things had life, and so did the world. And this consciousness was the heavenly Dao. However, before this, the two of them had discovered the secret that there was no heavenly Dao on earth. “What is the heavenly Dao?” Li Ying asked again. “The heavenly Dao?” The red-robed corpse raised his head to look at the sky, then lowered his head to look at the ground.”The heavenly Dao is everywhere. The heavenly Dao is all living things. The heavenly Dao is the will of all living beings!” “On that day, a woman descended from the sky. She was the one who wiped out the great enemy from the outer realm who descended to this world.” As he slowly explained. Li Ying and Luo Tianya’s faces were filled with shock! What kind of woman was she, to be able to single-handedly annihilate an enemy from outer space that had almost wiped out the Earth’s Almighty beings? “No one could see this woman’s face clearly. Every time she killed someone, a crack would appear on her body. In the end, she would shatter into countless pieces.” “No!” The red-robed corpse burst into tears.”Her fragments are floating in every corner of the world, sealing all the passages from the outer realm to the immortal-burying star.” “It seems that this woman is the heavenly Dao!” Old ancestor yellow spring said after taking a deep breath. There were many heavenly DAOs in the universe. The heavenly DAOs were the strongest in their own worlds. They could kill anyone who challenged the might of the heavens and could also send down sweet dew to save the world. However, the heavenly Dao was also restricted by the laws of heaven and earth. The biggest restriction was that the heavenly Dao could not interfere with karma. Karma was like the beginning and the end. It was the essence of Dao and the inevitable trend of the evolution of heaven and earth. It could be understood that the heavenly Dao existed because of the heaven and earth, so the heavenly Dao must follow the rules of the heaven and earth. Otherwise, it would be denying the meaning of its existence. Therefore, once the heavenly Dao violated the rules of heaven and earth, it was equivalent to an aircraft that had activated its self-destruction sequence. Although it could display great power before self-destruction, it could not escape the end of self-destruction in the end. “What happened after that?” ye chen asked. “After that …” “This is …” The face of the red-robed corpse twitched violently.”After that, the woman collapsed, and her fragments scattered to various places formed nine stone tablets, which will forever suppress our immortal-burying star!” His body had already been weathered to his neck.”The crisis on the immortal-burying star was thus resolved, but there was a traitor among us. The Saints of the nine families secretly worked with the remnants of the Six Nations to steal five stone tablets and then fled the immortal-burying star …” Nine clans! Ye Chen’s eyes narrowed. This wasn’t the first time he had heard this term! The last time he had heard of it was from the church. The reason why the church had been suppressed was also because of the nine families! “I don’t have much time left!” The speed at which the red-robed corpse turned into wind was getting faster and faster, and so was the speed at which he spoke.”My fellow cultivator, we’ve lost five of the nine stone steles. I guess the seal on the channel between our celestial burial star and the outer realm is about to lose its effect. The Great Tribulation of heaven and earth is about to come …” “Fellow Daoist, you must find the heart of the heavenly Dao. Back then, she had left the news of the heart of the heavenly Dao at the bottom of Fengdu. Only by finding the heart of the heavenly Dao can you …” As soon as he finished speaking! The red-robed corpse had completely turned into dust. It was like red sand drifting in the cold wind. “What can Fang Neng do?!!” Ye chen subconsciously reached out to grab but realized that he could not grab anything. “He’s dead?”Li Ying’s voice trembled. “He’s already dead!” “What happened just now was just an obsession of his. I’m impressed that he could last for 2000 years,” old ancestor yellow spring sighed. “Let’s go!” Ye chen did not hesitate any longer. He led the group along the end of the yellow Springs Road and quickly swept away. The news of the heart of the heavenly Dao was at the bottom of Fengdu! That should be the 18 levels of hell! The confusion in his heart grew! It was reasonable to say that the heavenly Dao was only a world’s will and not a human, so where did the heart of the heavenly Dao come from? Moreover, as long as this world was not destroyed, it did not matter how many people died, so why did she still attack? At this point, an idea suddenly flashed through his mind. He sent a voice transmission to old ancestor yellow spring,”Forefather, have you heard of the world origin core?” Old ancestor yellow spring stopped and squinted. Fellow Daoist ye, are you saying that the Earth’s heavenly Dao wants to advance to the world origin core?” Ye chen had just opened his mouth! The old ancestor finally reacted! Ye chen met his gaze and nodded slightly. “That’s right. If I’m not wrong, the heavenly axiom of earth is trying to promote earth from a small chiliocosm to a middle chiliocosm!” There were thousands of worlds in this world, but they could be classified into three types. The first was the small chiliocosm, the second was the middle chiliocosm, and the third was the great chiliocosm! The small chiliocosm’s heavenly Dao was also known as the world Spirit embryo, the middle chiliocosm’s heavenly Dao was known as the world origin embryo, and the greater chiliocosm was known as the chaos Saint embryo! “Fellow Daoist ye is indeed knowledgeable!” Old ancestor yellow spring took a deep look at him, his heart in turmoil. Even he had only found out about this secret by chance. However, ye chen, a native of a small chiliocosm, actually knew what a small chiliocosm and a middle chiliocosm were. How could he not be shocked? “In that case!” “Earth’s heavenly Dao is on the path of merits and beliefs,”old ancestor yellow spring said slowly.”She’s trying to advance to the world Embryo with this. It seems like she’s already halfway there.” For a World Spirit embryo to become a world origin embryo, it seemed like there was only a difference of one word, but in fact, it was as difficult as ascending to the heavens. There were three conditions to go from a World Spirit embryo to a world origin embryo. The first was to condense a star core over a long period of time. The star core could replace the heavenly Dao to monitor the world, and the condensation of a star core was equivalent to weakening the heavenly Dao’s strength. The second was that the heavenly Dao had to endure the pain to separate a trace of consciousness and let this trace of consciousness enter Samsara, reincarnate as a human, and suffer all kinds of hardships. Finally, the heavenly Dao itself had to experience death, just like the rebirth of a Phoenix, and finally be reborn from the fire. None of the three conditions could be missed. As long as any one of them was not met, the consequences would be the collapse of the heavenly Dao itself, and the consciousness would turn into nothing. With this in mind, ye chen and old ancestor yellow spring said in unison,””The heart of the heavenly Dao is that star core!!!”
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