Crazy Leveling System

Chapter 792

Chapter 792


‘Successfully killed Inspector Zhao!’

‘Reward: 120.000 Exp, 5.000 Cps, 2.000 Sps, Evil Spirit Blood.’

Yi Tianyun easily killed Inspector Zhao, and it obviously surprised Fan Xuexuan and everyone else! But Fan Xuexuan was surprised beyond everyone else as she understood that the one that Yi Tianyun killed was an Evil Spirit Race cultivator!

“You did it!” Fan Xuexuan clenched her fist in the air excitedly. She finally saw someone bold enough to kill the Evil Spirit Race! She couldn’t forget the thick heavy smell of blood that was a characteristic of Evil Spirit Race now wafting off from the corpse on the platform. But it was soon gone as the tower teleported it away somewhere else.

It was a well-known fact that the platform would be maintained by the Tower almost immediately, including disposing of the dead body as it would be used for the next fight.

“Next!” Yi Tianyun shouted towards another patrol. He pulled his Spirit Tool grade weapon as it would suffice for now. Besides, it would give an impression that he might not be that strong! If he pulled out his Divine Tools right now, the Evil Spirit Race cultivator might run away, and it would complicate things.

His action startled everyone as no one expected that he would go after two Patrols one after another. It was really impressive to see such a young man as brave as Yi Tianyun!

“Damn it, human! This time, I will be the one that will kill you!” another patrol officer coldly shouted as he released his power and showed his true appearance. Clearly, he didn’t care whether his cover was blown or not. He then pulled out 4 Spirit Weapons from his storage ring and held each sword in his hand. He released every ounce of his Core Transformation aura, which affected everyone that watched the fight on the sideline as they trembled in fear.

“Inspector Liu is going to kill that young man!” one cultivator from the side said worriedly.

“It was pitiable as that boy may have a bright future, but once Inspector Liu uses his 4 armed sword Secret Art, no one would be able to hold him off!” another cultivator said with a disappointed expression.

The murmur among the cultivators was heard from the side as they didn’t even realise that Inspector Liu had transformed back to his Evil Spirit Race form. But aside from the four-arm, Inspector Liu’s appearance didn’t look that different from any normal cultivator.

“It seems the Evil Spirit Race has made up a lie regarding their appearance. People seem to think that it was some kind of martial art right now.” Yi Tianyun said with a frown on his face.

“How dare you kill Inspector Zhao! You are dead meat, kid!” Inspector Liu said coldly before rushing towards Yi Tianyun and swung his weapons around, trying to cut Yi Tianyun in pieces. Yi Tianyun just dodged it slightly, but he made it look like he was trying hard to dodge the attack.

Fan Xuexuan clenched her fist as she watched Yi Tianyun from the sidelines. She thought that Yi Tianyun was in a dire situation. If Yi Tianyun were wounded by the Evil Spirit Race Cultivator’s attack, it wouldn’t be pretty! She really wanted to help Yi Tianyun right now, but that was impossible as the tower had acknowledged the battle, and no one would be able to penetrate the barrier of the platform!

The bypassers also shook their heads as they thought that Yi Tianyun would die this time. They thought Yi Tianyun should be grateful for his victory against Inspector Zhao and left right away, but he turned greedy instead and challenged another Patrol to the duel.

The other Patrol also felt the same thing. They thought that Inspector Liu wouldn’t lose against a teenager, and the annoying, arrogant young man would finally be killed for his arrogance! There was no way the young man would be able to dodge the attack for long, but it was all just a thought!

“Heh, is that it?” Yi Tianyun said as he swiped the swords on Inspector Liu’s hand aside and pierced his chest with one attack!

“This is impossible!” Inspector Zhao said as he looked at the sword on his chest. He wanted to rip the sword out and ran away, but he knew that it was the end of him as he felt his strength fading.


‘Successfully killed Inspector Liu!’

‘Reward: 150.000 Exp, 8.000 Cps, 2.800 Sps, Evil Spirit Blood!’

Yi Tianyun didn’t get anything good from killing both inspectors as Evil Spirit Blood was the only item worth mentioning. Inspector Liu’s Flame Imprint also burned and catapulted towards Yi Tianyun, then settled inside Yi Tianyun’s Flame Imprint.

Since Inspector Liu’s Flame Imprint was the same as Inspector Zhao, it didn’t give Yi Tianyun the additional Flame Imprint! Yi Tianyun sighed as he thought that this took too long. He wanted to earn his Flame Imprint much quicker!

Meanwhile, the other Patrols were shocked beyond belief. The inspector that they thought should have the upper hand against the young man was killed easily! Furthermore, Inspector Liu was at Core Transformation Stage, meaning the young boy must be at Core Transformation Rank? Or was it Void Spirit Rank?

They never thought to stumble upon a young man that already reached Void Spirit Stage here in Ancient Netherworld Divine Tower as there was barely any genius cultivator left their faction. But as they looked over to Yi Tianyun once more, they noticed that the young man was a little bit out of breath, so they thought that the young man should be easy prey now!

“Is there anyone else who wants to fight me?” Yi Tianyun said as he pointed his sword at the Patrol.

“I’ll go next!” another patrol said as he smirked to Yi Tianyun. He noticed that Yi Tianyun was out of breath, so he thought it was going to be an easy one!

But none of them knew that Yi Tianyun was just acting, and they fell right into his trap! 

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