Side Character Transmigrations: The Final Boss is No Joke

Chapter 799

Chapter 799 The Enlightened State Teacher (12)

By the time Shi Sheng reached home, the mystical creatures were driven back to Demon Flame Ridge by the combined efforts of the three empires.

Only a few mystical creatures left and caused chaos on the mainland.

The empires were investigating the reason behind the mystical beasts’ rampage.

Since the mystical beasts came from the Cang Lan Empire, the other two empires took advantage of this opportunity and requested compensation from Cang Lan Empire.

Cang Lan Empire was struck by those two empires when it was at its weakest.

The rumors that Shi Sheng was the culprit of this incident was spreading even more.

She was summoned by Patriarch Feng the moment she arrived home.

Patriarch Feng rarely showed his face in front of outsiders. Even he showed up, he only strolled around and would not talk much.

The outsiders saw Patriarch Feng as a solemn yet cunning person, so they gave him the nickname of the ‘cold-face fox’.

However, in the original host’s memory, Patriarch Feng was a caring father to her.

She grew up in the Feng Family for as long as she could remember. Everyone would address her as Third Miss. She even thought that she was Patriarch Feng’s legitimate daughter until she was told that she was adopted.

Patriarch Feng had been instilling that the original host was not his biological daughter, so she understood that over time.

“Father,” Shi Sheng greeted politely.

The person on the seat sat there cold-faced. The passage of time had left wrinkles on his face as a marking of his age.

It was said that those who cultivated had a longer life span, but nevertheless, they were not immortal.

“Did you get hurt?” Patriarch Feng glanced over Shi Sheng as if he was trying to see if she was injured or not.


Shi Sheng shook her head.

Patriarch Feng’s face then darkened, “what’s going on?”

Patriarch Feng was naturally asking about the incident of her releasing the mystical creatures.

“Feng Qing Qing framed me!” she had to tattle at times like this.

Patriarch Feng looked even sterner, “Feng Qing Qing? Are you sure?”

“Yes, it’s him!” is that little b****!

“Why did he frame you? Does he have a grudge against you? Did he do anything to you?” Patriarch Feng shot three questions at once, although the first and third questions were essentially asking the same thing.

Feng Qing Qing had already framed her. How is that not anything?

“I’m father’s most doted on daughter.” Shi Sheng said out of nowhere, “now that the two empires are attacking Cang Lan Empire. Father, what do you think he’s trying to do?”

Patriarch Feng got it instantly after Shi Sheng hinted at him.

The rumors started so suddenly as if everyone knew about the news overnight.

Feng Qing Qing was the Chi Yan Empire’s emperor. Chi Yan Empire was the most powerful empire among the three empires. Ir was reasonable to say that he was trying to stir things up.

After all, to be a good protagonist, you need to have the desire to conquer the whole world before dying with the heroine.

When the male lead confirmed that he was in love with the heroine. Their ending would be retired in the mountains and did not care about whatever kingdom.

All the previous efforts, grudges, and blood feuds would be nothing after he met the female lead.

So no matter what the reason for He Lian Yu’s made a sudden move at that time, Shi Sheng felt that he was trying to create trouble.

If you want to create trouble, let’s make trouble together!

It’s too boring to do this alone.

If He Lian Yu wanted to create trouble, it was sure that someone would request Shi Sheng to surrender as the main culprit for the whole incident.

Patriarch Feng would not agree to this.

The consequence of not agreeing was that both empires would have an excuse to start a war.

There would be a conflict between Patriarch Feng and the Royal family, it would be easier for He Lian Yu to conquer Cang Lan Empire.

[…] The female lead had thought so far.

This was just the beginning, and she had thought about the tactic and the ending of the story.

Isn’t that you are the one who doesn’t like to use your brain?

Shi Sheng felt annoyed. This was obviously to make trouble. Of course, I had to think further to prevent myself from being framed, Retard.

Do you think everybody same as you, even don’t know whether being poisoned or not?

[…It’s better not to speak, the female lead is mad.]

After Shi Sheng finished condemning the system, Patriarch Feng had a clear opinion.

Patriarch Feng’s face was slightly pale, and his tone was soft, “Xiao Yin, go back to rest first, and I will go to the palace.”

Shi Sheng nodded obediently, turned, and left the hall. Patriarch Feng went to the palace hurriedly.

According to the female lead’s memory, Shi Sheng returned to the female lead’s boudoir, which was an independent small attic with a peaceful environment.

“Third Miss Feng, why only now you just came back? Mentor Wan and others have been back for several days, and the Patriarch Feng was worried about you.”

“Are you injured?”

The maids of the female lead surrounded Shi Sheng.

Shi Sheng said that she was okay, then only the maids calmed down and left her to do their chores.

“Wan Quan and others were back?” Shi Sheng went up to the small attic while asked the maid who had been following her.

The maid opened the curtain for Shi Sheng, “No, it’s been four days since they came back, but Tutor Wan seemed to be seriously injured for saving Miss Seven. Due to this, Patriarch Feng lost his control and sent Miss Seven to the West Building. She hasn’t been released yet.”

The Feng Mansion was large, but it was considered small when comes to the news spreading in it.

Small news was spread quickly in Feng’s Mansion.

Wan Quan was a mentor whom Patriarch Feng respected ​​very much. Now Patriarch Feng, who originally treated Feng Qing Qing badly would take advantage of Feng Qing Qing who had been seriously injured.

She heard that Wan Quan had pleaded to save Feng Qing Qing from being whipped out.

The news of Shi Sheng’s return spread quickly, and everyone came to visit her, but all of them thought differently, each with his own ax to grind*.

[Note: A Chinese saying which means each of them has a bad intention.]

Shi Sheng asked those people to come to the meeting room.


I’ll handle them all together at once.

The men from Feng’s family were all studying in the Royal Academy and rarely came back, so, at this time, those who came were all a group of females.

As soon as Shi Sheng appeared, a girl in pink clothing immediately said, “Third sister, it’s great that you are fine.”

There was a smile on his immature face, with a bit of hatred in her eyes.

Why didn’t she die outside?

There was no news from her before, so many guessed that she was dead. If Shi Sheng was dead, she was not the only one who would be happy.

“I am sorry for letting you be disappointed that I’m not dead.” Shi Sheng sat down on the main seat of the living room.

The girl with pink clothes was embarrassed, “What is third sister talking about? It’s great if you are fine.”

Shi Sheng knocked on the desk and asked seriously, “didn’t you which for  me to die and don’t coming back anymore?”

“How can the third sister think of me that way? I really worried about you.” The girl’s eyes suddenly turned red and looked at Shi Sheng aggrievedly.

“Worried about my well-being? I’m just helping you to speak out what you did not dare to say, don’t need to thank me.”

The girl started to sob softly, “Third sister, did I offend you? Why did you say that to me? If I have done something wrong, you can just tell me and I will amend it.”

“You didn’t do anything wrong, you just wanted me to not come back alive. There is nothing wrong with it, it’s human nature!” Shi Sheng said calmly.

The female lead was too favored in Feng’s Mansion, so, it was usual for others to hold resentment.

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