The Steward Demonic Emperor

Chapter 498: End

Chapter 498: End

Outside Windgaze City, out of the million men drafted to fight the Quanrong, barely any had survived. 

Tianyu had many cultivators, but on the field of battle anything could happen, stopping them from going all out. Lone wolves as they were, they easily fell under the might of Quanrong’s military discipline.

These people were in Qi Condensation or Bone Tempering Stage and were nothing more than cannon fodder.

Zhuo Fan had no hope for cannon fodder, putting them in front of the enemy just to buy Windgaze City some time. The real winning move was executed by the four tigers and Luo Yunhai.

Although now, this cannon fodder was about to collapse. Windgaze City’s gate was about to crumble any second because of the Quanrong’s siege.

The house lords standing on the walls were waiting for any sign of Zhuo Fan. All they had was hope. [What’s Steward Zhuo doing? The city’s about to fall.] 

It was at that moment that Quanrong’s commander declared surrender.

The fighting stopped right away. The Quanrong were stumped knowing they had over two million men’s advantage and were this close to taking the city.

Commander’s orders left them lost and confused.

While the Luo clan’s recruits were so touched that they started shedding tears of joy, being able to keep their lives intact. Their next hope was for a reward, hugging a big shot and shooting through ranks.

[Mommy, that was tough!]

Crying sounds came from everywhere. Quanrong were crying for losing and going home defeated while the recruits were crying out of joy and their new lease on life.

The house lords eased a breath, cheering at the victory.

If not for seeing it with their own eyes, they’d never have believed that a rag-tag bunch labeled an army could win against the likes of God of War that Dugu Zhantian fought for decades, the Quanrong’s elite army.

It was like a dream come true. [Steward Zhuo is amazing, a miracle worker.]

The three sages saw the exuberant joy and the crushing sadness being played on everyone’s faces and frowned. A commander like Tuoba Tieshan had lost.

Lost to Zhuo Fan, who was a newbie in the art of war.

“Human Sage, what now? We haven’t yet dealt with this little freak.” Holding his gesture, Heaven Sage had a tight expression, watching the furious Gu Santong.

Shadow King hesitated, “If it were anyone else, our Tri-barrier would’ve had him sapped of strength and they would be dead by now. But this brat is no human to still be so lively.”

“For the love of god, are you that dumb to not be able to see the truth staring you in the face? Does that thing look like a human to know?” Earth Sage glared. 

Shadow King was annoyed, “Why not… forget it. We’ll settle our debts with him next time. With us stuck like we are, the Luo clan’s men will come for us. Just where in the blazes did Fang Qiubai run off to? I never saw him once during this battle. He’d be able to at least buy us some time.”

The other sages nodded.

“Let’s take the barrier down and leave. We’ll think of something else the next time we deal with the freak.” Heaven sage proposed.

While they reached a decision, Gu Santong was still raging, “You no good two bit pond scum, once I get out of here, I’ll trample you to pieces!” 

The trio jerked back to reality, with Earth Sage saying, “Let’s not do that for now. If we take the barrier down, how will we shake him off our tail?”

Right at that moment, the tri-barrier suddenly lost its golden glow.

And right away, Gu Santong started snapping the chains binding him like twigs.

Heaven and Earth Sages cried out. In their confusion and shock, they turned to the missing Shadow King for answers. [The bastard made a run for it!]

“What are you doing, Human Sage?” They shouted at him.

Shadow King grinned at them, “With the barrier gone, the freak will kill us. It’s better if you  stall him while I get a head start.”

“You twisted goddamned son of a bitch! You sold us out!” The two sages roared at the betrayal.

Shadow King perked up, “Ha-ha-ha, you’ve betrayed me once before as well. This seems only fair.”

And floored it away, leaving those suckers holding the barrier.

Dropping the barrier now would have Gu Santong go to town on them. Just looking at him would tell you all about his rage.

Yet by the sounds of those snapping chains, Gu Santong’s freedom was but a matter of time. Not to mention the Luo clan was bound to come over any minute now and then they’d truly be doomed.

They were dead no matter how they swung it.

The sadness and hatred from having such a fate left them unable to choose.

A new voice sounded which seemed to help, “Hey, you two, weren’t you on Prime Minister Zhuge’s side? So you’re the emperor’s men. His Majesty sure is insidious. No wonder Zhuge Changfeng had such a cruel fate…”

The two sages swung around and paled, “Z-Z-Zhuo Fan! S-shouldn’t you be dead at the hands of those Ethereal Stage experts?”

“It’s them who are finished.” Zhuo Fan put on a sadistic smile.

Revving up the fear the two sages were feeling many times over.

[If even those three ethereal experts are toast, what’ll happen to us?]

Gu Santong twisted his huge body, roaring, “Dad, just in time. Kill those bastards. These chains hurt!”

Giving an assuring wave, Zhuo Fan returned to the two oldies, “A couple of adults picking on my kid when there’s no supervision? Are you taking advantage of my compassionate and merciful heart?”

These questions drove one painful nail after another into the sages.

[Not one of you two is normal. It’s you who is picking on us! And how the hell are you compassionate? Stop faking sainthood!]

With Zhuo Fan here, they knew their plan to finish off Gu Santong was a bust. With a sigh, they entered the pits of despair.

They relaxed their hands.

Gu Santong laughed at his newfound freedom and stomped, “Time to die!”

The two just stood there, welcoming it with no intention of resisting, resigned to their fates. 


Zhuo Fan postponed their deaths.

Gu Santong’s hoof froze, “What’s up?”

“Young Sanzi, you can’t write off chaining you with such a light sentence. Feed them Bloodworms. Let your dad handle it.” Zhuo Fan’s grin was about to split his face.

Gu Santong lit up, “Good point.”

Turning back to his childish self, father and son both grabbed a neck each and clutched. The sages had to open their jaws and cry.

Zhuo Fan threw a Bloodworm in.

“What the hell did you give us?” Heaven Sage shouted.

Zhuo Fan was vague, “The good stuff.”

Zhuo Fan made a sign and the two folded from the gut wrenching pain. Their eyes were red and were reduced to flopping on the ground in a cacophony of incomprehensible screams of agony.

Gu Santong clapped, finally getting to dish out some payback.

Zhuo Fan nodded at his cheerful kid. He had someone take the sages into custody as they returned victorious.

Their news of this resounding and total victory spread all over Tianyu. Zhuo Fan and Luo clan’s fame soared. Luo clan was hailed as the savior of Tianyu.

Repelling an enemy invasion was the same as making one a nation’s founding father.

Not to mention Zhuo Fan had started this war on the pretense of helping his lord. Demonstrating to everyone, his loyalty towards Tianyu.

Oblivious as the people were, the Quanrong invasion was ushered in on a red carpet by the emperor himself. While Zhuo Fan’s high-class act in defending his country was just a jab at his lord, shooting for the crown and throne.

Moving on, Shadow King was speeding towards the Imperial Palace to report.

But a loud roar from a huge black dragon blocked his path. He didn’t even get a peep out, and was swallowed in one gulp.

The black dragon flew back into Li Jingtian.

“The Ethereal Stage’s soul shape. Amazing!” Qiu Yanhai praised, “Last time Shadow King had us on the defensive, but now Elder Li has finished him off in one shot. Such is the gap between stages.” 

Li Jingtian grinned, “That brings Steward Zhuo’s tasks to an end. All that’s left is to settle it with the emperor…”

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